20 Necessary Items to Add to Pregnancy Survival Kit

A pregnancy survival kit sounds a bit dramatic, doesn’t it?! The most beautiful woman is a pregnant woman. Seriously, it is the most incredible period and a totally new stage for every mom-to-be.

Of course, back pain, nausea, breast engorgement will remind you about your condition all the time but will not prevent you from enjoying this amazing period in your life.

Why exactly “survive” your pregnancy?

At first glance, it seems to be easy. When you are tired, you can  lie down and have rest; when you are full of energy, you go for a walk with friends and talk about your pregnancy all the way out; when you are hungry, you can eat whatever you want. Unfortunately, it is not that simple.

20 Necessary Items to Add to Pregnancy Survival Kit

Especially if you are an active mom and have a million things to get done, or if you already have kids, it is called “to survive the pregnancy.” Thank God there is a so-called “pregnancy survival kit” that includes vital items for a pregnant woman to get through all tough situations on her maternity leave.

What does the pregnancy survival kit guide include?

To start with, all the items from this guide are easy to get. They are 100% harmless for your health and welfare. All these products are non-toxic, healthy, and totally organic. Approved by all moms who did try these things out.

In fact, these products are perfect as a gift for the mom-to-be. But, just for you to know that not all of them can fit a gift basket. Well, a pregnant woman means + 1 more little person, so the items should correspond to the needs of both and maybe bigger in size.

Besides, we grouped the list by trimesters so that you get straight to your stage. And if you are just looking for a nice gift idea for a mom-to-be, we collected cool ideas in a separate section either.

Are you ready to bomb stereotypes and simplify your pregnancy life (or someone else’s life)? So, let’s get down to business right away!


1. Ginger Tea

In the first trimester, the majority of pregnant women suffer from nausea. That is why the first thing that MUST be in the pregnancy survival kit is something anti-nausea. Ginger is a great helper in such situations.

It releases unpleasant symptoms quickly and stimulates the appetite. It is recommended to hold or chew a piece of ginger in your mouth for a few minutes.

Well, it sounds not that tasty. But a cup of ginger tea sounds like a much better idea.

2. Ginger Candy

Ginger is a real lifesaver and a great nausea remedy. However, a pregnant mom cannot always have a cup of ginger tea when she feels sick.

What she can do is to have ginger candy. Just keep a bag of these in your pocket and eat the candy whenever you feel that “the food is begging to come out.”

These small pieces will keep you from running to the toilet multiple times. If you have a sweet tooth, ginger candies are the best option for you.

They are delicious, organic, and totally harmless for the mom and for the baby. In fact, ginger candies are often used as an addition to smoothies, salads, and many other recipes. A real win-win!

3. Saltine Crackers

Being pregnant often means being hungry all the time. That is why you should always have a snack with you. And, of course, it must be an organic and healthy snack.

20 Necessary Items to Add to Pregnancy Survival Kit

Saltine crackers will be the best. Just have a look at their ingredients, and you will see by yourself.

Crackers are nutritious, without high-fructose corn syrups or oils. They are organic and easy on the stomach.

The crackers can stand alone or become a perfect match with cheese, soups, or toppings. They are a great addition to your daily diet and a cool idea for a gift basket (or your own “pregnancy basket”).

4. Sea-Bands

Continuing the theme about anti-nausea remedies, consider these sea bands. They will become a great option for the pregnancy kit. Proved by women who tried this method on their own and swore that it really worked. 

Yeah! You can finally wave goodbyes to travel or morning sickness. This natural product is so easy to apply and brings such a relief.

From now on, you do not need all these harmful anti-nausea drug interactions. Sea bands are 100% safe and inspired by traditional remedies like herbs and aromatherapy.

If your kids suffer from sea or car sickness, sea bands will help them to feel better either. This item will ALWAYS be useful in your kit.

5. Tumbler

Staying hydrated is super important while pregnancy and much more if you are planning to breastfeed when the child comes.

Well, we bet that you are overloaded with a lot of stuff to get done while pregnant, and after that, you just forget to drink enough water. When you carry a Tumbler with you all day long, it will remind you about water balance.

Why not a simple bottle? Because with this tumbler, the water will remain fresh and cold for 24 hours; or hot for around 8 hours. It is a super convenient item that every mom must own while pregnant, for postpartum, and afterward.

So, if you are notorious for not keeping your water balance, you’d better have this awesome tumbler in your pregnancy kit.

6. Pregnancy Planner

Being pregnant is a huge responsibility and a tone of things to get done. You must rest and worry about NOTHING. But it is totally not like that.

Doctor’s appointments, putting and buying baby items before their birth, planning, and preparation for the maternity are all your tasks. A pregnancy planner is a must-have. It will help you to stay organized and keep everything under control.

A small pregnancy planner will always be at hand and provide you with all the necessary tools to track your pregnancy.

Now you can wave goodbyes to the overload of thinking about what else must be done. A pregnancy planner includes a checklist that is pre-filled already. You just complete the tasks one-by-one and add your personal items to the list.

7. Lip Balm

woman putting on lip balm

One more lip balm will NEVER be out of place. While pregnant, the skin changes a little bit due to hormone fluctuations. And having a lip balm is a rescue for your lips at any time.

Have you tried E.O.S products? You will never go wrong if you get their organic lip balm. Its natural oils and butter will protect and moisturize the skin of your lips and heal them if your lips get overdried.

So, if you still do not have this charming lip balm in your pregnancy kit, then go ahead and take care of your lips.


8. Comfy Clothing

It is not a surprise that in the second trimester, your clothing becomes tight and short. But it is so important to feel comfortable and cozy while pregnant. That is why you have to provide yourself with effortless, bigger in size clothing to feel comfortable and relaxed.

Here are a couple of recommendations. Choose T-shirts and sweaters made from soft, breathable fabric with high elasticity.

It is also very important to wear comfortable trousers that are NOT tight on your belly. In fact, the most comfortable pants are high waisted and elastic ones.

Pay attention to the underwear, either. It must be comfortable and beautiful (remember that you are still a pretty woman!). Have a look at these maternity bikini panties. They are in various colors and fit just perfectly under the bump causing no pressure at all.

These are made from soft cotton fabric free from chemicals. They will be a great variant after you deliver the baby as well. Low rise waistline will make recovery much easier.

Add a new pajama set to your pregnancy survival kit as well. Choose the most lovely one of your choice and enjoy the comfort all night or even all day. Maternity and nursing pajamas are super convenient while you are pregnant and after the delivery.

There are special nursing tank features for easy breastfeeding. And the elastic waist pants will never make you feel uncomfortable.

You can also get the matching baby gown and hat so that you can dress similarly. Oh, it looks super-super cute. That can also be a cool present for mama-to-be, by the way.

9. Comfy Shoes

Comfy shoes are the number 1 must-have for mom-to-be. While pregnant, the back hurts really a lot. But wearing a pair of comfortable shoes can release the pain indeed.

feet orange rubber shoes

Casual athletic sneakers are just perfect. And you will 100% wear them after the delivery as long daily walks with the baby carriage are yet to come.

So, just choose the color and pick your size. It is even better if you have several new pairs of sneakers so that you can combine them with different outfits. Seriously, even wearing sneakers with nice maternity pants or even dresses, you will look fabulous and stylish.

10. Moisturizer

As you know, during pregnancy, any type of woman’s skin changes, especially on her belly, especially in the second trimester. That is why you should add a moisturizer to your pregnancy survival kit. It will relieve the pain and reduce the itch.

It is important to choose a chemical-free organic product. For example, this shea butter for moisturizing face and body skin is made from 100% purely natural ingredients that will cause no bad effects or allergy to your skin.

Just apply the butter on the dry skin, and a radiant, healthy-looking glow is guaranteed. The shea butter provides long-lasting moisture and hydration so that you can feel comfortable and beautiful 24/7. 

11. Compression Socks.

Maternity compression socks are a lifesaver for your legs while pregnant, especially if you are a super active mama who is always on the move.

Let’s have a look at how it works. The socks apply gradual pressure to the arteries, veins, and leg muscles. It prevents swelling in the ankles and feet and improves blood circulation throughout the whole body that essentially diminishes the chances of getting varicose veins.

The effect of compression socks on the legs during pregnancy has been thoroughly studied. And it is proved that such socks reduce a lot of leg problems like swelling, ache, and tiredness. Some studies have shown that using compression stockings can even decrease vomiting and nausea. 

You should definitely add this item to your survival pregnancy kit. You will always benefit from compression socks. They are made from unique breathable material that will keep your skin dry and comfortable even if it is extremely hot.

Such compression stockings are great as a present to anyone, whether it is for a pregnant woman or a sportsman. Such an incredible thing will ALWAYS come in use.

12. Sleeping Pillow

God blesses the person who invented this magical thing for pregnant women that makes them much happier.

As time goes by, it becomes challenging to have a comfortable sleep. And here is the way out – a sleeping pillow! It is a perfect decision that must be added to your list for the pregnancy survival kit.

What is it? This is a huge U-shaped pillow that supports all your body – your head, neck, and shoulders, back, and knees.

It makes you feel super comfortable when you lie down for sleep. From now on, you will forget about the discomfort and will finally have a deep healthy sleep.

The best part of this pregnancy pillow is its detachable extensions. So, if you do not want to use the entire set, just depart one side and make yourself comfortable. You can use the detached parts separately or simply in the position you like.

A sleeping pillow is an indispensable item for your rest, good mood, and healthy body. Remember that your and your baby’s health is the highest priority. So, do everything you can to make your pregnancy as comfortable as possible.


Is it already the third trimester? So close already. Check out these products that probably you will not do without.

20 Necessary Items to Add to Pregnancy Survival Kit

13. Tums

A lot of pregnant women suffer from heartburn. If you do not, then you are a really lucky one. But if you still do, then tums will help you out to relieve these symptoms.

These tums are super fast. They start to neutralize acid immediately on contact. It is a trusted brand and #1 recommended by doctors.

14. Movies

Movies are the most common pastime. After all, who does not love movies? Well, mamas-to-be adore movies, especially about pregnancy and little tots.

Add a couple of disks of interesting classics to your pregnancy survival kit and enjoy watching them when you have the feeling “Oh, want to do something, but I don’t know what I want…” By the way, it could be a great idea for a gift basket either.

15. The Third Trimester Checklist Bundle

This one is similar to the pregnancy planner. However, the third-trimester checklist includes the step-by-step guide to get ready for the labor and thereafter.

Surely, the checklist is already pre-filled to give you a good start. You can add your own things to the list as well.

Believe us or not, but you will considerably reduce stress and overloading. 

16. Hospital Bag Checklist

If you are expecting your first child, then having a hospital bag checklist will definitely come at handy. You will find all the necessary things for the baby, mom, and even dad. Do not let worrying about the preparation spoil the best and such a long-awaited moment in your life.

If you are putting together a gift basket for your friend, you should definitely include the following cute items.

17. Letters to Baby

Your tot will always be your little baby. And it is so important to save memories about their firsts. There are 12 such envelopes that you can fill with important events: baby’s first day in this world, baby’s first arrival home, baby’s first birthday celebration.

Save this treasure for later days and gift it to your kid when they are grown up.

18. Chocolate

20 Necessary Items to Add to Pregnancy Survival Kit

If you are completely run out of ideas about what else a pregnant woman wants, we know the way out. She wants chocolate. She ALWAYS wants chocolate.

And chocolate can also be healthy, for example, this organic dark chocolate. It is so good, and so healthy!

19. Funny Pregnancy Mugs

A new funny mug is always a great idea. If you add some nice writing on it, it would be awesome. Just check these out:

20. Goodie Bag

Every woman would appreciate such a gift. Get a cute goodie bag and add some items from this whole collection (a lip balm, moisturizer, belly oils, and butter). Mama-to-be will definitely like such a great addition to her pregnancy survival kit.

Once you collect your pregnancy survival kit, you will see how easier your life will become. Whether this kit is for you or your friend, whether you follow this list or make your own, the most important thing is to choose healthy and useful products.

Don’t forget to bookmark this awesome and helpful collection for later…

20 Necessary Items to Add to Pregnancy Survival Kit

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