The Coolest Lunch Boxes For Kids

Sometimes parents underestimate lunch boxes and lunch bags. But the more you use them, the more advantages you find in them. We bet you adore these little bags that keep food cold or warm for long.

The Coolest Lunch Boxes For Kids

When the time comes, you wonder what is the best lunchbox for this year. Seriously, you use it almost every day, nine months in a row, or even the whole year. And it is really significant to use only tested, convenient, and cool designed lunch boxes and bags.

And as usual, we got the best collection of these products here. We’ve picked the best-to-clean, super extensive, and convenient in-use lunch boxes.

The Coolest Lunch Boxes For Kids

We are proud of being here for you to make the back-to-school process much easier and much faster. Just several minutes of your time and one of the most necessary items is in your hands. Oh, checking “school supplies” one-by-one off your list feels so-so good.

Coolest Lunch Boxes For Kids (Grade-Schoolers)

1. Freezable Lunch Bag

We want to introduce a great innovation – a freezable lunch bag. No more spoilt sandwiches and warm juice. A lunch bag with a cooling design will keep a snack or an extra drink cool for up to 10 hours.

How does it work? The lunch bag has a non-toxic freezable gel on its walls. All you need is to put the entire bag in the freezer for the night. By morning, the walls will be already frozen and ready to pack.

It is an incredible thing indeed because you can pack healthy food (salads, fruits, vegetables, or meat), and it will not be spoiled or smashed by the end of the day.

That is why, if your child has some extra classes after school, you will always be sure that the child is not hungry and can have a healthy snack. Just freeze, pack, and go!

2. So Young Lunch Bag

These bags are completely adorable. They are just perfect and look so fashionable. They possess all features to become your perfect lunch bag.

First of all, they are super cute and super comfortable in use. These bags are made of high-quality material with a removable strap that allows you to wear the lunch bag as a regular backpack.

Second of all, due to the removable insulated interior, these lunch bags are super easy to clean; and this part keeps foodies fresh for a long time. And third of all, they are designed for your total comfort: there is a separate utensils pocket.

And here is the best part. When you open the lunch bag, you will see how roomy it is. And you will never face a tough situation of confusing your lunch bag with somebody else’s one because there is a special quote name tag.

In fact, these backs are unique and have so many different designs that we bet you will never encounter such situations. When you are checking these lunch bags out, it will be hard to resist getting one more extra because they are beautiful and smart.

3. Wildkin Munch Lunch Bag

These lunch bags impress with the variety of their bold patterns. Each pattern is unique and beautiful that makes it fun to carry around. Just let your child pick their favorite color or the pattern they like the most.

lunch bag

These lunch bags are made from premium fabric that makes them really durable and firm. And the insulation inside keeps the temperature hot or cold. The food will remain fresh and tasty till the end of the day.

That gives you a possibility to pack several lunches, for example, if the child has extra classes. You will also find these lunch bags super spacious, so be sure that your child will have enough healthy and fresh food during the day.

The lunch bags are super convenient for traveling either. Features such as a hook and loop closure with the handle to carry the bag make it completely awesome and travel-friendly.

4. Sugarbooger Zippee Lunch Bag

This lunch bag is quite specific and will suit you if your child likes retro designs, though they still look really hip.

This lunch bag is quite roomy. It has a perfect size for several snacks or even foodie for mom and the baby. Several containers and a bottle will easily fit the lunch bag.

The main compartment is the biggest one and is designed to keep food and drinks fresh for a long time. Plus, there is an additional exterior front pocket for trifles or additional snacks. 

We know that you will love its fabric. It is waterproof. So, you can simply wipe the bag, and it is ready to pack. A real win-win!

5. Two Compartment Lunch Bag

These lunch bags are so cute and fun. Inside of the big main compartment, there is another hidden one. You can hide a tasty surprise for your kiddo there.

No doubts that these bags are designed to keep food fresh for long. Both compartments are insulated and have extra padding to prevent snacks from getting squashed.

These bags are a real lifesaver. Kids really adore these lunch bags for their cute bright colors and this small secret pocket. And you will always be sure that your little kiddo is full.

For middle and high school

6. Nike Lunch box

If your child gets this mini Nike lunch box, they will be the coolest in the cafeteria. This is not an ordinary bag for sports socks and shoes but specially designed for taking lunches. It is insulated inside that will keep snacks fresh as if the food has just been packed.

bento lunch on-the-go

Yes, it has just one compartment, but it is quite roomy and enough for a bottle and containers with food. And from the outside, it looks cute and not baggy. The Nike lunch box has a handle at the top that makes it really suitable to carry around.

7. Flatbox

Have you ever seen something cooler than a lunch box that transforms into a placemat with a subtle motion of the hand? God blesses the person who invented it.

From now on, your kid will never eat on a dirty surface ever again. All you need is to unzip down the four edges, and voila! Your “table” is ready.

Flat boxes are completely awesome. They are super easy to wash. Just through the bag into the washing machine, and it is ready to pack again.

It is the easiest to store and most comfortable to carry lunch bag ever. It takes so little space but can contain a lot of food, keeps it fresh, and prevents it from getting squashed.

Flat boxes are perfect for everyday use, for everyone, and for everywhere.

8. Violet Mist Neoprene Lunch Bag

Super trendy, amazing, and great for any event, whether it is a snack for school or a picnic. The designs are astonishing and can suit not only kids but women or men either.

As with every lunch bag from this collection, the neoprene lunch bag performs its direct function to keep food chilled or warm for a couple of hours just perfectly.

By the way, if you are looking for a nice useful gift, this eco-friendly lunch bag will be a cool option indeed.

9. Brown Paper Lunch Bag

At first glance, this bag looks like a simple paper bag. But it is not that simple. Inside it has a tear-resistant, insulated, leak-resistant container that closes with a double magnet. The lunch cooler is quite roomy so that you can have several fresh snacks throughout the day.

Yeah, it is made from paper from outside. But it is durable, made from high-quality paper that you can easily clean with wet wipes.

Eco-design looks stylish and is a great option for any age, whether it is for your kid to school or for your husband to work.

10. Fit and Fresh

Fit and Fresh lunch handbag will become a great addition to any outfit of your young fashionista. The variety of cool prints is really impressive. You will find nice ones not only for your child but for yourself either.

Such handbags are convenient to carry around and roomy enough to pack several snacks for anyone (a schooler, an athlete, men, or women). A water bottle will fit the bag either.

Stay full and hydrated throughout the day!

11. Lunchbots Bag

This handsome-looking bag will become an irreplaceable item for your everyday comfort. The double-decker design allows you to keep your snacks warm and your drinks cold. Put your meal in the bottom compartment and water, fruits, or an extra snack in the top flexible one.

lunch box

Lunchbots bags are super comfortable to carry from the cafeteria to the break room. Choose out of 2 options: either with a detachable strap over your shoulder or grab it with a small convenient handle.

If you keep in step with modern trends, you will never go wrong with this lunch bots bag. It is available in various colors, so you will always be in style.

Finally, you got your perfect stylish lunch bag. Now let’s check some additional accessories that will make school lunches more convenient and exciting. The items we are going to present you will bring more fun to the packing process and make children’s lunch that joyful that at the end you will get nothing more but an empty lunch bag.

Let’s check it out!

Bento Boxes

There is an overwhelming amount of bento boxes on the market. In this list, you will find a narrowed-down one that consists of the best and most popular items. Let us explain what makes them best.

First of all, it is their quality. Talking about school supplies, you should stick to the rule “quality over quantity.” These bento boxes are made from high-quality materials and equipped with reliable hinges and closers. They will serve you many years with multiple kids.

Second of all, it is material safety. When you continue reading, you will notice that each item is made from stainless steel. In fact, it is the only material that is very sturdy and non-fragile.

If you prefer a high-quality alternative, we also included some items made from BPA-free plastic, which is also durable.

Third of all, it is their compartments. The boxes are of various sizes so that you can choose those that fit your child’s appetite, preferences, and age.

1. Bento Trio

This bento trio lunch container is great for big appetites. It consists of 3 compartments.

One of them is bigger for the main meal like sandwiches. And two other ones are smaller for chopped fruits and veggies.

This container is made of stainless steel. And it is also dishwasher safe. Just put it in the dishwasher, and it is ready to get packed again.

It is recommended to pack only dry food as it is not leakproof. So, leave the yogurt out of the container.

Your kid will like it. It is easy to open and close. And it perfectly fits a lunch bag. Your child should just put it out of the bag, open the closure, and voila! The meal is served.

2. Planet Box Rover

How cool is this one?! We would call it best of the best! This bento consists of 5 compartments: the main one for sandwiches roomy “sides” for additional snacks to fill those hungry bellies. It is made from stainless steel, and the lid is leakproof.

It may be a bit pricey for the bento box, but it is worthy indeed. It comes with an insulated carry bag and a great set of magnets that your child can use to decorate their box. Isn’t it fantastic?!

This planet box rover is durably designed to withstand everyday childhood adventures. (And we kid not about it!)

3. Yumbox

If your kid likes to have several various snacks for lunch, then meet your new bestie, the Yumbox. It has five compartments, perfect for packing different food. Cute pictures on the tray remind you to pack healthy and balanced snacks, including veggies, fruits, protein, grains, and dairy.

The Yumbox lid is leakproof. So go ahead and pack absolutely any kind of drinks or food, whether it is yogurt or juicy melon.

4. Omie Bento Box

Meet this new innovated insulated bento box that keeps hot and cold snacks side-by-side. Unbelievable, but it is true.

The Coolest Lunch Boxes For Kids

This bento box has two temperature zones. Keep your sandwiches warm in one compartment and fruits and veggies cold in the neighboring one.

You can wave goodbyes to a million small containers to pack hot soup or chilled berries apart. With Omie bento, it is an easier and faster, all-in-one solution.

It is perfect for those not wanting to get the stainless steel item, as it is made of BPA-free plastic. It only remains to choose your kid’s favorite color of the box, and you can put a bold checkmark next to one more important school supply.

5. Eco Lunch Box

We would like to present a three-in-one perfect ECO lunch box. This double-decker classic one contains a lot. And side latches will keep everything tightly closed.

The bottom one fits a full-size sandwich, and the top one – a big portion of salad or veggies. It comes with the third smaller compartment that will turn the top one into a dual compartment. Put some fruits or crackers there to make your kid’s lunch healthy and balanced.

6. Bentgo Stackable Bento Box

Bengo Stackable bento box is a great solution if your teen prefers something more restrained. This one looks classic and modern at the same time. And it is extremely functional.

Consisting of 2 roomy stackable containers with lids + 3-piece utensil set, and a strap that keeps all items together make this box perfectly convenient to pack enough food and eat snacks in the caf.

7. Lunch Pot

A totally new design! If you do not have enough space for a large lunch box, you can go with this convenient lunch spot. If you prefer granola with yogurt, soup and salad, or cereal with milk, this perfect pot is the best solution.

lunch box

It consists of two leakproof pots for the liquid and for other ingredients. The pots have volume measurements to measure liquid. Also, this lunch pot comes with the spork and convenient carry strap for your full comfy.

There are a lot of cute designs on the market. Any will become a great addition to your or your kid’s everyday well-being.

So, it is time to choose at least one item out of so much cool stuff. If you have been on the hunt for durable, convenient, reusable things, you should keep this article in your bookmarks. From now on, forget about all those plastic containers and boxes that get crushed after their first fall down.

Make your life easier with the lunch bags and lunch boxes that will serve you for years and are so convenient in packing food. As you have already come across this incredible collection, do not go any further because the best options are already here. And hopefully, the mission of seeking lunch bags and boxes is completed.

The Coolest Lunch Boxes For Kids

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