5 Best Games With No Equipment

If you’re stuck somewhere, or went on a picnic and forgot to take anything, you might need some ideas of some games to play with no equipment. Here are a few ideas to get you started:


1) Fetch me a…..

The participants of the game have the go and find the item you name. If you’re outdoors this could be an insect, a flower petal, a twig; anything that will get them hunting but not going too far.


2) Duck, Duck Goose

The participants sit in a circle with one person stood on the outside. This person walks around the circle and taps each person in the circle on the head or shoulder saying ‘duck, ‘duck’, ‘duck’ until they choose the goose at which point they tap the person and say ‘goose’.

5 Best Games With No Equipment

This person jumps up and both people run around the circle and try to be the first person to sit in the space that is free. The person who sits first gets to stay where they are and the other person becomes or remains the one on the outside and they get to find the goose.

Fun Games With No Equipment:

3) I Spy Colors

Definitely, easier and more fun for little ones is to go for ‘I spy something colored blue/red/green/pink/yellow’ instead of the normal ‘I spy something beginning with…’

4) Grandmother’s Footsteps

One player is grandma and stands with her back to the other players around 5 meters away from them, facing her. The player who first touches grandma becomes grandma next time, so players try to creep towards grandma.


However, grandma frequently turns around and if she sees players moving they are out. If no one gets to grandma, she is a grandma again next time.

5) 20 Questions

Chose a person, place, or thing and let other players let them know about the category. Between them, they can ask 20 yes or no questions to identify the item.

There are loads of other things to make some fun out of nothing, but it is a good starting place!

5 Best Games With No Equipment

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