Christening Baptism Gift

Christenings and baptisms are a very important day for every child and their parents. They are special and to be remembered always.

If you are going to a christening or baptism then you will want to make sure you have a lovely baptism gift to give the child to help them celebrate their special day.

Christening Baptism Gifts

Personalized Blanket

One of the most thoughtful gifts you can choose is a personalized blanket. They are available in a wide range of sizes, with names and pictures to suit the recipient if you wish.

Christening Baptism Gift

Different fabrics and styles are available and you can choose a truly unique and useful gift that can be kept forever.

Memory Book

A memory book can be a great baptism gift; somewhere for mom, dad and the child to keep all of those tickets, photos and memorable quotes that they can use to keep the memories alive.

This will allow you to remember, record all of the best bits and put them into a fun format.


Impression Kit

A hand or foot impression kit is a brilliant memory-keeper, whatever the age of the child. Looking back, it is so hard for parents to believe that their little one was ever so small!

They are very easy to and don’t involve any extra equipment, so they are great for parents to complete.


A reverent and sensible gift that can keep special memories of the christening or baptism fresh in the mind. It can be the child’s own bible or holy book, or a treasury of stories to keep.

This kind of gift could be inscribed with your name and will remind the child that you shared their special day.


It is the sort of gift which the child can use day after day and year after year and hold real significance to the child and their parents.

Whatever gift you do choose make sure it is personal to the child and keeps the memories alive for them.

Christening Baptism Gift

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