How To Choose A Perfect Baby Crib

How to Choose a Perfect Baby Crib

Choosing a crib is one of those essentials when you think about your baby. There are lots of different items you can choose, so it is hard to know where to start. First, think about the space you have and what you want the crib to do.

How to Choose a Perfect Baby Crib

You may wish to choose a crib that is convertible into a toddler bed. It will begin as a crib and then becomes a bed when your child is old enough to use one. This will avoid you needing two products. They are bigger and a little more expensive, so may not be appropriate for everyone.

A top tip is to go for a crib with a height adjustable base. This allows you to have the baby up high for the first few months before they can roll over and sit up, with no concerns that they can climb out, but at the same time saving your back in bending over the crib. Once they can sit, you can move it down.


Once they get bigger and can climb, you can then put it in the lowest position. A drop side is a feature that allows you to put down the side of the crib so you can get baby out without bending your back at all. This will be a great help, especially when they are a bit poorly and you want to check their temperature!

Most cribs these days are made of wood or wood products and are available in all different colours and types of wood.

Some will be painted wood or MDF perhaps in white, blue or pink. Other types will be different kinds of wood, from pine to mahogany and other rarer woods.

How to Choose a Perfect Baby Crib

It’s fair to say that these are all the same and price in this circumstance does not seem to be an indication of quality. It is a matter of your personal taste.

You may wish to use a pre-loved crib. With a proper clean up, this will be just as effective, but always remember to buy a new mattress, bedding and blankets.

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How to Choose a Perfect Baby Crib