The List Of Toys Your Kid Will Be Excited About

Looking for the toys your kids will be excited about? Here are the most astounding gift ideas for children that will engage their curiosity and fulfill their playtime with joy. Have a look at the list below.

The List Of Toys Your Kid Will Be Excited About

Sometimes we are even more excited to see how our children shine with happiness when they are opening their gifts, rather than to receive a present for ourselves. And what if that gift makes kids super excited not only while opening it but every time they take it to play with?

There is something enchanting in watching how engaged in playing your little ones are. That is what “a perfect gift,” means, doesn’t it?

The List of Toys Your Kid will Be Excited About

This list of gift ideas your kids will be excited about is filled with products that gained the highest ranking among kids of different age ranges. You will find toys that will make kids shout with joy and engage them in the following weeks and months. They will make every member of your family say, “Hoorah!”

Perfect toys for toddlers

Latches And Doors Busy Board

So, dear parents, if you’d like to have your meal in peace, but your toddler never allows you to, Latches and Doors Busy Board is all you need! It is a perfect toy for kids of 1-3 age range that will keep them busy for a long time and will let you enjoy your morning hot coffee. 

The toy has five doors and five windows with latches, keys, and switches to open them. All its elements are bright and of different shapes and sizes.

The toddler needs to push the button to turn on the light (oh, they are super excited when they figure out how that button works!), to pull the lace to open the window, and to turn the key to open the door.

It also requires various hand motions in order to discover what is behind all those elements. It develops their motor skills. The toy introduces ABC, 123, and some basic words.

When the kid opens the door or window, it is accompanied by sounds. Some buttons reproduce songs and rhymes. Very interactive! It is a toy of taking and playing: they push, turn, and twist, or press.

The toy is super convenient. It does not occupy a lot of space. It has a small handle that the kid can carry their toy.

Besides, it will make them quiet when you need to wait somewhere in a queue, for example, in the doctor’s office or in a restaurant. If you are planning to have a trip, Latches and Doors Busy Board is a must-have.

It will entertain your little one on the road that means fewer cries. Woohoo! We bet that you will have fun playing it together with your toddler as well.

Cool toy ideas for kids between 1.5 – 4 years

Cool toy ideas for kids between 1.5 - 4 years

Scoop And Play Digger

If your little one is fond of constructors, they will go bananas over this toy. They only need to push the excavator, and the scoop will automatically catch the falling item and put it back in the hatch.

Your little explorer will love put-and-take playing and watching how the scoop ups and pushes down the objects. They also adore making up stories and pretend that they are digging to find treasure, gold, or some valuable rocks.

There are several buttons on the excavator that emit music and rhymes with a very pleasant voice. The songs are about colors, numbers, names of different parts of the toy. There are also quizzes and questions about the names of constructions, colors, and numbers.

Be sure that once your kid receives Scoop and Play Digger, they will never want to leave it. They will cry and ask you to take it with you wherever you go.

Treasure Seeker Pirate Ship

If your little one adores fairy tales about adventures and pirates, this toy is a perfect gift. Treasure Seeker Pirate Ship develops creative skills and imagination a lot. It consists of two parts: the ship and the deserted island. The toy suggests two ways of the play:

  • “Explorers” of colorful, numerous treasures on the island. Kids learn numbers and colors; learn how to count objects;
  • “Play roles” for existing pirate voices. You also can join the game and take the role. Altogether, you can make up your own fairy tale.

The toy has a lot of moving elements: a steering wheel so they can make the way of the ship and play the role of a captain; a treasure chest that they can open and close; the turning sails to play the role of a boatswain; the rolling octopus; they can also loan and launch the canon that amuses a lot.

The ship has some space underneath. Some items like the pull cord, the treasure chest, the weapon, or some other that kids do not need for now, can be stored there.

The toy will suit kids from 1.5 to 4 years old. It will develop motor skills and creativity, even in toddlers.

Mix and Match-a-Saurus

Yeah! You may not believe it, but this incredible dinosaur can teach emotions and feelings. A little dino toy is full of possibilities and can make 27 funny performances.

It comes with 9 “tiles”: there are three characters (robot, dino, and monster); the next three tiles show emotions (sleepy, angry, happy); the last three tiles create a music style (hip hop, marching, and ballet).

You can create a new toy each time by combining these three types together at once that sings, dances, and shows emotions. Your little one creates a character by themselves.

Is it a robot or a monster? Is it happy or sleepy? Does your dino like hip hop dancing or ballet?

With any combination, your new buddy dances, talks, shows emotions and asks the kid to repeat after them. It will take hours to check all these 27 mixes and matches. Kids are so engaged in creating new characters, and all that by themselves.

It might be surprising, but when a Dino buddy tells the kid to practice calming down, they listen to it attentively and follow along. Children adore playing with it and perform what it asks them to do.

When kids are done with playing, they put all of the tiles into a dinosaur egg. It teaches them to clean up after they play with toys – one more necessary and so-hard-to-teach skill.

Dear parents, this awesome toy will teach your kid how to express their feelings. It has three colors: green, violet, and rosy. So, it does not matter if it is for a boy or for a girl.

Also, the toy is very convenient to involve siblings in playing together as well. Isn’t it a wonder?!

Explore and Write Activity Desk

When it comes to cool gifts, big toys come to our mind first. They look so impressive and massive. So, cool! Explore and Write Activity Desk is not only super fantastic, but it has a huge amount of learning activities.

Your toddler will definitely love the stool and desk of their size. It is their own place and created special for them. Seriously, it is very comfortable to sit and play with the desktop.

The activity board has an awesome interactive desktop and four double-sided cards that introduce numbers, letters, pictures of animals, people, and plants. The toy also has a cell phone and a music player. These are the kids’ favorite items.

The best part of the Explore and Write Activity Desk is its easy transformation into an easel. It has a chalkboard and the cavities for the painting supplies. So, if the kid is tired of learning, let their brain rest and their creativity and imagination develop.

Are your kids older than 4? Then you are in the right place. Here we got a great collection for kids under four years old.

Are your kids older than 4

Kidizoom Duo DX Camera

Modern kids will simply scream when they see that the Kidizoom Duo Camera was wrapped in the gift box. Kids are so curious about gadgets. They love taking funny pictures of themselves or even you.

If you are afraid that they can smash your phone while playing, the way out is this amusing camera. Once you give them their own camera, they will never ask you for yours.

It is a smart appliance that has built-in memory and the cavity for a micro cd card that allows you to store nice shots taken by your little photographer. The camera has a colorful screen and two cameras: the front camera and the rear-facing one. Finally, kids will amuse themselves with their favorite cute selfies.

Most of all, they like recording videos of themselves and their parents and showing them to the guests. There are also many filters, silly stickers, and stamps for taking unusual photos.

This camera is special as it can be transformed into a music MP3 player. Wow! Kids are so excited about this feature.

All you need is to connect the camera to your laptop with the micro USB-cable that is also included. Voila! The disco part is guaranteed.

And there is more to come. Kids can play a game with this camera: hunt for hidden monsters in the real world. Take it with you for a walk, and it will engage the kid for the whole time.

It is small and easy-to-hold. So, you can be sure that the child will not be able to smash it so easily.

Also, kids really love its design. They feel so grown up owning such a device. By the way, it can be of blue color for boys and red color for girls. It looks quite stylish, doesn’t it?

Myla and Magic Unicorn

Got a fashionista or a stylist at home? If the answer is “Yes,” then this magic unicorn will become their new bestie. It is really magical.

When kids discover how it works to change the color of their eyes, wings, or horn, they will shout with excitement.

Use Myla’s brush to create various combinations of color by touching the butterfly palette and apply it to Myla’s eyes, horn, or wings with the magical brush to change the color. It is a great opportunity to practice color matching and learn new color mixing.

Myla also has her mane and tail and wants it to be styled. Your fashionista can use different accessories to make hair-dos for her bestie.

The comb, hair clips, and the crown are included to create amazing styles in the way your girl wants. She can use her own or mom’s accessories as well if mom gives her permission, of course.

Another great thing about this magical unicorn is that Myla can talk and sing. Myla praises your kid for the beautifully chosen colors or for the way your little one sings along with Myla. They do love singing songs together and imagine that they are superstars.

This toy is one of the most engaging and entertaining toys for your cute girl. It will give her plenty of laughs and positive emotions and will make her imagination work. We bet you will never regret your choice if you stop on this magic unicorn.


It is the best variant for older kids of 5-9 years old. Can you imagine how surprised they will be when they unwrap their gift and find their personal device there? It is like a grown-up “iPhone.”

It connects to Wi-fi and functions as a smartphone. There is a special KidiConnect app that allows you to give and receive calls. You will always know where your kid is and how they are doing.

It will save your nervous system a little bit. And you can control the accessibility of the websites with your phone and set a time limit for playing games.


It also has a camera. They adore taking fun pics with different stickers and filters and send them to you or their friends.

They can shoot videos and listen to music. The gadget is quite entertaining.

Kids get how to use it very quickly. You can be scared that such a gift can make your little one gadget addicted, but games are educational there and will support the child’s development. There are a lot of various interesting games (more than 40 of them) that develop different types of skills. So, it is a big plus.

If you take Kidibuzz in your hands, you will see that its protective shell is quite tough. And it has shatter-free glass.

The gadget has an extremely cute design that kids will definitely like. So, if you want to be awarded as the best parents in the world, Kidibuzz is the key!

Kidigo Walkie Talkie

This toy is the coolest gift the kids can receive from their parents. It is so much more interesting to play and create mini-missions having Walkie Talkie.

The toy is designed for kids between the 4-8 age range. There are always two of them, so the kids can play by twos.

Walkie Talkies have a great high-quality connection and keep the conversation even at a distance of 500 feet. One player can be outside the house or in another room, do not worry as the walls will not be an obstacle for chatting back-and-forth. The sound will remain good, and the connection will not be lost.

One more entertainment of Walkie Talkie is built-in-2 player games for real-time gaming between two Walkie Talkies. They are pretty simple, and kids easily get the rules of the games.

They can also send animated texts and emotions to each other. However, they adore talking over Walkie Talkies the most.

Kidigo Walkie Talkie

This exciting gift will develop kids’ creativity and conversational skills. Walkie Talkie might seem old-fashion, but it is mixed with modern technologies that allow children to have cool adventures.

Seriously, it is a great present if you have two children. You buy one gift, and both children get it. You will be so grateful for yourself that you got such a gift for your kids, especially when you have to stay at home for the whole day.

Kids can make up various scenarios, wander around the house, imagining that they are spies or policemen, and whispering secret messages. As you see, this small toy can turn a simple game into an energetic activity.

You will see that your children will use it not only for gaming but, for example, to call them from the kitchen to have breakfast. Just try it once, and you will never regret it.

Kids grow up in a blink of an eye. Here they tell you their first word and boom! – They are showing you their first steps.

They are on their journey of discovering. Your child’s development is very important, and you need to support them in it. The toys in this list are created to inspire exploration on every stage and encourage social and emotional development.

Kids will strengthen their physical and motor skills, build language and cognitive skills. So, give them a chance of a smart play. They will thank you later on. You’ll see it for yourself!

The List of Toys Your Kid will Be Excited About

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