How Long Should Parents Let Kids Watch TV at Different Ages?

How Long Should the Child Watch Cartoons?

Of course, it’s almost impossible to completely exclude all kinds of gadgets with entertaining videos from our life. So, how long should kids watch TV?

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At least, it would be best if you tried to control the time spent on watching child cartoons or anything on TV and the content which should be appropriate to the level of the kid’s memory and development.

It means that if the child spends more than 3 hours per day watching cartoons, it’s already a problem. Such entertaining content influences a child’s psyche, vision, and mental development negatively.

How long should children of different ages watch TV?

0-1 year

Scientists recommend excluding watching TV at all during this period because the child’s brain is not completely formed. It’ll be fully formed by the age of 2. Also, visual and nervous systems are still weak.

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If the baby is watching inappropriate content, it can cause problems with the nervous system, deterioration of vision, delays in speech, and attention.

That’s why you should wait for up to 1 year to watch cartoons for kids (including educational ones). Also, try not to turn on the TV in the baby’s presence.

1-2 years

At this age, you can allow watching educational cartoons for toddlers (don’t include cartoons which are for older children, even if you like them a lot), but for no longer than 15 minutes per day.

Programs for adults, concerts, and commercials are still not a good thing for the baby to watch!

2-3 years

By the age of 2, the child’s brain is completely formed, but their psyche is still in progress. That’s why the child can quickly get tired from adult content because they are not able to understand what’s going on there completely.

twins watching cartoons

At the same time, the child will transition through all negative emotions, like aggression and fear, because the child cannot distinguish between fantasy and reality. So, it’s better to spend up to 1 hour a day watching cartoons or educational films about animals.

3-4 years

When the child is 3 years of age, don’t leave them alone with a tablet or a TV for a long time, because they can easily choose the content by themselves.

It’s better to watch only cartoons or children’s educational shows for 1.5 – 2 hours a day. It would be great if parents comment on what children see on the TV screen while watching.

In such a way, the child doesn’t immerse themselves in the picture completely but learns to distinguish between reality and fantasy.

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It’s also useful to discuss with your kid what you’ve watched: ask them what the child cartoon is about; discuss characters and their actions; ask the child to create continuation. It develops imagination, memory, and the ability to share ideas!

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