Best Toys For Every Child

If you are buying a present for a child, it can be really hard to decide what to get. Do you go for something big or small, a few smaller things or one more expensive thing?

Best Toys For Every Child

Add into the mix whether it is for a boy or a girl and it gets a whole lot more complicated. Here are a few ideas for gender neutral toys that are great for both girls and boys.

Best Toys For Every Child

1) Building blocks such as Lego offer the opportunity to build whatever the child’s imagination can create. A castle, a car, a house- whatever they want.

Best Toys For Everyone

2) Jigsaws and puzzles come in a wide variety of different subject matters and themes, but there is always plenty of choice and availability. These are great toys for everyone, including adults!

3) Dexterity toys such as shape sorters, things to push and manipulate are brilliant. They involve ‘doing’ especially for littler ones and define and improve fine motor skills which are essential skills in life.

4) Musical toys such as drums, keyboard, whistles and tambourines are appreciated by every child but no parent! However they are great at encouraging rhythm, musicality and creativity as a young age which are great skills for the future.

Best Toys For Everyone

5) Books are brilliant for everyone and the vast majority of stories can be appreciated by both boys and girls equally.

6) Craft kits comes in a wide variety of types and styles, with plenty that are gender neutral such as making pottery, candle, cards or similar. These involve doing something and maybe trying something new which can be a lot of fun.

7) Play clay is brilliant, easy and encourages children to create things- everything from animals to pizzas!

Best Toys For Everyone

8) Games in every size and format are great fun for kids and even for adults to share too.

9) A kite; what’s good for Mary Poppins is good for everyone.

10) Cooking items and cookbooks are great for everyone and involve life skills.

Whatever toy you choose, make sure it is interesting and above all, fun!

Best Toys For Every Child

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