Secrets to Wean Away a Baby Sleeping With Parents for a Good Sleep

The Child Sleeps With Parents… Is That Ok?

Mothers of newborns say that it’s more comfortable for them if the baby sleeps on their own. It’s hard to get up several times during the night to feed, to change diapers, to rock the child to sleep. So, it’s more comfortable to have the child in mom’s bed. No!

Child Sleeps With Parents

There are several reasons why not:

  • a threat to hurt the child. Because of your tiredness or tension during a newborn’s sleep, you can accidentally roll onto your child and smother them. That’s the main reason why you have to put the child in their crib.
  • a threat of developing complexes (complex “Oedipus” in boys and complex “Electra” in girls.) The child feels anxiety when the parent of the opposite sex shows up.
  • sanitary and hygienic side of the problem. An adult is not that sensitive to pathogenic microorganisms as the child is. That’s why your little one should have their own place to sleep.

Wean Away a Baby Sleeping With Parents

  • intimacy. With a newborn in bed, the relationship between the wife and the husband changes. And this can cause marital discord due to not having sex. Typically, husbands want to resume relations as soon as possible. However, wait until you have received a release from your doctor and protect yourself against another pregnancy. Getting pregnant again too soon does not give your uterus time to heal.
  • discomfort. When the child and parents sleep together, there is often not enough space for everyone on the bed, which prevents you from getting your much-needed rest. This arrangement can also be uncomfortable for the child as they are awakened by noises and are not getting their full rest.

How to wean the child away from sleeping with their parents?

  • It’s better if the baby sleeps in their own crib from the day they arrive home. Of course, children need to sleep with their mom from time to time, but they should be in their own space. The child should have their own crib, stroller, playpen, and toys.
  • Wean the child away from sleeping together with mom up to the age of 2, because that’s when the child starts accepting themselves as a separate person.

Baby Sleeping With Parents

  • Consistency in decision making. If the child slept with their parents previously, and then they were put in their separate crib abruptly, it can cause a lot of whines and cries. You should be ready for that. The patience and strictness of the parents are important here.
  • If the child is breastfeeding and you plan to wean them away from sleeping together, you should do it step by step, but interconnected. Once breastfeeding is completed, the child must sleep separately from parents.
  • It’s so important for the child to be near their parents. A small teddy bear can play the role of the child’s best friend. Let your little one sleep with that toy. Such toys are important for the child. Your kid really values their teddy bear and won’t give it to anybody even when they grow up.

Secrets to Wean Away a Baby Sleeping With Parents

  • Does your child come to you to get warm? It’s actually OK. There is nothing wrong with it. Just be careful and don’t turn it into a daily routine.
  • The daily regime is a real rescue in weaning the child away from a mutual sleep. If it’s really hard, then organize as many activities as possible during the day, so that the child falls asleep anywhere. Don’t let them sleep for a long time during the day and make them sleep in the newborn’s bed. It’s better to play active games or walk a lot. This way, the child gets really tired before bedtime.

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