2 Steps You Need to Make a Safety Proof House for Your Baby

How to Make Your House Safe for the Baby? 

A small child is very interested in discovering the world. Your house is an island of treasures where each corner has so many things to check but that needs to be a safe proof house for the baby.

Make Your House Safe for the Baby

However, not everything should be reachable for the child. Some things can be dangerous. So, you should change the home environment to reduce the risk of an accident and increase the baby’s house safety.

A safe house is the one where you keep an eye on your kid all the time, or even if you are doing something else, you still can be sure that your child is safe. 

Rules for safety proof house for baby

Follow these rules to make sure that the environment in your house is completely safe for the child:

  • fix doors so that the child doesn’t pinch their fingers;
  • do the same with closets and chests of drawers, which can be dangerous if the child grabs the knobs or hangs on them while trying to climb;
  • if there are rugs on the floor, it’s better to take them away.

Rules for safety proof house for baby

  • insert special protection in the sockets. There must be no direct access to electricity for the child;
  • keep keys in places where the child cannot reach them;
  • pots with flowers shouldn’t be within reach of the kid. Children like to taste them, or they can fall on children’s heads;
  • keep medicine and all chemical cleaning products in closed safety-proofed cabinets;
  • take away all small items which the child can swallow;

child's safety in the house

  • lock the drawers containing forbidden things for children with a special lock or tape. Or you can simply put away dangerous things that might tempt the child;
  • make sure that the child has no access to belts and wires, plastic bags, and purses – they have the danger of choking;
  • keep sharp objects hidden or completely inaccessible;
  • don’t allow your child to walk around you where you are cooking;
  • after using an iron, put it back in a safe place until it cools down.

Tips for Safety Proof House for children

What products are “friends” for parents? There are many items in your home to which your child should not have access. To help keep your child safe, but only those things which have no threat to the child.

The most popular accessories for safety proof house for baby:

  • a soft puzzle mat that will protect the child from hitting their head or body against the floor,

Child on a mat

  • a playpen – helps to limit the child’s movement around the room. There are times it’s just better to be safe than sorry,
  • non-slip rubber mats – they are put under the carpet to prevent it from rolling or slipping, and to prevent the child from falling down; especially when they are first learning to walk,
  • a block system for internal doors – it prevents children’s fingers from being caught and pinched,
  • a block system for closets and drawers – this precaution will prevent the child from opening them and taking dangerous objects from there,

Make a Safety Proof House

  • a fence or gate on the stairs – the child won’t be able to climb the stairs;
    put a mat in the bathroom – the child won’t slip while having a bath. There are special children’s mats with funny drawings,
  • socket covers – designed with child safety in mind; prevents the child from putting anything in an electrical socket,
  • soft corner for the edges of furniture – in case of falling down, soft corners will prevent the child from injuries,
  • seat belts for high chairs – they reduce the risk of the child falling out of the chair,
    window restraints – they won’t allow the kid to open the window.

Make a Safety Proof House for Your Baby

Those parents, who are afraid that the house is dangerous for their child, should think about getting some of these baby safety products. Even the best products for children cannot guarantee total safety and cannot replace common sense and parental supervision for baby’s safety.

If parents have to leave the room, they should make sure that the child is in the playpen or crib, and there are no dangerous items nearby. 

To ensure your child’s safety and health at home, take extra measures against accidents. Meanwhile, don’t forget to buy some protective products for the baby’s safety first.

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