113 Heartwarming Second Pregnancy Announcement Quotes To Celebrate Your Growing Family

Announcing the arrival of a new member to your family is always a momentous occasion, but when it’s your second pregnancy, the excitement and anticipation take on a special charm.

Second Pregnancy Announcement Quotes

Whether you’re sharing the joy with loved ones or the world, finding the perfect words can be a delightful challenge.

In this curated collection of ‘Second Pregnancy Announcement Quotes,’ we’ve gathered an array of heartwarming, humorous, and touching messages to help you convey your big news in a way that’s uniquely yours.

The journey of expecting a second child is different from the first. 

It’s a blend of cherished experience and the thrill of new beginnings. 

Your family is expanding, and your heart is doubling in size. 

As you embark on this adventure once more, we understand that the announcement is not just about sharing the news; it’s a celebration of the love, joy, and unity that define your growing family.

Within these pages, you’ll discover quotes that capture the essence of this remarkable moment. 

From witty one-liners to heartfelt expressions, there’s something for every style and personality. 

Whether you’re looking for a cute and creative way to tell your friends, a touching message for family, or a clever social media post, these quotes will inspire you.

So, as you prepare to unveil your second pregnancy to the world, take a moment to explore these words of wisdom and whimsy. 

We hope they help you announce this exciting chapter in your life with the flair and emotion it deserves. 

Congratulations on your growing family!

Second Pregnancy Announcement Quotes For Family

As you prepare to share the joyful news of your second pregnancy, family stands at the heart of this beautiful journey. 

They’ve witnessed the growth of your love story, celebrated your first child’s milestones, and now, they’ll be overjoyed to welcome another bundle of happiness into your lives.

Announcing a second pregnancy to family carries a unique charm. 

It’s not just an addition to the family tree; it’s an expansion of the love and bonds that have grown over the years. 

Parents, siblings, and close relatives will undoubtedly be thrilled to hear that your family is growing yet again.

I remember how vital our family was in the journey of welcoming both of our children and what a difference their presence made. 

In this section, ‘Second Pregnancy Announcement Quotes For Family,’ you’ll find heartfelt and endearing messages that perfectly convey the warmth and excitement of this moment. 

These quotes are more than just words; they’re a reflection of the deep connection shared with your family. 

They capture the joy of siblings becoming best friends, grandparents relishing the prospect of spoiling another grandchild, and cousins eagerly awaiting a new playmate.

Whether you’re planning a heartwarming family gathering or a surprise announcement, these quotes will help you express your gratitude and anticipation for the love and support that your family continues to provide on this wonderful journey. 

34 Second Pregnancy Announcement Quotes For Family

1. “I love you with all my belly. I would say heart, but my belly is bigger.”

2. “Every child is a blessing, and we’re overjoyed to announce that we’ve been blessed again.”

3. “Patiently waiting for the arrival of my little brother/sister in (due date).”

4. “A wonderful gift was granted to us. Our family has a new plus.”

5. “We are pleased to announce that due to hard work and a good attitude we will be promoting our youngest son to big brother.”

6. “Here is what the sonogram revealed.”

7. “Soon to be due: Soon to be two”

8. “It’s all fun and games until somebody gets pregnant!”

9. “I was born first so he/she wouldn’t have to go it alone.”

10. “I’m no longer an only child, but I’m excited to become a big sister.”

11. “One sip of water has turned into three bathroom trips.”

12. “All ready for my second delivery experience.”

13. “Big brother body guards on duty starting on [baby’s due date]!”

14. “Everything in our life got a lot sweeter, we are having a second baby.”

15. “Two different children, two different experiences, but one love we share.”

16. “Adding a bit of sugar and spice to our crew!”

17. “We have some happy news—a new chapter begins.”

18. “A new addition joined us.”

19. “I will not cause pain without allowing something new to be born, says the Lord.”

20. “The one more little one will be here soon.”

“The one more little one will be here soon.”

21. “We love big bumps and we cannot lie!”

22. “More laundry expected from [due date].”

23. “On [due date], we’ll be popping bottles of a different kind! We’re expecting a baby!”

24. “Could our lives get any crazier? We’re about to find out – baby number two is on the way!”

25. “Ctrl + Copy = Ctrl + Paste.”

26. “A new baby is like the beginning of all things—wonder, hope, a dream of possibilities.”

27. “Every child begins the world again.”

28. “The more the merrier.”

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29. “1 More to Adore”

30. “Our second one is coming soon…”

31. “There’s a new vibe coming to our tribe on [date].”

32. “Babies are such a nice way to start people.” – Don Herold

33. “Here we grow again (due date).”

34. “Feeling fat lasts nine months but the joy of becoming a mom again lasts forever.”

Second Pregnancy Announcement Quotes For Friends

As we continue to journey through the exciting announcement of a second pregnancy, let’s not forget the friends who have been an integral part of our lives. 

They’ve celebrated our joys and lent a shoulder during challenging times. 

Now, as we share the news of our growing family, our friends will undoubtedly be thrilled to stand by our side once again.

Announcing a second pregnancy to friends is like sharing a cherished secret with your closest confidants. 

These are the friends who have seen you through thick and thin, who have watched your family evolve and who will continue to be a significant presence in your life.

In this section, ‘Second Pregnancy Announcement Quotes For Friends,’ we’ve collected heartwarming and fun messages that are perfect for sharing the happiness of this moment with your dear friends. 

These quotes capture the essence of friendship and the excitement of growing families.

Whether you plan to host a cozy get-together with your closest pals or send a heartfelt message, these quotes will help you express your gratitude for their unwavering friendship and include them in the celebration of your expanding family.

26 Second Pregnancy Announcement Quotes For Friends

35. “I made a wish and it came true… Mommy’s due with Baby #2.”

36. “You will love them the same, despite your fear. Your heart doesn’t split, it doubles in size.”

37. “Our family grew by ten little toes.”

38. “We’ve added another color to our family’s rainbow…”

39. “Nine months is not so long when you are waiting for the little love of your life.”

“Nine months is not so long when you are waiting for the little love of your life.”

40. “I like big bumps and I cannot lie.”

41. “Need prayers for my second baby coming soon…”

42. “A tiny human is about to join us. Everyone, I am overjoyed to announce I am pregnant.”

43. “We have waited so long for this special day to announce to you – we have a baby on the way! What will our little peanut be? We just have to wait and see!”

44. “Take a seat. We have a baby for you to meet.”

45. “I grow humans. What’s your superpower?

46. “There’s a bun in the oven…”

47. “A (surprise) addition to the family photo shoot.”

48. “We’re going to need a bigger car.”

49. “Call us extra lucky!”

50. “Oops, we did it again! Baby number two is arriving this [month]!”

51. “You mess with me, you mess with him/her.”

52. “Our family will be bigger soon.”

53. “The nicest things come in small packages, wrapped in joy, filled with goodness, and sent with love. We are proud to announce we are expecting.”

54. “Behold, children are a gift of the Lord.”

55. “Get ready for some big changes, our new baby is on the way!”

56. “We’re embarking on a new journey in a couple of months. And on this journey, we will have a new addition.”

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57. “Sorry, I can’t. I’m busy growing a human.”

58. “You never know life, until it grows inside you.”

59. “It’s time for the exciting news to drop: I’m going to pop!”

60. “The wild times have just begun. Here is our new little bun.”

“The wild times have just begun. Here is our new little bun.”

Second Pregnancy Announcement Quotes For Social Media

As we navigate the world of announcing a second pregnancy, one aspect remains unchanged – the importance of sharing our joy with the digital universe. 

In our interconnected lives, social media serves as a powerful platform to spread happiness and excitement far and wide. 

While I may not be personally expecting a child, I understand the significance of celebrating this moment in a way that resonates with our online community.

Announcing a second pregnancy on social media is like inviting all our digital friends into our homes to share in our happiness.

It’s a chance to let them peek into our family’s growth and experience the collective joy that comes with it.

I’ve witnessed the heartwarming outpour of love and support when friends have shared their pregnancy announcements on social media. 

The comments, likes, and shares serve as a testament to the bonds we’ve built with our digital companions.

In this section, ‘Second Pregnancy Announcement Quotes For Social Media,’ we’ve compiled a collection of engaging and creative messages tailored for the digital age. 

These quotes are designed to capture the attention of your online audience and elicit smiles, comments, and virtual hugs.

Whether you’re planning an Instagram reveal, a Facebook announcement, or a Twitter proclamation, these quotes will help you convey the joy of growing families in a language that’s native to the digital era. 

29 Second Pregnancy Announcement Quotes For Social Media

61. “We make babies; what’s your superpower?”

62. “In one beat of a heart, our family grew by one.”

63. “It’s hard to keep quiet knowing that our little family is growing.”

64. “A rainbow baby is on the way…”

65. “Player 1 is ready, player 2 is loading!”

66. “One more reason to be thankful this year”

67. “Bun in the oven. Bake at 98.6°F until (due date).”

68. “No one ever wanted anything more than we wanted you.”

69. “Only child expiring soon!”

70. “I want to announce that this is not a pure FAT… It’s a baby!”

71. “We’re resting up while we can. We’ll be missing a lot of sleep starting in [due date month].”

72. “With every newborn baby, a little sun rises.”

73. “We’ve been blessed beyond measure.”

74. “Big brother is watching you.”

75. “My little chick is going to hatch.”

76. “You are the perfect finishing touch to our family!”

77. “We are pregnant and we couldn’t be more excited! We decided it was time to add a new entertainer to our family!”

78. “I’ve got a new partner in crime.”

79. “Not a waddle. Just another pregnancy swag.”

80. “I have dreamed of you, before I even knew who you were.”

“I have dreamed of you, before I even knew who you were.”-Second Pregnancy Announcement Quotes

81. “Every troublemaker needs a partner in crime! Sam can’t wait to become big brother”

82. “There is a new love in our life…”

83. “Pregnancy is all about balance. That’s why I’ve got a chicken nugget in each hand. Eating for 2! That’s right we’re expecting a baby!”

84. “And then there were four”

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85. “We’re adding one more to our family in a few months.”

86. “No pregnancy is the same. Each is its own special journey.”

87. “Like stars are to the sky, so are the children to our world.”

88. “Have a drink for me – I am pregnant! (include due date)”

89. “The backseat just got a little more sweet.”

Second Pregnancy Announcement Quotes For Surprise

As we reach the final chapter of this collection, we save the best for last – the art of surprising your loved ones with the exciting news of a second pregnancy. 

It’s the crescendo of this journey, where you get to create moments that will be cherished for a lifetime. 

Announcing a second pregnancy as a surprise is like orchestrating a beautiful symphony of emotions. 

It’s the culmination of all the love, support, and anticipation that surrounds this moment.

I’ve had the privilege of witnessing surprise pregnancy announcements that have left everyone speechless and brimming with joy. 

The gasps, tears, and laughter that ensue in these surprise moments are priceless.

In this final section, ‘Second Pregnancy Announcement Quotes For Surprise,’ we’ve curated a selection of quotes that add an extra layer of charm to your surprise reveal. 

These quotes are designed to be the crescendo in the symphony of emotions you’ll create.

Whether you’re planning an intimate family dinner, a surprise party, or a heartfelt one-on-one moment, these quotes will help you add that perfect touch of emotion and surprise to your announcement.

So, let’s dive into these words that carry the magic of surprise, and create memories that will be treasured by all fortunate enough to share in this remarkable moment. 

24 Second Pregnancy Announcement Quotes For Surprise

90. “The responsible woman in me is budgeting for groceries. The pregnant woman is going ‘Oooo! Chocolate Cake!’”

91. “The sequel is coming (due date).”

92. “Roses are red, violets are blue, on (due date) our little miracle is due.”

93. “Being promoted to big sister/brother in (due date).”

94. “We are beyond blessed to be expanding our family and welcoming a new baby!”

95. “Love is in the air, and we have new to share.”

96. “What’s one more? We’ve done this before!”

97. “I’m giving up things like lunch meat, caffeine, sushi and alcohol for 9 months.”

98. “Adding a baby multiplies love. If we did the math right then ours is due on [date].”

99. “From the moment I knew you were growing inside of me; I have loved you.”

100. “Hold on to your stockings, we have got some big news.”

“Hold on to your stockings, we have got some big news.”

101. “I don’t have any big news for you, but my second child would like to announce that I’m pregnant!”

102. “We welcome our second bundle of joy!”

103. “We’ve waited for a while, to share our lovely news, looks like we’ll be shopping for some tiny, little shoes.”

104. “Here we grow again (this one works well in fall when used with a pumpkin pregnancy announcement photo shoot).”

105. “Ten little fingers, ten little toes. With love and grace, our family grows. This precious soul, so sweet and new. This little life, a dream come true.”

106. “Having a kid was so much fun, we decided to try another one!”

107. “Can’t wait to meet our new little bundle of joy!”

108. “Second child brings you more work but also more love.”

109. “Out of difficulties, grow miracles.”

110. “We don’t make mistakes, only happy little accidents.”

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111. “Pink or blue? Either will do! Mommy’s expecting #2!”

112. “And our Love Grew, Baby 2 Due [date]”

113. “It’s time to add another branch to our family tree. We’ll be needing an extra bed for a special bundle of joy. I’m pregnant!”

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