6 Things New Parents Can Do to Raise a Baby to Be Independent

Children are a vulnerable part of society. While raising a baby do not be persuaded that quiet and obedient mean safe. Sometimes parents can be lulled into a false impression of their children being a good baby and can raise a “convenient” child that can be used by people with ill-intensions.

Raise a Baby to Be Independent

Here are some mistakes that psychologists suggest can lead to raising “convenient” victims.

1) Raising a “taker.”

As parents, you always love your child and want to give them only the best things. However, some parents give too much without expecting a child to do something by itself.

Unfortunately, they do not understand that such actions can do more damage than good. As a result, kids turn out to be filled with apathy and are usually blindly driven by their desires.

2) Obedience.

While raising baby parents often starts demanding unquestionable obedience from children, parents risk turning their children into puppets that will fall into someone else’s hands as an unwittingly become their servant.

raise a baby to be independent

These children cannot tell right from wrong. Talk to your baby and teach your kids to think for themselves before making a decision.

3) Guarding children against any type of difficulties.

Parents who or are too overprotective or guard kids against difficulties by doing everything for them unconsciously condemn them to helplessness. By handing children everything, they are unaware of the fact that they have to put the effort to get something in life. They grow to be passive pushovers.

Always allow your child the opportunity to make a choice while considering its positive possibilities and negative potentials.

4) Control over emotions.

When in a bad mood, many parents tend to blame their children for this emotional turmoil. As a result, whenever a kid has a bad mood or bad day, it will look for reasons to blame someone else.

Upset girl, raise a baby to be independent

A child, incapable of coping with its emotions by itself, wants someone to come and comfort them. When no one comes to fill a void, kids might turn to drugs, alcohol, and other dangerous things. Parents should teach children to cope with their emotions and to be ready to take responsibility for them.

5) The absence of personal space.

Disregard towards a child’s personal space is usually based on the idea that “you live under my roof, and I pay for your needs.” Out-of-nowhere hugs, reading a child’s personal diary, because “you can’t keep secrets from your parents!” and other things – kill the concept of “personal space.”

A child does not understand what personal space is and that it is wrong to rob other people of it. When it comes to molestation and harassment, a child might not understand that their personal space has been wrongly and rudely invaded.

Therefore, when their personal space is violated, they think something is wrong with them. From a very young age, respect your child’s privacy and do not force a little one to give you a kiss or a hug when they do not feel like it. Be respectful.

6) Boredom is caused by the absence of personal tasks.

Very often, parents prefer doing things all by themselves instead of giving a child an opportunity to get involved. By not letting a kid show independence and creativity, parents deprive them of things to do.

Bored child

As a result, a kid becomes bored and tries to establish its independence and identity by pushing boundaries alone. This could be by walking alone in the dark, testing the dangerous waters of society.

To prevent this from happening, try engaging your kid in useful and creative activities. Talk to your kid and tell your kid they can decorate its room, arrange a celebration, bake something, etc. It is of vital importance to let a child feel needed, important, and strong enough to deal with different tasks.

Remember that the life of a little human depends on you. To avoid irrevocable mistakes and give your child a good foundation for a bright future, consider their feelings, and listen to what they say. This increases their sense of self-worth, and they grow more confident. Be supportive, loving, and tolerant, and things will be just fine.

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