Parenting Your Toddler: Child Development Rights and Wrongs

Each parent has witnessed a fight among kids for a toy

Child Development Rights and Wrongs

Do not be surprised if one day, your kid comes home with someone else’s toy or without its own ones. A kid at the age of 2-3 thinks that it is absolutely normal to take any toy from a playground. This matter needs to be covered cautiously and correctly. To help with this, child development’s rights and wrongs should be focused on.

A playground is a place where children experience first glimpses of social relationships. Parents should explain the concept of exchange to their children. From a young age, teach your child that there are things that belong to them as well as things that belong to other children.

If another child does not want to share or give away a toy, then explain to your baby that it is because the toy is another boy /girl’s possession. Explain the concept of sharing to them so they understand its importance.

Therefore, the owner gets to make the decision to trade toys, etc. This is how children learn right from wrong.

However, it is wrong if another child takes away your baby’s toy by force! Try resolving the argument. If your child thoughtlessly gives away its toys, then at an older age, a kid can give away something more valuable or expensive. It is good to be generous; however, there are limits to it.

A kid has someone else’s toy

It has come to your attention that a little one has brought someone else’s toy from a playground or from a kindergarten. Find out the details because the circumstances can be different.

If a kid took a toy without permission, then explain to a little one that it was wrong. Sometimes children “make a deal” or an “exchange.”Pay attention, because in some cases, children do this to show superiority towards weaker kids.

Two Boys Playing, Child Development Rights and Wrongs

What if there is another reason? Sometimes, a toy of another kid might seem better than the one you have bought for your child. Maybe, you had no opportunity to buy a little one this particular toy. As a result, a kid will take someone else’s toy without permission. Your task is to explain intelligibly and calmly why they need to return the toy to its owner.

In no case should you apply force! Neither can you yell at a kid nor, for this matter, do anything to humiliate or offend a little one. There is only one thing that a child will get from your actions – stress. Do not discuss this matter in public. Postpone the explanation part to when you are alone with your baby.

Kid toys

Sometimes a child lacks a parent’s attention. In this case, a little one might take a toy just to get a reaction from you. Your response should be calm, filled with love and attention to a child. Maybe it would be a good idea to go to the shop and let a child pick a toy it wants.

You can also try teaching a child to ask to play with their toy. After playing with it, your kid can return it to its owner. To be honest, this is a great method, not only because it teaches communication, but also because it can lead to the beginning of a strong friendship.

As we know, children mimic their parents. Therefore, respect other people and their property. Children look up to you, so they will immediately intercept your manners and behavior. You are responsible for your child’s development’s right and wrong.

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