How to Improve Communication With Children You’ll Wish You Knew Sooner

A child has to understand that some decisions depend exclusively on you and are non-negotiable, nor can the kid influence them. The best way to do is to maintain healthy communication with the child.

Communication With Your Child

If your children are preoccupied with their “important” matter and have absolutely no desire to think of something as “trivial” like food or the bathroom, you need to be cunning and find ways to communicate with children.


There is no way you can interrupt them and make them listen to you. Be smarter than this and find a more delicate way, so that the child will not understand that its interests and wishes are being ignored.

For instance, if it is time to eat, but Lego is more fun to play with rather than stop to eat, start talking to a child, show your interest in what they are doing. By distracting them with small talk, pick up a child and the toy and go to the kitchen.

While going to the kitchen talking about the toy, let your child feel your genuine interest in what they are doing. Establishing a parent-child communication channel makes it easier to get the child to agree with you. When you are in the kitchen, you can give a little one a spoon and move toys away from it.

Communication With Your Child Without Triggering Aggression

It is very important to communicate with a child!

Keep a conversation going, but remember that effective communication with a child looks like a by-the-way talk. This is a great way of distracting it from games and other exercises.

For example, if a child is into playing with cars more than into having a bath, you can offer a little one to make a garage in the bathroom. Communicate and show interest throughout the whole “journey” with cars from their room to a garage.


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