Crucial Steps Every Parent Needs to Take to Socialize Shy Kids

How to help shy kids to socialize and open up more?

All kids are different: some are open and easy-going, and some are shy and reserved.

Socialize Shy Kids

As a rule, such character traits are inherited from parents. Very often, adults point out these traits, even though a child is totally fine and has no trouble with development. Being a shy kid is okay and being an open kid is okay too. But we are all social beings who, one way or another, get out of our shells and start communicating with one another.

However, if shyness in children causes too much trouble, the little one might need your help dealing with it.

Here is how you can help a shy kid to be more self-confident:

1) Do not make children go to different classes (dancing, sport, etc.) against their will.

Many psychologists share the opinion that it is a good idea to help a child socialize through common interests with their peers. However, it is useless because the more you push a shy kid, the deeper they will withdraw into themselves.

Shy girl

While they are in the classes, a kid will feel shy and aloof. Parents are not there to protect it and stay by its side, so do not expect a little one to interact with other kids. In this way, you are not helping a shy child to socialize, and it might grow to hate the classes.

2) Do not stress out a child.

Some parents leave their kids with relatives thinking that it will become more relaxed from all this attention. They hope the child will feel more comfortable expressing itself in this setting. The thing is that it will not help; you will only stress the child even more. Furthermore, this is how you can undermine their trust and increase child shyness.

3) Praise them for making contact with others.

It is enough to say “Hello!” and “Bye-bye” to a stranger. Praise a child for making any sign of verbal contact with surrounding people. A kid will start from single words, step by step, and with time it will open up more.

Praise the child for opening up and communicating with people. In doing so, a child will develop the strength and confidence to get over its fears.

4) Invite guests more often.

It does not have to be a large gathering. You can invite some of your friends, preferably those who have a child or children around the age of your own child. In this calm and soothing atmosphere, a kid will feel the parent’s support, and it will be easier to establish contact with another kid.

5) Help your baby make friends.

Visit a place or places where your child is comfortable and where there are many kids. Try to stay close to a little one because it gives it a feeling of protection and support.

Help your baby make friends

A child will start playing with other kids in any case. These outings will help your baby to become more comfortable in the circle of other people.

6) Boost your child’s self-esteem.

Praise a child for his attempts to do something good and useful. Your praise will give the child confidence that can genuinely make it happier and show them your affection by hugging your kids. However, remember that too much is not always good. Find a happy medium!

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