101 Free Things To Do With Kids That Will Keep Them Busy

Children are the best gifts of life that a person can ever get. There is no stronger bond than a bond between children and their parents. It seems that only after becoming a parent you can feel this genuine unconditional love.

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Parents do everything for their child’s happiness. They even search through the internet for 101 free things to do with kids!

Jokes aside, we all know how demanding and energetic children are. Little ones have so much energy that it can overwhelm them. Little ones want to spend all the time they have with their mommy and daddy.

101 Free Things To Do With Kids That Will Keep Them Busy

Therefore, you need either get incredibly creative and resourceful or go through the list below. I recommend the second option, for it will save you some time and energy. Besides, some of the ideas might trigger the avalanche of ideas in your head.

You can easily incorporate some of your thoughts or adapt the things on the list so that they would fit your family perfectly. Also, remember to ask kids for their preferences and ideas because they need to partake in making decisions. 

We are getting closer to the autumn holidays, and then, in a blink of an eye, it will be winter holidays. Time flies so fast that sometimes it seems that we miss hours rather than seconds each time we blink.

Unfortunately, we cannot slow it down. Therefore, make the most of each second of each moment that you have with your family.


The list consists of the “Indoor Activities for Kids” as well as “Outdoor Ideas for Kids” sections. The division will help you find whatever you are looking for.

Also, due to COVID-19, you might be looking more for indoor activities for kids. However, you can adapt the outdoor activities for today’s situation or simply leave them for later.

In the list below, you will find good ideas for everyday life and are quite good for the holidays. Turn crafts for kids into Thanksgiving crafts just by using some imagination and Thanksgiving thematic.

Easy-peasy, right? Let us not waste more time and move on to the 101 free things to do with kids that will keep them busy, not bored.

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Indoor Activities For Kids

1. Baking Marshmallows


It is both indoor and outdoor activities. At home, you can make tasty crackers with cloudlike marshmallows. Turn on the oven and give it a few minutes.

While it is heating up, put marshmallows on the crackers and send them into the oven. After a few minutes, when they get bigger and more round, take them out, but one more cracker on the top, and enjoy!

2. Have a Dance Party

Create a playlist and get yourself a nice outfit. DIY outfits will be a great decision. Due to the pandemic, you need to stay at home.

Therefore, arrange an online party! Invite friends and relatives, and have fun.

3. Play the chef

Bake a cake, a pie, or cookies and decorate them the way you want.

4. Learn to do different tricks

Learn to juggle and some other acrobatic tricks.

5. Put on a magic show

I understand that you are no Houdini, but it is still so much fun. Look for videos online and practice.

6. Play card games

UNO, Poker, etc. There are dozens of different games that you can play together with children without bringing up little gamblers.

7. Play board games

Play Jenga, Monopoly, Matching game, etc.

8. Make your own scrapbook

101 Free Things To Do With Kids That Will Keep Them Busy, Not Bored

9. Do some exercises

Take up Pilates, Yoga, etc.

10. Have a short story night

Create short stories on different topics. Who knows, maybe you will be next Mary Shelley?

11. Fashion show

Dress up, walk like a model, and do a perfect makeup.

12. Dress up show

Create funny costumes and hit the runway!

13. Make popsicles

Let your creativity do its best, create all sorts of designs, and take pictures.

14. Playdates

Arrange a playdate for children and involve a child’s friends. It is a great idea, mainly because of quarantine. Nothing can prevent you from “hanging out” with your friends!

15. Make a slime

16. Give toys a bath

It is one of the activities for toddlers because a little one is fascinated by it. The main thing is to do this outside.

17. Make wrapping paper

18. Pillow Fightfamily-getting-ready-to-pillow-fight-scaled

The game is especially memorable if you have pillows with feathers. Then you can have a real Hollywood-like pillow fight, only with more cleaning to do.

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19. Science Experiments

Search the internet for science experiments for kids and choose the experiments you like more. It is best if you look for ones that require only the ingredients you have at home.

20. Build a Hut

Take some blankets, nightlights, and all of the pillows you have. Create a comfortable and magical space to make memories.

21. Make ornaments and decorations for your room.

It will help you refresh the room and make it look cozier. I am pretty sure you need this, especially after spending so much time at home. 

22. Call relatives and friends via Zoom, Skype, FaceTime, etc.

23. Puppet Show

Create your own stories or find some on the internet or even roleplay situations from life.

24. Sunrise and Sunset


There are so many different fun activities for kids that we often forget about the beauty we see every day. Therefore, wake up to see the sunrise and watch the sun as it disappears behind the horizon.


25. Olympic Games

Create a mini version of it in your back yard. Remember about prizes and trophies! These can be either sweets or some DIY certificates.

26. Origami and Painting Rocks

These activities take some time as they require extreme focus. If a child is really into it, then it might take even longer.

27. Draw and Paint

When choosing between various art and crafts for kids, think of drawing. It is a calming activity that each child can find interesting.

28. Press the Flowers

Look for beautiful flowers and leaves, press them, and give this beauty is a gift to friends or relatives.

29. Photo shoot

Taking pictures is a hobby of many so find some time and organize a family photo shoot. Put on the clothes you want and turn on the camera.

30. Family Movie


It is one of the things I would want to have had. It is so great to watch videos with your younger self and reminiscent. Therefore, take videos to rewatch them one day and mentally go back to happy days.

31. Play Hide and Seek

Apart from Hide and Seek, you can introduce children to some games that you used to play as a child. Who knows, maybe they will like them.

32. Redecorate and Rearrange your Room

33. Make a Lego Car Races

If you have Lego, build small cars (create your design) and arrange races.

34. Donate

Remember that it is crucial to help one another and respect each other. Each act of kindness is helpful. Therefore, help people and teach children to do the same.

35. Acting Night

Choose plays you like and act!

36. Thematic party

You can have a family party or ask friends and relatives to the online party. Here you have one more idea for a playdate.

37. International Night

Pick a country, do a little research on history, traditions, and food and cook together.

38. Beauty Salon

Do each other’s hair, makeup, manicure, and pedicure.

39. Create a Robot out of Boxes

40. Scary Stories

Take a flashlight and tell scary stories.

41. Create Postcards and Write Letters

It is a great idea, especially during times of self-isolation.

Write letters

42. Pretend to be an Artist

Draw a portrait or a caricature of one another.

43. Creativity Traps

It is one of the best kid’s art projects. You put all sorts of things such as glue, macaroni, crayons, etc. on a plastic bag (or on something you can cover the floor with) and leave no instructions. This way, a child can develop creativity.

44. Make a Surprise Package

Create a small box or a paper bag of goods such as gingerbread cookies etc. and leave it at the neighbor’s door. You can also add a little note.

45. Learn to Play Musical Instrument

It is always a good idea. It might be a little bit difficult, but your child may like it. Who knows, maybe a little one if next Billie Eilish or John Legend?

46. Roleplay different Professions

It is so much fun, especially when taking on the role of a doctor. Children enjoy “treating” different sicknesses with sweets and prolonging screen time.

47. DIW Decorations for Holidays

These can be Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter decorations, and so on.

48. News and Lifehacks

Do a little research in different areas and organize evening news. Fun stories, ideas, and researches will make you feel like a real reporter.

49. Play Twister

50. Movie Night

51. Make Cute Bath Bombs

family-of-four-watching-television-scaled a-person-holding-bath-bombs-scaled

Bath bombs are everyone’s bias. Even people who are not fond of hot baths love bath bombs, trust me.

52. Create a Little Vlog or Blog

Take a camera or write about your activities and funny experiences. Nowadays, family blogs and vlogs are quite popular.

53. Think of a “Yes” Day

Pick a day, and one of the family members will say yes 24 hours to everything.

54. Create Custom Made Cases for Your Phones

55. Educational Activities for Children

There are many online activities for preschoolers that will help their development.

56. Create a Reading Box

Take small sheets of paper, write titles of books on them, and throw them into the box. Pick a random paper from the box and read all together this particular book.

57. Play Some Online Games Together

Dive into the cyber world that children are so fond of and get to know your kids better.

58. Create Playlists


Expose your children to different types of music. Dance, relax, and listen to your favorite songs.

59. Become a Producer

Make a piece of music out of anything you can find (make drums out of pots, and shakers out of bottles with rice) 

Outdoor Activities for Kids 

60. Visit Elderly People

Visit older people, for they will really appreciate your company. Besides, they always have a story or two for you.

61. Volunteer

It is important to do good selfless deeds to make this world a better place. Teach your children to do the same.

62. Do Puzzles Together


63. Go to the Pet Store

Children will love to see and even hold some of the cute animals.

64. Create a Water Table

65. Skipping Rope Challenge

Do spots together and create a skipping rope challenge. Who can jump the longest?

66. Do a Neighborhood Clean-up

It is what we all need to do. Ecology is essential, and we should raise children with the idea that they need to protect the environment.

67. Arrange Paper Plane Races

68. Visit Local Celebrations and  Festivals

69. Slip and Slide

If you have a backyard and warm weather, all you need is a plastic sheet, detergent, and water.

70. Have an Alice in Wonderland Picnic

After watching a movie or cartoon, kids will find this idea pretty interesting. Although I must admit, it is difficult to find a Cheshire cat. 

71. Make a Wrath or a Garland

Pick some flowers and create a beautiful garland to wear this beauty or to give it to someone.

72. Visit Another Town


Have yourself a one-day trip, take a train or a car, and go traveling.

Check our The Ultimate Guide to Road Trips with Kids. We will discuss some of the ins and outs, tips and tricks for taking the ultimate road trip with your children.


73. Outdoor movie

Take a projector (or make one) and watch a movie outside. You can even witch it with the neighbors but at a safe distance.

74. Go Geocaching

If you are looking for scavenger hunts for kids, you can try Geocaching. Download the app and go together on the most massive scavenger hunt in the world.

75. Turn on Sprinklers and Play around

76. Take up Gardening

Instead of planting flowers and vegetables online, plant them in real life!

77. Do the Major Clean-up at Home

This idea might not be a child’s favorite, but you will certainly like some help.

78. Ride Bikes, Rollerblade or Go Skating Together

79. Watch the Planes Land and Takeoff

80. Do a Stand Up Show

They say that laughter prolongs life, so make sure to have a good laugh.

81. Create a Sensory Box

It is one of the activities for preschoolers that will occupy a child for quite some time.

82. Go Ice-skating


83. Go around the Neighborhood

When there are holidays of different sorts, people decorate the houses and front yards. Therefore, make sure to go around and see the beauty and feel the holiday spirit!

84. Lemonade Stand

85. Wash the Car

It means 40% of washing and 60% playing.

86. Pick a bouquet and Bring it Home

87. Have a War in the Backyard

You can get water guns, fill balloons with water, and get bandanas of two colors (to mark the teams). Play together, and do your best to win.

88. Morning Movie

Some theaters have movie days and movie mornings when tickets are cheaper than ever. Make sure to take an opportunity!

89. Craft Classes

Check if there are any classes of arts and crafts for kids in your town or online.

90. Visit Beaches, Swimming Pools, Or Splash Pads.  


Right now, it might be difficult, so if you decide to go swimming, look for a more secluded place.

Check our The Ultimate Guide to Swimming Safety for Kids to make sure that your little ones are always safe during their swimming time!


91. Let your Imagination Loose with Sidewalk Chalk

Draw, create, and play games. I am sure that adults will love it too.

92. Visit Museum for Free

There are days when museums do not charge for entrance. Catch this opportunity, take your family, and dive into the world of the past.

93. Have a Picnic Under the Stars

Prepare some food, warm clothes, flashlight, and have a picnic under the millions of stars.

94. Home Depot Workshops

Home Depot shops offer free workshops. For this reason, if there is a store near you, get more information concerning the workshops.

95. Outdoor Scavenger Hunt in the Backyard

Hide “treasure” in the backyard, give kids a map, and leave a bunch of keys. As simple as that.

96. Pitch a Tent Outside

Go camping just around the corner, meaning your backyard. Create a magical atmosphere and forget that the outer world exists.

97. Head Somewhere Closer to Nature 

It can be a lake, a beach, a field with flowers, etc.

98. Outdoor Playgrounds

99. Make a Kite


It has been ages since I held a kite in my hands. However, I still remember the excitement I felt at this moment. So simple and yet so thrilling!

100. Create an Obstacle Course in the Backyard

101. Look up Community Events


There are so many ideas that it might seem to be impossible to fulfill them all. However, it is safe to say that you are good for at least a year. Use the ideas above and put effort into getting a great result.

As you know, the idea is only 30% of work, whereas the other 70% are preparations and mood. I hope that you will find what you are looking for!

At times like this, we need positivity and something to calm us down. Always find some time to keep your mind off the news. Do not think about things that are going on in the world for a moment.

Focus on yourself, your family, health, and safety. Cherish each second spent together and make the experience unforgettable!

101 Free Things To Do With Kids That Will Keep Them Busy

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