12-Day Meditation For Mindfulness

12-Day Meditation for Mindfulness


  • Keep Calm and Stay Focused
  • Be Aware
  • Know your Emotions
  • Stay Positive

Like an ideal recipe for your favorite dish, mindfulness also needs a certain proportion to give life a sweet flavor. The following instructions will provide you with little but efficient tips for each of 12 days.

This way, you will be able to build a relationship with your inner self. What is even better is that this technique is perfect for people of all ages!

Without further talking, let us get straight to the point! 

12-Day Meditation for Mindfulness

3 Days of Calmness and Focus:

  1. Create a Box of Ideas

Create a Pandora Box with tons of ideas for yourself! The main idea is to sit down and think of things, hobbies, and mindfulness exercises that calm you down and help you relax.

After, write each idea on a separate sheet of paper. Then fill a box (or a jar, or any other container) with them.

Whenever you are stressed or feel like “traveling” into a world of peace and calmness – open the box and prepare to be swept off your feet with the calming ideas.

Remember, that relaxed brain makes decisions and solves problems much easier and faster than when you are frustrated.

Ask yourself these questions afterward:

How did it make me feel?

Maybe I could incorporate this approach into other spheres of my activities?

  1. Breathe in…Breathe out

What do we say when a person is overwhelmed or startled? Right, we usually say, “Breathe.” Indeed, it is probably the best way to stop a panic attack and get you back in touch with the world.

In order for you to calm down, relax, and focus on what you really need – slowly and deeply inhale and exhale. Do not rush. Think about how the air fills your lungs every second.

Your task is to focus on the process, feel the air moving through your body. You will need to do this three times.

I bet you have just tried it! How did it feel?


  1. Breathe mindfully

What can I possibly mean by this? It’s simple. Put your hand on your belly and start breathing slowly.

Take ten breaths and count each time it rises and falls (one – when it rises and two – when it falls.)

Your attention will shift to breathing and counting. Soon you will calm down and involuntarily fix your attention solely on breathing.

Each time you get mad, anxious, or feel like you are losing control – do this mindfulness exercise.

How did you feel after doing it? Did it help? If your answer is, “yes” then use this technique as often as you need. 

3 Days of Building up Awareness

The main point here is that you have to put your thought into everything you do. You might wonder, “Why would I waste my time and think of such trivial things?” Here is why

: small things and activities can capture our attention. Hence, our mind goes blank and relaxes. Therefore, make sure to try the next three pieces of advice! 

  1. How does the water feel against your skin?

Each time you wash your hands, slow down and get into the process. Try to understand and describe the feeling of water running down your skin.

How does the soap smell? Do you get bubbles in-between your fingers every time you apply it all over your hands?

Think about these mundane activities, and you will be paying more attention to the things you are used to doing automatically. 

  1. Listen! The world is talking to you!

Over the years, we have grown ignorant of the things that “have little meaning.” However, is there anything meaningless in this world?

Whenever you have an opportunity, stop for a moment and listen. Close your eyes open your mind, and be still. At first, you might hear nothing or some background sound reminding of white noise on an old TV.

However, when you listen closely, you will start distinguishing the sounds. Furthermore, you might catch yourself thinking, “Where have I heard this?” or “What does the sound remind me of?”

Count the noises you hear, think of their origin, and ask yourself questions. You will see the world in entirely different shades!

  1. Do You REALLY Know Chocolate?


“What a weird question? Of course, I do. It is sweet.” We experience so many things through the course of life, but we rarely take our time to enjoy them.

To become more aware, you should look into the details and be curious. Therefore, next time you eat chocolate (for instance), scrutinize it. Take it into your hands and let it melt a little.

What do you feel? Put it into your mouth and let it dissolve. Can you say what the ingredients are? What does the taste remind you of?

You will see that after this little “test,” chocolate will taste much better.

3 Days of Getting to Know Your Emotions: Meditation for Mindfulness

Emotions want to be felt, understood, and displayed. Therefore, to build a harmonious relationship with yourself, get to know your feelings.

  1. What was the Strongest Emotion You Have Felt Today?

Think of one strong emotion you have felt during the day. They can range from positive to negative. The point is that you have to recognize it and break it into pieces.

How did you feel? How did your body respond? Have you noticed the changes on your face? Did you enjoy this state or not?

Usually, physical response to the emotions (of any kind) and their manifestation are involuntary and instant. We don’t realize our actions and how we change until we start paying attention and thinking deeply. Therefore, emotional awareness demands undivided attention.

  1. What was the Most Difficult Emotion You Have Felt Today?

You don’t need a superpower to distinguish emotions, give them names, and recognize them. This task might appear to be difficult, but it is not.

Next time you feel something negative, try to figure out its cause. What made you feel this way? Figure out how it makes your body respond.

Sometimes, when you think more in-depth about emotions and name them, you might reduce their power and influence they have on you.

You will see that getting to know your emotions will tell you a lot about your personality. 

  1. Get to Know the Whole Spectrum of Your Emotions

Happy. Excited. Sad. Jealous. Outraged. Perplexed. Loving. Bored. Curious. 

These and many other emotions are ones that you and I feel almost daily. Even though we know their manifestations, most of us still don’t quite understand them.

Try saying these words aloud and see your reaction. Spend a few seconds with each word.

What thoughts or memories come first to your mind? How does your body react? Does your facial expression change?

3 Days of Positivity

Happiness is a driving force of almost everything in this world. Therefore, it is crucial to understand this feeling and find a way to bring it out in you.

  1. “I Am Thankful For…”

How can you make your lips melt into a smile? Easy. Think of five things you are thankful for before going to bed.

This way, you will end a day on a positive note. Besides, nightmares will not bother you at night because your sub-consciousness will rest.

Not only is it a great way to stay happy, but also a perfect remedy for a bad mood. Whenever you get angry or upset, think of 5 things that will brighten your day.

  1. Spread out Positive Thoughts


Psychosomatics is very strong. Sometimes our thoughts do materialize! Therefore, think of something that will warm your heart.

For instance, you can think of people you love. Think about their happiness, health, and wellbeing.

It feels good, doesn’t it? So if we can be this kind to someone else, why can’t we be like this with ourselves?

Show yourself some love, wrap your hands around yourself and send out kind wishes. It’s so easy!

It is okay if it feels awkward. Know that it will pass. These small but essential steps will lead you to a healthy and robust relationship with your-beloved-self. 

  1. Happy Memories

Reminiscent. Go back to the times or situations when you were happy. Close your eyes and think.

You will catch yourself smiling. It can be anything: from “I love you” to a sweet smile from a stranger – whatever makes you feel good.

Replay them in your head and see how your mood and attitude towards life changes (with time, of course).

How does it feel? Were you smiling? Is there anyone you miss or any moments you’d like to repeat? 


A strong relationship with your inner self is a vital ingredient for a happy life. Therefore, try spending 12 days taking care of your soul and mental health. I wish you luck and happiness. Stay safe!

12-Day Meditation for Mindfulness

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