How Can Parents Help Their Child’s Development With Toys for One-Year-Olds?

What Toys Are Better for a Baby During the First Year of Life?

A baby under the age of one year old should play with the toys for one-year-olds that are made to help develop many important skills, especially the baby’s motor skills!

Child’s Development With Toys

Activities for fine motor skills affect the development of the baby’s speech, attention, and tactual sensation.

1) Balls

Balls influence the development of a baby’s fine motor skills, especially those which have ribbed patterns. When the baby grows up, they can play with balls, trying to throw them into a bowl.

2) A pyramid

From the age of 9 months, the child becomes interested in the pyramid so it’s a perfect toy for one-year-old kids. It develops visual perception and patience. The child can learn numeration if the pyramid is with numbers.

When the child can put on and take off the rings by themselves, you can replace the basis of the pyramid with a pencil, a marker, or any other object. It will open a new method of thinking.

Child’s Development With Toys for One-Year-Olds

The baby will learn how to find common objects and how to correlate sizes. With a baby playing with it, it’s easy to teach colors with the help of the pyramid. Just take each ring and name its color. Then find objects of the same color in the house and show them to the baby.

3) A building kit

At the age of 1 year, the baby can already make simple houses and towers using a building kit. Such toys develop coordination and movements. When you build a tower with your baby, create a story of this tower. It will develop a child’s imagination, and they will learn social roles.

What other toys should be in the play corner of a baby under one year old?

  • rattles of different shapes and colors
  • fluffy toys made of various materials and with different fillers
  • toy “rustlers” to squeeze
  • molds that can be fitted one into another
  • cubes

Baby playing

  • nest-dolls and pyramids
  • balls of different sizes
  • streamlined cars that can be carried by a rope
  • baby dolls and toys for role-playing games

Don’t be angry if your baby mishandles or throws the toy while a baby’s playing time. You should gently guide them by telling them about the features of the toy, praise it, and teach your baby how to take care of their toy. For example, tell them: “The doll is hurt, let’s pity the doll.” or “Look, the car has a broken wheel. Let’s fix it; the car shouldn’t be upset.”

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