How Can Black and White Toys for Babies Enhance Their Vision?

Why Do Newborns Need Black And White Toys And Pictures?

Sometimes parents don’t know about the importance of contrastive colors in a baby’s vision development. Black and white toys for babies are the best choice in this case.

Black and White Toys for Babies Enhance Their Vision

Do you remember your first toys?

They were all colors of the rainbow. But how many black and white toys or pictures did you have? It’s hard to believe that such “boring” colors can be interesting and useful as a newborn’s toys.

It has been proven that newborns see the world unclearly, like in a fog, and can only distinguish light from the darkness. They see only 5% of what adults can see.

That’s why during the first two months, the baby doesn’t differentiate bright colors. Baby’s vision doesn’t tell them the difference between red and green. They can distinguish colors only when they turn five months of age.

So, it’s easier to focus the child’s eyes on contrastive colors. And the combination of black and white is the most contrastive! It’s best to use geometric patterns (stripes, zigzags, polka dots, squares, etc.) instead of birds and bunnies, as they develop visual perception much better.

Black and White Toys

What’s The Use Of Black And White Images For Newborns?

Thanks to such objects and patterns, the baby develops an understanding of vision, color perception, and focus on objects. They also try to reach them with their hands. All that helps them to hold their head correctly. Also, such black-and-white pictures make the baby relaxed and calm.

How To Busy Newborns?

Since a 2-3-month-old baby sees only those objects that are close to them, place black and white toys for babies and pictures at a distance no more than 20-25 cm from their eyes.  

Use The Following Black-And-White Objects:

Black and White Toys for Newborns

  • pictures (you can buy them or print); don’t forget to change them from time to time;
  • hanging toys (hang them at a distance of 15-20 cm from the baby’s chest, then up a bit higher when the baby starts to wave their hands and tries to grab the toys);
  • toys “rustles” (put such soft “musical” toys in a baby crib, on a changing table, or a game table);
  • fabric cubes (you can use them separately or hang them in front of the baby’s eyes).

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