9 Super Common Newborn Problems New Parents Shouldn’t Be Terrified About

Peculiarities of Newborns You Shouldn’t Worry About

Newborn Problems

Each one of us who has ever seen a newborn has noticed something “weird” about their appearance. Even if it is as small as newborn hiccups, newborn problems can make you wonder whether it is the way it’s supposed to be or even shock you. Whatever it is – do not panic, because not all of these “drawbacks” are worth attention and panic!

Frequent cries

A baby cries to show that it wants something. Besides, the young and fragile nervous system also makes them cry.

Liquid stool

A baby’s digestive system can be sensitive. They digest breast milk quite fast, and as a result, a little one might get these “surprises” and it is a more common baby digestion problem than you think.


The reasons for the frequent newborn hiccups are not entirely known, but they don’t signify any danger.

Pulsing fontanelle

Common Newborn Problems

The bones in a newborn’s skull need some time to grow together. Because this area is still developing, you can see a pulsation through a membrane. This is caused by the growth of the circulatory system. Don’t get too alarmed if you accidentally brush against the baby’s fontanelle, i.e., the soft spot on the top of their head.

A cavity in the chest

This peculiarity, conditioned by the inverted lower sternum, will gradually pass as the child’s body continues to grow.

Rash on the face

It occurs because of the influence of the mother’s hormones. The rash generally passes in 2-3 months, so cleansing the face with water is enough.

Swollen chest

Estrogen (mother’s hormone) can cause temporary minor swelling of the chest. It does not require any intrusion, and it passes with time.

Swollen chest  Estrogen (mother’s hormone)

Frequent sneezing

If your newborn is sneezing a lot, it has a common cause. Dry sneezing without mucus indicates receptor irritation due to narrow nasal passages.

Bloody excretions that girls might have in the first days of life

This may happen because of the estrogen splash that stimulates the baby girl’s uterus.

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