Non-essential Things Parents Absolutely Don’t Need For Newborn Care

Buying things for the baby can be exciting but you can easily go over your budget and you don't really need to rush in buying stuff for newborn care. Read my tips on things you don't need to urgently buy for the new baby.

Practice shows that many things, which excited and enthusiastic parents-to-be buy, are lying around without being used even once. Of course, each child and family have their own newborn care ideas and ways of doing things. One family may find something useful that the other finds utterly useless.

However, the majority of parents share a thought that one does not have to rush into obtaining some things for newborn care.

Newborn Care Tips

What things should you withhold from buying before the child is born?

1. Large clothing stock

It is truly a challenge to resist the temptation of buying these sweet little items of clothing for your baby. However, one has to consider that for newborn care: first of all, some newborns grow pretty fast during their first months of life; second of all, rest assured that your friends and relatives will present a child with new clothes.

Besides, you do not know yet what type of clothing will be most suitable for you (nappies, baby undershirts, sliders, button-up bodysuits, onesies).

Therefore, for the first weeks after the babe is born, buy different types of clothing. It is advisable to get pieces in different sizes and a few of each type (in case the baby is quite a pumpkin, who might need a little more space in its tiny onesie).

2. Warm Blanket and a Pillow

Mothers-to-be simply adore decorating a cradle or a crib with newborn bedding, and many other things. It is vital to know that a warm blanket is dangerous for a newborn because a little one can suffocate under it while being asleep.

Likewise, it is recommended not to use a pillow at all for newborn care that’s during the first months of a baby’s life. Nevertheless, a warm blanket during a stroll outside will no doubt come in handy.

By the way, a beautiful blanket can be used as a baby sleeping bag, as if it is cold outside during the discharge from a hospital. You can even embroider a blanket with a newborn’s name to make it genuinely memorable.

3. Walkers and Jumpers

Firstly, you don’t need those for newborn care. You will need such devices no earlier than 6 months. Secondly, most pediatricians think that not only are such devices useless, but they also have a harmful influence on a musculoskeletal system of a little human. Rest assured, the baby will find its own way of moving around without the help of these gadgets!

4. Electronic Scales

During the first year of life, the pediatrician will constantly be observing the baby’s weight and tracking the dynamics monthly.

There is absolutely no need for weighing your child on a daily or weekly basis, because a) it is needless, and b) it is a very paranoid thing to do!

You will likely use these scales for the first few weeks and then shove them somewhere on the top-shelf to gather dust. Believe me, when I say that you will have plenty of things to do apart from constant weighing.

5. Baby Cosmetics

In the first few months of newborn care, various shampoos, bubble bath products, oils, and shower gels are of no need. Moreover, they can be harmful as they can cause an allergic reaction.

Therefore, buy baby soap and cream. Only after making sure that there is no allergic reaction can you buy other products.

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