We are all waiting for the time when the baby comes. Not only parents are waiting, but the whole family and friends. We buy a lot of stuff for the newborn even before their birth.

So, when the baby comes, it’s time to buy gifts, both for the baby and for mom.

In fact, babies need so many things: diapers, baby carriages, cribs, clothing (the baby grows so fast that parents spend a lot of funds on clothing), toys, and much other stuff. But don’t forget about the mom-to-be too. She has just gone through so much pain and stress.



Mom will be so glad to have a bit of rest, at least a couple of hours of sleep, or just receive some positive emotions. It is actually not an easy thing to come up with the present.

So, here are some great mom gift ideas on how to help new moms and make them happy.


Make a new mom lucky to receive presents to feel happy and special.

If you have no idea how to make a new mom excited, ask someone who is a bit more experienced and already has children. They can definitely recommend you something interesting and useful for both the baby and their mom.

Well, it would be great if you think about the gift for a new mom, not for the baby. Be sure that the baby will receive a lot of presents.

So, when it’s time to leave the maternity home, mom should feel loved and special.

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In this list, you will not find some typical presents like flowers or fruits. Just skip them.


1. Mom needs a lot of energy.

The newborn takes a lot of mom’s effort and energy. Don’t forget that mom will have a lot of sleepless nights. And the baby doesn’t care if the mom has energy or not.

They just need to be taken care of. So, a great present here can be some good coffee. You can look for a good coffee shop and buy a certificate.


Mom can try different sorts of coffee and take the one which tastes the best for her. To make this present full, you can also buy a nice coffee machine or a small Moka pot. So, your present will keep a new mom, toned and energized.

2. Mom needs tasty food.

When the baby comes, they take a lot of mom’s time. She doesn’t have a free minute to enjoy a meal (moreover, she even won’t have time to prepare it).

We all know that if we are very tired and exhausted, and out of energy, we want a minute to relax and have something delicious, don’t we?!

So, the fabulous idea is to cook a delicious meal for a new mom. Just imagine how happy she’ll be when she makes the first bite of this delicious food.


As a rule, mom is a cook in her family as well. And when another person takes this duty at least once, she feels relieved. 

So here are some tips for you:

  • You can organize some kind of food delivery for a particular period of time. Just google where you can buy a gift certificate, and go ahead. Buy it and make a new mom happy and special.
  • Check if the mom and her baby have any allergies. It’s important in case you decide to cook by yourself. Check what products are mom’s favorite. It will help you in the choice of a meal.
  • If mom adores cooking, think about a gift for her kitchen. It can be cutlery or some other utensils. 


  • A hard period for mom is not only a week after the baby’s birth. It lasts much longer. Be it a month, two months, or more than a year after the baby’s birth, and it’ll always be a great surprise for mom to receive a delicious present from her friends or relatives. She is so busy all the time, and she needs it so much, at least from time to time.
  • Another way to make mom happy is to prepare some boxes with food that can be frozen. Just put them into the freezer, and mom can easily boil or bake it when she is out of time.

3. The first 40 days are the hardest.

The first 40 days are the hardest. Mom is still in stress. Her organism is still recovering.

This is a period when she needs help the most. It will be the best present for her if you help her with cooking. If a new mom enjoys reading, you can buy an interesting book on how to recover within the first 40 days.

As a rule, there are a lot of feedbacks from women all over the world with some tips about how to pull yourself together and not go crazy.

4. A box with sweets and fruits


That will be a great present with useful sweets inside. You can put different products of healthy eating in that box: fruits, sweets, small snacks. When mom is hungry, she can open that magical box and find something tasty and useful for her.

She can hold a baby and eat at the same time. It’s very convenient when mom has no time to cook, but she is hungry. In fact, she needs to consume much more calories than a pregnant one (especially during breastfeeding).

A great idea will be to chop fresh fruits and put them in containers. It’s not an easy thing to chop fruits with one hand and hold the baby in the other hand. It’s a pleasure when it’s already done.

Also, don’t forget about water. An eco-bottle is mainstream nowadays. It looks fashionable and is very convenient to use.

A thermo cup is a good present as well. That’s the best thing for long walks in cold weather.

5. A beauty box

make up kit

Mom is still a pretty woman. And she still wants to be amazing and beautiful. Of course, now she doesn’t have a lot of time to go to the gym or fitness; to go to a salon, to go shopping very often.

Mom is busy with raising her little one. So, she will be very glad to receive a beauty box with skin creams, lipsticks, or some other cosmetics for skincare, body care, and hair care.

6. Help a new mom with household chores.

Shopping is the thing that we do a lot and every day. When the baby comes, there is even more necessity to go to a supermarket to buy not only food, but also diapers, wet wipes, baby’s nutrition, and many other trifles. Here you can also help a new mom.

You can go shopping instead of her. You can buy basic food products that mom will use for a long period of time. Today, you can find one more interesting opportunity as product delivery.

You can google which stores have such an option and buy a certificate. A new mom will definitely appreciate this present. It will make her life much easier.

7. Have a meal together

two women at a dinner in a restaurant

Almost the whole day, mom is at home, busy with some household chores, and taking care of the child. She also wants to relax and spend time with her family and friends. It will be a great surprise if you visit her during the day.

Just have lunch together. Come to a new mom with a delicious meal and eat it together, talk, and have fun. You can play with the baby if they are not asleep.

That will be a good emotional relief for mom. It’s also one more opportunity for a new mom to have some rest while you are holding the baby or playing with them. 

Let a new mom devote time to herself

1. Make some spare time for mom

The baby takes almost all mom’s free time. In other words, she doesn’t have it at all. A new mom will be so happy if she could have at least an hour for herself.

So, you can call her and offer to visit her and take care of the baby while mom can enjoy her hour of spare time. She can go to a salon, go for a walk alone, go for a run, or simply have a good nap. It doesn’t matter.

Mom needs to spend time on herself. A lot of moms claim that the best present for them is good sleep, especially at night. So, give that present to a new mom.

mom sleeping

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Come to her and stay overnight. Let mom sleep for the whole night. If the baby wakes up at night, lull them to sleep by yourself.

Be sure that mom will really appreciate your help if there are older children and the newborn. You can go for a walk with older children and give mom an opportunity to spend time with the newborn only.

2. 5-minute breaks

When the baby comes, there is an impression that their mom is in constant motion, as if she is on the road somewhere all the time. So, teach a new mom to have a 5-minute break.

It’s very important to take a breath, relax, and calm down. Otherwise, being always busy can cause chronic tiredness and irritation.

3. Let a new mom go back to her childhood.

A new mom must abstract herself from that constant motion. Think about an interesting activity for her. Something that won’t cause noise in order not to wake the baby up.

Something that will harmonize mom’s inner world; makes her relaxed. Painting is the best remedy.


It is noiseless. It develops creativity. It absorbs your mind.

Think about the paints. So, buy a set of acrylic or oil paints. It doesn’t matter.

An easel would be a great gift. Later on, it will become an exciting toy for the baby as well. Buy color pencils and an album.

Coloring pages amuse adults as well. And a new mom will be glad to receive an antistress.

4. Yoga

It is a great activity to boost physical health after labor. Give a new mom some time to go out, to get a new hobby. Yoga is a good idea as the mom can find new friends or other new moms.

They can share their experience. So, search for some yoga studios and buy a gift certificate and get a new mom out of her house.

5. Bring relaxation and spa to mom’s home.

When you plan to visit mom, take a basket and put aromatic soups, body lotion, shampoos, body oils, shower gel, facial masks there. You can ask her partner if she has any allergies and what she likes. It’s just to make sure that these spa things won’t leave irritation or rash on her skin and the baby’s skin as well. 

Bring relaxation and spa to mom's homeEvery woman dreams about a good massage. A new mom not just dreams about it, but she needs it physically.

The matter is that after labor, her back can ache a lot. So, buy a gift certificate to a set of massages and make this woman happy. Another simple but great mom gift idea!

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New Year is coming. Top Christmas presents for a new mom.

These presents will remind her that she is still a very beautiful woman, even after labor. So, let’s start!

1. A gift certificate to a hairdresser

A new mom doesn’t think about herself a lot when the baby comes. Her main mission is taking care of her baby, and sometimes, she can forget even to go to the bathroom. She simply has no time for that.

Even when she has a couple of free minutes, she’d better lie down and relax. So, buy her a gift certificate to a hairdresser and let her enjoy that visit.

Take care of the baby while their mom takes care of herself. She may postpone it all the time just because she forgets about your present, but she will definitely use it.

2. Something special

“Letters for my child.” It sounds interesting. It can be a kind of a book.

Mom can put baby’s pictures there or add some interesting stories. Once the child is grown up, they will definitely appreciate this mom’s present.

3. A camera

A camera is one more step to creating memories for her and her child. If mom does not have a good camera, you can buy a good one for her. She can shoot videos of her child.


It will be so exciting to watch when the child is grown up. Mom will note every amazing and funny activity that her baby does.

We cannot reverse time, but watching family videos can give a possibility to see how it was years ago. Isn’t it amazing?!

4. Give a new mom something that she doesn’t expect to receive.

After labor, a new mom is very tired, not only physically but morally as well. So, your task is to cheer her up. Maybe she doesn’t need anything, or she doesn’t want anything.

She is just tired of being responsible for everything and for everyone. Write her a letter on a piece of paper, put it in a nice envelope. Write about how strong this woman is.

Support her with your words and tell her how much you love her, how much the baby needs, and loves their mom. She really needs your support in this period.

It will be amazing to receive such a note. In addition, you can buy any certificate, include it in the envelope and make her happy even more. This is such a simple but heartfelt mom gift idea.

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5. Comfortable pajamas

After labor, mom’s weight changes considerably, and it’s also different from the one that she had before pregnancy. So, the pajamas that she has now cannot always suit her. Bring new colorful, and very comfortable pajamas.

Sleep is very important for a new mom as she needs to recover after labor. This will be more pleasant if she is doing it in comfortable clothing. 

6. A family photo session

It is actually a wonderful mom gift idea. A family photo session is a nice present for the whole family. The photos will be really marvelous as they will be taken by a professional.

Family photo

It’s a new little family and a great moment to make a great memory. A new family won’t have time to book a photo session or to look for a good photographer as the mom is always busy with taking care of the baby, and the father is always busy at work.

You can do that instead of them. They will be grateful for such a cool present. 

7. Interesting and useful sources

While breastfeeding, the child is calm, and mom can watch or read something. There are so many fabulous websites where she can find useful tips for new moms.

Though, as a rule, they are not free and require a subscription. Present her a great subscription on one of such websites. It can even become her new hobby.

There are a lot of gifts that you can buy or get for a new mom and her baby, but the best gift ever is your presence and support in that hard and fantastic period of her life. 


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