How to Stay Yourself at Maternity Leave?

So you’re about to take a maternity leave? Always remember that being a mother is not everything a woman can be. After delivering a baby most women take care of so many things, that they forget about themselves. They change and close in themselves.

How to Stay Yourself at Maternity Leave?

As a result – no personal growth, anxiety and feeling of unhappiness. To avoid this there are some things you can do for yourself during your maternity leave and remain your true self, without forgetting about motherhood. 

1. Sport

When you have a baby, sometimes simply blinking feels like tiny breaks, because there are so many things you need take care of. Some say, that their constantly running around equals to doing exercises. However, these are merely excuses.

How to Stay Yourself at Maternity Leave?

Sport and gymnastics are necessary if you want to stay healthy, fit and beautiful. During exercising, body releases serotonin, which helps to calm the nervous system and relieve headaches. Moreover, doing exercises strengthens your muscles, back and keeps your body in a good shape.

Thankfully, the Internet is filled with different video lessons, sport apps and articles, which let you exercise at home.

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2. Leisure time

There is no darker shade of gray than the dull shade of routine. In order to fill this sad palette with bright colors make sure to have some time for yourself. At least one day in a week should be about you.

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Go out with a friend, get yourself a fresh manicure, visit a gallery and do the things that make you happy. Do not let routine consume you, because one day, you might need help of a professional to escape this state.


3. Hobbies

Hobbies and personal interests are important, because they form a safe space, where one can relax and spend some quality time. Do not give up on such things just because you’ve entered motherhood and there is no time for you to immerse in your hobby for a little while.

How to Stay Yourself at Maternity Leave?

Whether it is playing a musical instrument, drawing, singing or taking pictures, whatever it is find time for it! It will help you balance and make you happier. Moreover, one day your interests can become this point of contact, a common interest that will let you bond with your child and can even become baby’s hobby one day!

4. Self-development and personal growth

Stop thinking of taking an online course, just do it! Caring for the baby keeps you alert and always active. So use some of this energy and sign up for an online course, continue with your education in online university and invest in your future career.

Explain to your husband that you NEED to do this, because this is what you want and what makes you happy. You can find a spare hour or two a day if you stick to the baby’s timetable.

How to Stay Yourself at Maternity Leave?

5. Entertainment and traveling

Many newly minted mothers find it difficult to deal with the thought of staying 24/7 with the baby. Running away for a couple of hours does not seem like a good plan!

Especially, it is hard for couples, who are used to leading an active life and traveling all around the globe. The fear of being trapped and tied to one place may be terrifying.

Welcoming a baby into your family does not mean that you have to give up traveling and having fun in general. It might be different now, but not impossible.

There are always places that you can visit with the baby. Not only do couples go to another city for a weekend, they travel to a different country.

How to Stay Yourself at Maternity Leave?

Do not worry much about keeping a baby entertained, because it will be sleeping most of the time. Everything is possible! You just need to make some preparations, consult pediatrician, have a busy bag for your child and you are good to go!

How to Stay Yourself at Maternity Leave?

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