Ways to Make the Most Out of Your Maternity Leave You’ll Wish You Knew Sooner

Being a mom with a new baby means the schedule is hectic. Read our time management tips during maternity leave.

A fixed timetable for a mother is fictional. It can be very hard to keep a baby on a timetable. No matter your intentions, the baby always has some alterations to your plan, which cannot be ignored even if you really wanted to. Baby’s feeding and sleeping schedules always change, and all you can do is to be prepared for anything and be ready to raincheck scheduled outings. Below, I’m sharing our time management tips during maternity leave.

Creating a timetable is difficult and yet possible! It is the only way you can see the world in bright colors again. By using your time management skills, you feel in control, and, as a result, your spirits will be lifted.

The best maternity leave timetable for a child up to 3 years old:

7am – 10am: wake up, wash-up, morning gymnastics, breakfast

10am – 12pm: stroll

12pm – 1pm: lunch

1pm – 3pm: nap

3pm – 4pm: afternoon snack

4pm – 6pm: games or a second stroll

6pm – 7pm: dinner

7pm – 8pm: calm games

8pm – 9pm: bathing, sleep

Okay, but where am I in this maternity leave timetable? In order to squeeze your needs in there, a mother needs to have the energy to perform them. A key to obtaining energy is a combination of physical activity and a good night’s sleep. Leave the first one to the baby, but the second one is totally up to you. Most moms change their sleeping patterns in a way whereby they can do their personal things while the baby is asleep (during the day and in the evening).

It is a well-known scientific fact that the time between 9PM and 1AM is the best period to recharge. Note that in most cases, babies wake up after 1AM and can rob the house of sleep for a whole night. Therefore, plan your maternity leave timetable in a way so that you can get the maximum of your nightly sleep and feel good and energetic during the day.

Indeed, it isn’t easy to have some time for yourself, for a husband, for a favorite TV show or a good book. You have to understand that the baby cannot fend for itself and, therefore, needs an energetic and healthy mother. This period will not last forever; you need to take care of yourself and the baby during maternity leave so that both of you are happy.

Besides, when your child goes to kindergarten, the number of chores will not lessen. The best decision for you will be to alter your sleeping pattern. Not only will it help you with the baby, but it will also let you be productive in almost everything you are doing.

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