Gift Ideas For Your Doll-Obsessed Girl Or Hero-Obsessed Boy

Is your kid’s (or niece’s, or nephew’s, well, you got on with it) birthday party coming, or is it almost Christmas Eve, but you have not picked up the right gift for your child yet? Even so, you are reading this article that means that “the thing is in the bag.”

The hardest work is already done for you. This guide is based on a kid’s interest. In fact, you are going to read about the collection of toys that will become an heirloom.

It is not a simple guide of random dolls or superheroes, but the one that was tested and interviewed; the one that is so popular among children of different ages, the one that keeps being well-liked for years.

Gift Ideas for Your Doll-Obsessed Girl or Hero-Obsessed Boy

If your daughter is fond of dolls, you must get a special one that your girl will play with it almost every day for years. A complicated task, isn’t it? And if it is going to be a doll or a dollhouse, it should be a perfect one.

Of course, you better know the preferences of your princess. That is why we collected an overwhelming choice. You just need to choose best of the best. So, let’s go and see what we have for your doll-obsessed girl first.

1. Wooden Dollhouse

A wooden dollhouse will be a perfect start for her cute small dolls. Come up with a sturdy wooden house that has 11 pieces of furniture. The house has two floors so that not a single doll is left behind.

This one has such an adorable design. And it is portable and does not occupy too much space. And you will be able to easily take it on the road or to a restaurant. Take a peek at it here:

2. Playmobil Dollhouse

This Playmobil dollhouse is ideal for the 3-6 age range. If your little princess adores something very cute and cozy, do not look any further. This one wins popularity, not for the first time.

Have a look at its construction: 3 stages, movable shutters, a lot of wooden furniture, and staircases that really drive it to the top. Its size is also perfect – not too large and not too small.

Kids can sit and play, and everything remains within reach. And the design is a perfect mix of modern and vintage features. It looks really lovely.

3. Convertible Dollhouse

You will adore this tremendous convertible dollhouse that has four fun play variants. The options are a Ballet Studio, Bedroom, Cupcake Shop, and Ice Cream Shop.

It is so easy to change the plot by switching the backboards and using accompanying accessories such as shop signs, closed/open tables, ballet clothing, aprons, beds, chairs, etc. Playing with this convertible dollhouse inspires kids’ imagination, and they spend so-so much time playing with it and making up plots.

The multi-functionality of this dollhouse does not end with changing the background with different variants. It can also serve as a puppet theatre. Puppet creative play is the biggest bonus.

4. Hape Wooden Doll House

It is a cool modern dollhouse. Its peculiarity is in its magnetic wall decor. TVs, pictures, frames, and other pieces of furniture are easily movable around the walls.

Another bonus of this house is its frames and TV pieces. They can be customized with the photos you want. Wow, it is going to be such a cool place!

This dollhouse is so similar to a real home. The rooms are separated from each other with special dividers. And it is very easy to move the furniture around the house without prostrating it that gives a possibility for multiple children play at the same time.

One more advantage of this dollhouse is its chalkboard walls that encourage their imagination a lot. Kids adore drawing and playing with chalk.

So, if you are looking for the best multi-functional dollhouse for your little one, stop your search for this place.

5. Majestic Dollhouse

Is your girl barbie-obsessed? If she is, this majestic dollhouse will be a perfect gift for her. The dollhouse is specially designed to accommodate barbie sized dolls.

Including four stories, eight rooms, and a gliding elevator makes the play many-sided. The dollhouse is durable as it is made with wood.

You will also like its pastel tones. And a bonus is a nursery on the second floor for barbies’ babies.

6. Uptown Dollhouse with Furniture

This one is even cooler and brighter. Just have a look at these nice colors and modern furniture. The dollhouse has three floors and so many rooms, even a roof deck and the pool (by the way, you can fill the pool with water).

Each room is furnished. And the most amazing part is some working items like an on/off lamp, a piano, a flushing toilet. Also, the elevator glides to all three floors that gives much more space to play.

FYI: Just a small piece of advice. If you decide to get a big several-story dollhouse, make sure that you have enough space in the playroom. It is huge and will tower over your little one. No doubts, it is a big plus as kids feel like they are a part of it.

7. Carry Home Dollhouse

This one is a little bit (well, in fact, a lot) different from the dollhouses described above. It is a flat version of the whole kingdom. Every princess dreams of owning such a huge possession.

Carry Home Dollhouse

Its surface is so soft and colorful. It is portable and occupies a little space to store away. We bet that this one will be your child’s favorite involving take-everywhere toy.

Thanks to its size and portability, you will always take it on the road or a homestay.

Open up this plush dollhouse, and you will see a fascinated view of so many bright appliqués and embroidered items such as tie-back curtains, large beds, or pull-down ovens.

If you wish, you can add a set of dolls and some pieces of furniture like wardrobes, a courtyard, or a pool to complete this perfect set.

And now we are turning to the guide for hero-obsessed boys. Do you want to add a bit more BOOM! POW! to your son’s everyday play?

If your answer is “YES,” here are great ideas for a present giving event. Your boy will be so excited to play with cool bad-guy fighters.

And the ideas are so various, starting from toys, continuing with developmental activities, and ending with outfits and wallpapers in the children’s room. There are no “Minecraft” gifts here – only cool ones that your kid will play with from the first battle until the win-over-a-bad-guy mission is completed.

Do not worry. When children finish with the first battle, there are so many other plots where their participation is so necessary. The show will go on!

!!! Bookmark this collection to be armed for the gift-giving time.

1. Wooden Peg Doll                              

This set of cute wooden peg dolls are hand-made toys that will become a real keepsake for your kids. The set includes famous little superheroes such as Spiderman, Robin Hood, Batman, Capitan America, etc. Their size is neither too small nor too large, but totally suitable for kids to play with it.

These superheroes are hand-painted and covered with non-toxic acrylic. Since they are made-to-order, you can get any superhero of your kid’s favorite. Also, pegs come in a small special bag that is perfect for keeping and traveling.

Believe it or not, but your grandchildren will also play with it. They are so durable.

2. Superhero Rag Dolls

These dolls are also hand-made. And they are also so adorable by kids. These dolls are so special and so unique.

Each toy is made individually by hand. If you wish, you can ask to embroil your kid’s name on the clothing item. You can also ask for the doll’s special size.

As you see, you are a designer of the gift, or you can choose your kid’s favorite superhero from their already created collection. It would be great if you complete your gift with some doll accessories like pajamas, suits, skirts, or pants so that your little one has more space to play with their new bestie.

3. Lego


No doubts that you cannot go wrong with lego. You will always find it in every gift collection. Lego will remain the mainstream for many-many years ahead.

Lego is designed for a variety of age-range. And there are so many kits, starting from superheroes, ending by space star wars. If you run out of time and it is late to order a hand-made gift, lego will be the best option.

4. Droid Inventor Kit

It is a real invention for your kids. It is a creation of modern technology. If you are looking for a striking gift, the Droid Inventor Kit is really one of the best.

Just check how it works, and you will be so impressed that you will not be able to resist and not purchase it for your child. Kids create their own Droid and control it. In other words, it is going to be their own invention on the battery.

There are step-by-step application-instructions on how to build a Droid. In fact, kids do not need to follow it strictly.

Let them try it once to see how it works. And then, let their imagination soar and invent their own creation.

If you allow your kids to use a smartphone, you can set up the Droid app on their Android or iPhone so that they can add their Droid some new skills like head spins or self-navigation or send it to complete a new “Star War” mission. We bet you will even ask your kid to let you play with it for a bit.

5. Board Games

A board game gift is always a great idea. The majority of the classic games have a cool range of editions. For example, such games like Monopoly, Guess Who, Matching have Star Wars, or Super Hero editions.

 Board Games

These games are perfect for kids to play together or for the whole family to play with after holiday meals. If your kid is a board game lover, one more amazing and developmental game will perfectly fill in your family collection.

6. Developmental activities and craft

If you are raising a young Picasso or a genius, you should consider this collection of developmental activities and superhero crafts. There is so much space to sparkle kids’ creativity.

Have a look at the list below. You just need to make a choice.

7. Superhero Books

One more gift that you will never go wrong with. It is an illustrated superhero book. Surely, you better know which books your kid will like the best.

Just keep in mind that a new amazing short story about Iron Man or Darth Vader will perfectly fit your kid’s library or become their favorite one for the bedtime reading.

8. Superhero Gears

You tried everything possible, but your kid loses interest fast? It will not be tough anymore because superhero gear will come to the rescue.

 Superhero Gears

Have a look at kid’s favorite items that they will spend so much time imagining as they are in the role of a specific bad-guy fighter. Let’s start!

9. Room Decor

If it is not going to be a superhero piece of clothing or craft, then it is going to be a piece of your kid’s room design. Implement their dream and create a really fantastic world in the playroom of your little superhero.

There are a lot of fabulous ideas on how to decorate the playroom and turn it into the cool world where superheroes always win.

  • Superhero wallpapers are the best and visually involve kids in the new world of fantasy.
  • Kid’s name on the wall. Superhero letters on the wall will be a great idea. This decor element will make your child “the owner” of this fantastic place. And you know how exciting kids are about owning something.
  • Kids’ favorite superhero’s expressions. Kids will definitely love a huge picture on the wall with the beautifully decorated quote of their superhero. A set of smaller pictures would be cool either. Minimalism looks nice too, especially if your kids have several favorite characters.
  • Movie posters. If your little one is a teen already, they probably adore sticking posters on the wall under their bed. And if you know which poster they are dreaming about, go ahead and purchase it.
  • Decorated ceilings. You will hear lots of WOWs when you are done with decorating ceilings in your kid’s bedroom. Prints with Batman, Spiderman, or Star Wars sounds like a brilliant plan!

Hopefully, you found the best gift for your kiddo from the collection above. These toys are not just simple trifles. They will stay with your child for a lifetime and become a valuable keepsake.

Such gifts will always remind your kids how happy and full of laughter their childhood was. It will not be a simple dollhouse or a wooden superhero peg. It will always be something that is meaningful for them. It will always keep memories from the past.

Gift Ideas for Your Doll-Obsessed Girl or Hero-Obsessed Boy

If you’re also looking for a nice gift for your little daughter, check out the link provided.