33 Unique Girl Names Inspired By Famous Latin American Women

Parenthood is a challenge, and choosing a baby name is one of the first. Don’t worry. I got you!


Sometimes the name’s meaning is not enough, and we are looking for something more profound than just Latin, Hebrew, or Old English definition of the word. It is when you need to start looking deeper into history.

The unique girl names below will give some background information as to who these famous Latin American women were. You will stand in awe of these powerful females who painted history with bravery, determination, changes, and love.

33 Unique Girl Names Inspired By Famous Latin American Women

The following names in bold will be a perfect choice for your baby girl. Take your time and take a good look at them.

Unique Girl Names:

Alicia Alonso – a Cuban choreographer and prima ballerina assoluta. Her company has become the Ballet Nacional de Cuba. Ballet version of Carmen and Gisele are her most famous portrayals.

Anabel Hernandez – a brave Mexican author and journalist who puts her life at risk in order to uncover the crime industry in Mexico.

Argelia Laya – Afro-Venezuelan women’s rights activist. She was brave enough to speak up about a woman’s right to get an abortion and to have a child outside of marriage.

Berta Cáceres – environmental activist of Honduran origin was a coordinator of the Council of Popular and Indigenous Organizations of Honduras, t=which she also co-founded.

Bianca Jagger – social rights activist from Nicaragua and a founder of “Bianca Jagger Human Rights Foundation.”

Celia Cruz – one of the most famous Cuban singers of the 20th century.

Claribel Alegria – a powerful voice in modern Central American literature. She was a Nicaraguan novelist, essayist, and also journalist.

Dandara of Palmares – a powerful woman, warrior (she knew capoeira), who fought battles to defend Palmares (today it is Alagoas, Brazil). It was a settlement of slaves who could escape.

Dilma Rousseff – the first female president of Brazil.

Dolores Huerta – American labor leader who advocates women’s, workers’, a immigrants’ rights.

Domilitia Barra – Bolivian feminist, union leader, and revolutionary. “Let Me Speak!” is a book about her early life and outlook (she was a coauthor.)

Eloísa Díaz – the first woman who became a medicine doctor in Chile and South America.

Elvia Carrillo Puert – feminist and socialist politician from Mexico.

Eulalia Guzmán – first female archeologist of Mexican origin. The amount of information on pre-Hispanic Mexico has determined many exciting details about the country.

Eva Duarte de Perón – the First Lady of Argentina (wife of Juan Perón). She was a women’s rights activist and a member of the suffrage movement. She created a female political party – The women’s Peronist Party.

Evangelina Rodriguez – a first woman from the Dominican Republic who got a medical degree.

Frida Kahlo – she was a famous Mexican artist who explored through her art themes of gender, race, self-identity, and post-colonialism.

Hermila Galindo – a Mexican writer and feminist, fought for women’s suffrage, sex education at schools, and other issues.

Isabel Allende – the most well-known Chilean writer. Her books are famous in many parts of the world.


Juana Inés de la Cruz – a nun who also was a famous composer, poet, and philosopher from New Spain.

Juana Azurduy – Upper Peru’s (modern Bolivia) heroine of independence. This brave woman took control of the troops after her husband died. Her military strategies and victories are fascinating.

Julia de Burgos – Puerto Rican feminist, writer, and advocate of her motherland’s independence.

Lucila Godoy Alcayaga (aka Gabriela Mistral) – was the first author of Latin American origin who won a Noble Prize in literature.

Manuela Saenz (known as “Libertadora del Libertador,” the liberator’s liberator) – apart from being a revolutionary from Ecuador, has also played a crucial role in the South American battle for independence. She was a lover of Simon Bolivar and saved him from assassination. Manuela was brave to confront the assassin, and he fled through a window.

Mirabal Sisters – Dominican sisters. They bravely opposed the Trujillo dictatorship. They held their heads high until the day of their tragic death. Trujillo thought that their assassination would benefit him and get rid of the problem.

However, this atrocious decision riled Dominicans. People believe that it contributed to Trujillo’s assassination the following year.

  • Patria Mercedes Mirabal Reyes
  • María Argentina Minerva Mirabal Reyes
  • Antonia María Teresa Mirabal Reyes
  • Bélgica Adela Mirabal Reyes known as Dedé

Policarpa Salavarrieta (aka La Pola) – worked for Colombian forces and was a spy. She has become a symbol of freedom and courage as Spaniards killed her.

Rigoberta Menchú – a Guatemalan feminist and human rights activist.

Rita Moreno – a dancer, singer, and actress from Puerto Rico.

Selena Quintanilla-Pérez – she was the queen of Tejano music.

Sonia Sotomayor – first Latina woman who served in the US Supreme Court.

Sylvia Rivera – a transgender person from Venezuela. She advocated the rights of the LGBTQ community.

Teresa Carreño – a talented and famous pianist. At the age of nine, she performed in New York and then for President Abraham Lincoln at the White House.

Tia Ciata – a woman who played one of the most critical roles in samba’s development.

33 Unique Girl Names Inspired By Famous Latin American Women

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