First Year Baby Development

In the first year, it seems to any child that they “come into the world” all over again for 7 times. These are developmental leaps, in other words – crises. Each of them lasts a couple of weeks during the whole year. Newborn baby

Baby Development in The First Year:

Week 5

During this period the five senses develop more intensely. The child realizes that something new happens around them. That is the time when they need their mom the most. The baby attracts mom’s attention with the only way they can – they cry.
First Year Baby Development

Week 8

Your little baby learns how to hold their head; turns it following a sound; twitches their legs and arms.
baby boy trying to balance on tummy on floor
From the point of anatomy, the volume of the baby’s head becomes bigger when the child is 7-9 weeks old.

Week 11

Around this time the child learns how to control their body. The baby reaches out for rattles, blankets, bends their legs.
baby boy reaching out to rattle

Week 18

The child starts to try things out.  They understand that they can do different manipulations with toys, not just look at them. They touch them, twist them in their hands, put them into their mouth.
baby boy putting rattle in mouth
A cute baby lies on a white sheet and plays cheerfully with a bright rattle, examines it, holds it, nibbles it. Teeth are cut.

Week 26

In this period, the child becomes more independent. And it doesn’t depend on their skills of crawling. The baby is already well coordinated. They learn how to comprehend such a thing as distance.
baby girl on floor
Starting from this moment, they realize that their mom can move away. It terrifies the baby, so they get fussy and hysterical.

Week 37

At that time, parents notice that their child really starts exploring the outside world. They are interested in every trifle.  In this period, a so-called “tweezer grip” develops. mommy hand holding newborn hand The child grabs small objects with their thumb and forefinger. In general, they notice differences and similarities of the things around them. So, it is high time to distract the baby with learning games. While you are having a walk, comment on everything you see around. Talk to your child more often, sing songs for them, play hide-and-seek, play catch-up, and so on.

Week 46

That is the last baby development leap of the first year. The baby learns the skill of collecting a pyramid. They learn to construct, to build, to layout. And they are doing it consciously. First Year Baby Development The brain grows actively during the first nine months of life. It is very important to create comfortable warm conditions for your child. Here is a piece of advice for young parents – carry your child in arms, give your baby lots of hugs and attention! Check our The Ultimate Guide to Safety for Babies and Kids. Apply achievable solutions to the biggest issues we are experiencing as parents.
First Year Baby Development

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