Overall Baby Development: Simple Activities For Child Development

You should help your child to develop properly. Surely, the child develops duOverall Baby Development: Simple Activities for Child Developmente to internal impulses by nature. And your help, as a parent, will support the right way of revealing these impulses.


You don’t have to be a teacher or a psychologist for that, but only to do very simple activities with your child. They don’t demand special equipment or preparation. It’s really important to do them everyday.

Simple Activities For Child Development

1. Listen to music and various sounds. 

Necessary activities for your child’s development

The most pleasant sound for the baby is his mom’s voice. They learn different shades and intonations of human speech, begin to distinguish sounds and words.

Overall Baby Development: Simple Activities for Child Development

Well, listening to different noises is also important. Don’t forget to describe your child what they hear: “The leaves are rustling. It’s a big car riding. A bell is ringing.”

While you are playing with your child, turn on some music, better classic. It’ll help them to grow smarter, increase resistance to stress, and improve their memory!

2. Read rhymes and sing kiddie songs.

Read rhymes and sing kiddie songs

Babies adore listening to rhymes – they like their intonation. Rhymes influence the development of child’s psycho-emotional, conversational, and intellectual spheres.

3. Play hand games.

play hand games

It’s proved that hand games develop fine motor skills and speech. So, play as many hand games as possible.

4. Gymnastics and massage. 

mother massaging newborn baby

Mental and physical development are closely connected. Since birth, skeleton and muscles must develop properly. Here gymnastics and massages can really help.

Such activities strengthen not only muscles, but also child’s immune and nervous system. It’s better to give a massage on a regular basis, before bedtime, but not immediately after feeding. You can massage your baby by yourself or invite a specialist.

5. Draw with finger paints and pencils.

child writing on paper

By 9 or 10 months, your baby is able to scribble with a pencil and draw with finger paints by themselves. They learn to distinguish colors and shapes; to control their arms and fingers. So, don’t prevent your child from these useful simple activities for child development, as they make your baby relaxed.

Overall Baby Development: Simple Activities for Child Development

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