75 Self Care Ideas For Moms

What is the one thing that can make you and the nearest and dearest happy? I bet you thought about multiple things instead of only one.

At first, I did too. However, now I know that they all directly depend on self-love and self-care. Self-love and self-care are cornerstones of a happy and healthy life.

Not only do you feel delighted with why you have, but also the whole family does! Thus, I want to share a piece of information with you concerning self-care.

75 Self Care Ideas for Moms

Will this information correlate with me?

Absolutely! You see, you don’t need any special conditions or family state to use the following ideas. Self-love correlates with people of all ages.

The sooner you obtain this skill to love yourself for who you are, know your value, and put yourself first when no one else will, the happier your life will be.

Believe me, it is not something you should ignore or hope that someone else will make you happy. If you are at odds with yourself and have no inner balance, then nothing will make you as happy as you possibly can be.

Remember one thing: people can walk away if they don’t like you, but you can never walk away from yourself. Therefore, cherish and take good care of yourself because, at the end of the day, the only person we can rely on 100% is ourselves.

Isn’t it selfish?

Love is selfless and pure. Why is it okay to cherish and take care of someone else and not okay to do the same thing to yourself? Does having a healthy and loving relationship with yourself are not as important as building one with another person?

It is much easier to see drawbacks than advantages in ourselves. Because of this, we are prompt to criticizing ourselves rather than cherishing ourselves. Isn’t it a toxic relationship? It looks like it.

But will I have time to take care of myself if I have so many other things to do and other people to care for?

Of course, you can do it all alone, but you don’t have to. Asking for and receiving help is not a manifestation of weakness or you being a bad mother/ wife/woman. Share your burden with people who are OFFERING your help and with your partner (obviously).

The worst is that we expect other people to pay us back for what we do for them. When we don’t get what we want, all is left – disappointment and depreciation.

As a result, you will be angry with yourself and with others. Eventually, you will feel guilty to want something for yourself. Is this really a way to go?


Many people brush aside the idea of self-care because it does not seem like something valuable, or we might think that it is selfish. Would you choose your 5-minute happiness over your responsibilities as a mother/wife/woman? If you chose second, then I have bad news for you.

What are self-love and self-care?

It is merely things that make you feel happy, activities that help you calm down and feel whole again. You don’t have to go far or spend a fortune to be happy and take proper care of yourself!

How much time does it take?

As much as you want or ready to spend. Everything depends on your wish to commit and be happy.

How to begin self-care?

You need to decide for yourself that it is time for changes. Do whatever makes you feel happy, even if you can do this for five minutes. When making a choice, think of what you want and would like.

Remember that our choices define us. Nothing will change if we continue making the same decisions.

The next thing would be to create a plan and follow the plan step-by-step. Take things easy and enjoy the process. Set yourself easy tasks, and you will see how well you manage!

WHAT to begin with?

  • Ask for help whenever you need it;
  • Stop taking close to your heart what other people think of you;
  • You can’t control everything, so stop;
  • Stop expecting people to pay you back;
  • Don’t consent when you want to say “no.”
  • Understand that no one will help you if you don’t make the first step.


Take a minute and think of what makes you happy and serene. After, create a list of these activities and do them whenever you have a spare minute.

Also, remember that older children can do more than we give them credit for. Therefore, it is okay to delegate some tasks and accept help from them.

Apart from this, learn to take pleasure in self-care because it does not feel like a burden. Lastly, try to perform at least three tasks every day!

Now, let us move to the list itself. Prepare to write down the following ideas!

  1. Read a good book;
  2. Sing your favorite songs (whether you can or cannot sing);
  3. Draw or paint;
  4. Watch a movie or a TV show;
  5. Read some poetry or even learn;
  6. Dance like nobody’s watching;
  7. Flip through a magazine;
  8. Take up online courses;
  9. Do yoga;
  10.  Do some exercises;
  11.  Crochet or knit;
  12.  Get manicure and pedicure;
  13.  Watch the stars;
  14.  Enjoy your coffee or tea;
  15.  Get yourself something nice;
  16.  Even small purchases can make you happy;
  17.  Go for a short walk;
  18.  Take a hot bath or shower;
  19.  Don’t forget to meditate;
  20.  Listen to podcasts on the topics you are interested in.
  21.  Obtain skills in the sphere you thought you would never succeed in;
  22.  Start a blog (for yourself only or share it with other people);
  23.  Learn to play an instrument;
  24.  Do crosswords or jigsaw puzzles;
  25.  Take up gardening;
  26.  Rest a little bit and have a quick nap;
  27.  Try photography as a hobby;
  28.  Have a video chat or a simple conversation on the phone with your friend;
  29.  Get some beauty products;
  30.  Put on your make up whenever you feel like it;
  31.  What about a face mask?
  32.  Do sports (go to the gym, swim, box, etc.)
  33.  Spend some time hugging your pet;
women with dog on beach
  1.  Listen to your favorite songs and sing along;
  2.  Spend some time among books (visit a library or a bookstore);
  3.  Spend some time on Pinterest, YouTube, or social media;
  4.  Try baking;
  5.  Sleep a little bit longer than usual;
  6.  Eat healthy food;
  7.  Find support in a prayer;
  8.  Write down affirmations and hang some of the positive quotes around the house;
  9.  Take vitamins (after consulting a doctor, of course);
  10.  Dress up;
  11.  Write a list of things you want to do or get;
  12.  Rearrange the furniture in a room and add some freshness to the décor;
  13.  Watch some funny videos;
  14.  Drive to movies;
  15.  Create a plan for vacation;
  16.  Eat some sweets;
  17.  Ask for help and delegate tasks to someone else;
  18.  Create a list of gratitude;
  19.  Get some sweetness, hugs, and kisses;
  20.  Do breathing exercises;
  21.  Get a dress that will make you feel sexy;
Listen to your favorite songs and sing along;
  1.  Make love;
  2.  Have a day off;
  3.  Have a lazy day;
  4.  Create a soothing and good-smelling atmosphere;
  5.  Get rid of negative thoughts and emotions by writing them down and burning them;
  6.  Write a list of things you are grateful for.


Self-care is an essential component of a happy life. You should love and cherish yourself in order to live a happy and full life. By taking care of yourself, you, no doubt, realize your worth and change your attitude towards life.

It is not easy to put yourself first, mainly if you are used to thinking that it is synonymic to selfishness. These are two different concepts that you should distinguish.

It is NOT a crime to put yourself first (especially when no one else will).

It is NOT a crime to accept help from people who offer it to you.

You should worry less about other people’s opinions.

Take good care of yourself and your life, because it is the only one you have.

Use the 60 ideas for self-care above, and make sure to add some of your own. Stay positive, happy, and remember that you hold the power to turn your world upside down! Good luck!

75 Self Care Ideas for Moms

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