120 Baby Boy Names That Actually Mean “Strong”

Amongst all of the qualities, strength, stamina, vigorousness, and bravery are one of the essential. Why? Because they help us be better people, live a decent, fearless, and full life.

120 Baby Boy Names That Actually Mean “Strong”

In this case, what can be better than calling a baby boy “strong?” in the list below, I have collected the most beautiful names that you can only imagine. Hence, I invite you to go through it with me and choose among these great baby boy names for your little man! Let’s go!

120 Baby Boy Names That Actually Mean “Strong”

Baby Boy Names:


Abelardo – Spanish, noble, and strong.

Abiri – Hebrew, strength.

Adir – Hebrew, strong, courageous.

Aimilios – Greek, strength.

Alcibiades – Greek, strength.

Aldric – French, strong, mighty, ruler.

Alexander – Greek, defender of man.

Anders – Scandinavian, strong, and manly.

Andreas – Greek, strong, manly.

Andrew – English, manly, strong.

Angus – Gaelic, force, strength.

Ariel – Hebrew, God is my strength.

Armstrong – English, strong arms.

Arneeagle power.

Arsenio – Spanish, strong, virile.

Autry – Anglo-Saxon, noble strength.

Ayele – Ethiopia, powerful.

Azaiah – Hebrew, strength is Yahweh.

Aziz – Arabic, to be mighty.


Baldric – Germanic, bold, brave.

Baldwin – Old German, brave, bold friend.

Barlas – Turkey, hero, chivalrous.

Barrett – Germanic, bear strength.

Bask – Kenyan, power, and strength.

Benhail – Hebrew, meaning son of strength.

Beren – Turkey, strong, smart.

Bernard – Germanic, hardy as, or strong as, a bear.

Berthold – German, bright, strength.

Bidzil – Navajo, he is strong.

Brian – Celtic, force, strength.

Buggi – Old Norse, powerful man.


Chacha – Kiswahili, strong.

Chanin – Thai, strong person.

Chasin – Hebrew, strong, mighty.

Chidike – Igbo, God, is strong.

Chuckwubuikem – Igbo, God, is my strength.

Conall – Gaelic, strong wolf.

Coral – Irish, strong as a wolf.

Craft – German, strong, courageous.


Deandre – American, strong.

Decibel – Dacian, powerful, brave.

Denzel – Cornish, from the stronghold in Cornish.

Dree – Greek, strong, and manly.

Drew – English, strong, warrior.

Drudo – Italian, strong, defender.

Duagalias – Old Lithuanian, power.


Egon – German, strong with a sword.

Ejikeme – Africa, to use strength.

Elfried – German, elf strength.

Enzi – Swahili, powerful.

Eric – Old Norse, ever mighty.

Ermentrude – German, universal strength.

Ethan – Hebrew, enduring.

Evander – Greek, the good of man, strong bow warrior.

Everett – Germanic, brave, hardy, strong.

Eyal – Hebrew, strength.

Ezekiel – Hebrew, God strengthens.


Fermin – Basque, firm, strong.       

Fort – French, strong.


Gabriel – Hebrew, God is my strength.

Garrett – German, hard or strong, spear.

Gavi – Hebrew, God is my strength.

Gerard – Germanic, brave spearman.

Godric – Anglo-Saxon, the power of God.

Griffin – Welsh, strong prince, or lord.


Haile – Amharic, power.

Hamza – Arabic, strong, steadfast.

Hariric – Old German, powerful, army, ruler.

Honovi – Hopi, strong or strong deer.

Howard – English, high guard.

Harvey – French, battle-worthy.

Strong Baby Boy Names

Strong Baby Boy Names:


Ikemba – Igbo, strength of a nation.

Imre – Hungarian, strength.


Jabbar – Arabic, powerful.

Jarek – Slavic, fierce, strong.

Jashyia – American, God’s strength.


K’awiil – Mayan, powerful.

Kenji – Japan, strong, healthy.

Kenzo – Japanese, strong, healthy.

KiahGod gives/ is my strength.

Kwan – Korean, strong.


Limbani – Chewa, be strong.

Liam – Irish, strong-willed warrior.


Ma’oz – Hebrew, strength.

Malthe – Danish, power, rule.

Mandla – Xhosa, strength.

Maska – American, strong.

Maynard – Germanic, strength, hardy.

Meinrad – Germanic, strong counsel.

Montgomery – English, mighty man.


Napayshni – Lakota, strong, courageous.

Nero – Latin, strong, vigorous, powerful.

Njord – Old Norse, vigorous.


Ofu – Idoma, power, strength.

Onan – Hebrew, strength, power.

Osiris – Egyptian, powerful, mighty.

Oswald – Old English, divine power.

Oz – Hebrew, strength.


Prabhu – Sanskrit, powerful and mighty master.


Qadir – Latin, capable, powerful.

Quillon – French, crossed swords.


Raghnall – Scottish, power.

Remo – Latin, the strong one.

Richard – German, brave ruler.

Roderick – British, famous, strong ruler.

Rostam – Persian, strong, bold, and brave.


Sisu – Finnish, strength, tenacity, and determination.

Swithin – Old English, strong or bear cub.


Tahmuras – Persian, strong body.

Takeshi – strong, fierce, sturdy, masculine.


Uzi – Hebrew, power, strength.

Uzziah – Hebrew, the lord is my strength.


Valens – Latin, strong, and healthy.

Valentine – Roman, strong.

Valentino – Latin, strength, health.


Wayan – Sanskrit, energy, strength.


Zale – Greek, sea-strength.

Zane – American, God Is Gracious.

Zeke – Hebrew, God Will Strengthen.


120 Baby Boy Names That Actually Mean “Strong”

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