Stocking Stuffers For Toddlers On Their First Christmas

Christmas. So much magic and mystery in this holiday. We are all waiting for Christmas to get together. And we all adore Christmas gifts, especially kids. Such a holiday can be stressful for a small child, but presents can help to relieve stress.

Stocking Stuffers for your Toddler on their First Christmas

Some parents refuse to celebrate it at all because they are afraid of causing stress to their little ones.

If you do not still have the tradition to celebrate Christmas in your family, then why not start doing it this year? Be sure that your child will love this holiday and will be waiting for it with impatience. You just need to make it special for your kid, and it will not cause any stress, but just happiness.

Christmas gives children presents which they were waiting for during the whole year. Children feel that they deserve the presents they want by behaving themselves.

Stocking Stuffers for Toddlers on their First Christmas

Besides, it would be a great idea if you include traditions in the celebration of this holiday. If you do not have any, then check this list. Here we collected Christmas tradition ideas.

They can be as gifts and will be associated with a cozy home, family, and the atmosphere of the holiday.

Why is it important to have Christmas traditions in your family and teach your kid to follow them?

You can think that Christmas traditions are needless bothers as you have a lot of other more important businesses to get done. In fact, it is true, but recollect yourself in your childhood.

Do you remember how happy you were when Christmas time came? Its traditions and presents are imprinted in your memory forever.

So, why not make a real holiday for your cute baby. Christmas traditions – that is what makes winter so magical and long-looked-for.

Christmas tradition ideas for children

1. Christmas Advent Calendar

Children really adore it. It can be either a wooden calendar with drawers or a magnetic one.

If you decide to get a wooden calendar with drawers, your kid will be excited to get a new small gift from each drawer every day before Christmas. They will be very curious and will wake up every morning very easily to find out what is in the next drawer.

Stocking Stuffers for your Toddler on their First Christmas

You can put different trifles, sweets, or small toys.

Speaking about a magnetic calendar, it will suit toddlers or older babies. You will not have to bother yourself with buying small presents for each day. Since Christmas baubles are on magnets, they will not fall down from the calendar.

The child will revise the numbers again. They can decide what ornament to put on each day. The child’s imagination develops here, as well.

Your cute little one will find this activity amusing.

2. Christmas Eve box

Take a small box (for example, a shoebox-size) and put a gift in the box. Each child should get such a box and open it on Christmas Eve.

What should be inside of the box? You decide what to put. It can be Christmas pajamas or sleepers with reindeer.

It can be a disk with a movie about Christmas or your favorite cartoon. Add some sweets. Sweets always make children happy, even if the gift is not what they expected to receive.

If you are not into films, you can play a board game. Buy a new interesting board game for Christmas Eve and play it all together. It is a cool tradition to make Christmas super special for your family.

3. Cook Christmas cookies together with the child

Preparing cookies is a great pastime together with your children. You can make a lot of cookies. It may seem an easy activity to do it together, maybe even a regular one if you often cook together, but this time it has a special Christmas mood.

Ask your child to help you to make a dough or mix some ingredients. When the dough is ready, let them experiment with the form of cookies.

Stocking Stuffers for your Toddler on their First Christmas

They can make it in the form of a star, or Christmas tree, whatever they would like. It will be a flight of a child’s imagination. They will be really excited.

Smaller kids can help to decorate cookies. Give them sprinkles and let them use their imagination to decorate the sweets. The best and the most delicious Christmas cookies are sugar cookies, thumbprint cookies, chocolate cookies, colorful gingerbread cookies.

Get a Christmas cookie cutter set and make your cookies look cute.

4. Christmas morning breakfast

You can make special not only Christmas Eve but Christmas morning as well. This magic day will be associated with the scent of fragrant pastries. Start the day with your special Christmas morning breakfast.

Let your children participate and cook it all together. Buns are a good idea for such a breakfast.

You can make them beforehand and just put buns in the freezer or fridge. When Christmas morning comes, you just need to bake readymade buns.

What about pancakes? Be more creative and make them in the form of reindeer or Santa face.

Get some sprinkles, marshmallows, and fruits to decorate them. Such a tradition will bring a lot of fun for you and your children.

5. Choose a Christmas Tree together.

The day before Christmas. It is high time to get a Christmas Tree and bring the atmosphere of the holiday to your house. Take your kids with you to the store and let them participate in picking out a Christmas Tree.

They will definitely love this tradition. Let them feel to be a part of the holiday and pick out ornaments and bulbs together as well.


However, remember about children’s safety in the first place. Choose bulbs and ornaments which cannot be smashed so easily. If you have toddlers or older babies, choose a felt tree for them and let them decorate it.

When you are back home, turn on Christmas songs and carols, and decorate the Christmas tree together. This Christmas tradition is very cool. Children will keep this tradition in their own families in the future.

6. Singing Carols

It is an old tradition that is special only for Christmas. Carols are so beautiful. You can learn a few easy ones with your child before Christmas and sing it together.

If the child does not know the whole carol, it is not a problem. You will help them to sing it. If your family has this tradition, take your child along and let them go caroling with you.

7. Sweets for Santa

Preparing a gift for Santa is also a nice tradition that teaches the child to be generous and kind. Let them cook some cookies and pancakes for Santa. Help them with it.

Tell them that Santa will really appreciate such a gift. On Christmas Eve, choose a place where you put treats for Santa. Also, pour a glass of milk for him.


Santa is supposed to come during the night and eat what the child left for him. Your task is not to forget to eat the treats. And be very quiet, make sure that your kid is asleep.

In the morning, after the child wakes up, they will check if Santa took their gift. And they will be very excited if Santa really did.

8. Look at Christmas lights

It is a classic tradition to decorate the house before Christmas. The city is so fascinating. Everything is sparkling with different lights.

It is like a real fairy tale. Let your kid feel this atmosphere of Christmas and go look at Christmas lights.

After it, discuss with your kids what they liked the most. Ask them whose house is the most beautiful, which lights they liked the most. Let them vote on the best-decorated house in the neighborhood.

The city center twinkles as well. You can drive around the city center and let your kid look at the lights and Christmas trees there. It will bring plenty of positive emotions.

9. The Elf on the Shelf

The idea of the Elf on the Shelf lies in hiding the Elf in a different place every night. Children know that the Elf is watching them if they behave themselves. If children do, they will receive presents at Christmas.

The Elf hides some small gifts around the house on his way if the child is obedient. Kids are so excited to look for the gifts. They like this tradition a lot.

We all are waiting for Christmas, especially children. They look forward to getting Christmas gifts.

So, what to pick out if your child already has a lot of clothes and various toys? Here is the list of non-material cool presents for your little one.

• Cinema or theatre tickets

Everyone likes going to the cinema and having some popcorn while watching a movie. You can plan a family theatre or a cinema trip. Make it a tradition every year.

You can choose which play or movie to watch, or you can surprise your kids with the tickets which you have already got for them. After the movie, you can go to a cafe, have a pizza and discuss the film. It will be cool relaxation and entertainment for everyone.

• Tickets to a live show

It is so amazing to observe how a story from the book comes to life on a stage. Not only children but also parents will enjoy a live show. It will be one of the most interesting memories of childhood for your kids.

• New classes

Children adore trying new things. There are plenty of various lessons that children will definitely enjoy: dancing, swimming, horse riding, photography, climbing wall courses, and so on.

Just choose the activity that your child is inclined to. It will bring them new emotions, development, and life experience.

Such presents are unusual for Christmas, but they are special. Giving emotions instead of material things is much more important and memorable for your children. Think about what they would like to experience instead of receiving a new toy or piece of clothing, and give it to them.

Stocking Stuffers for your Toddler on their First Christmas

Probably, everyone associates Christmas with presents. If you would like your baby to love Christmas in the same way, you should show it to them, even if they are still toddlers. Prepare gifts for your cute baby and show how exciting it is to receive presents, especially at Christmas.

The first Christmas in your baby’s life should be special and atmospheric.

When you already have everything you need for Christmas, there is one more important thing left – a gift for your toddler. Check this list, and you will definitely stop at one of the most appropriate items for your child.

1. Pieces of clothing

  • Baby bodysuits and onesies. Choose baby bodysuits with bright patterns and Christmas ornaments (Santa’s faces, reindeer, snowfalls). When you give the present to your baby, explain to them that it is a gift on the occasion of Christmas. They look so cute on babies.
  • Christmas socks. They should be warm and colorful. Patterns should also be Christmassy. They look super cute on little babies. You will take a lot of nice photos of your baby in Christmas socks.
  • A pair of gloves/mittens and hats. There are so many cute gloves and hats. They are so adorable and cozy; and will keep your child warm in cold weather. Knitted ones are the cutest. You can make them even by yourself if you like knitting. Your kid will keep such a presence in the future. The child will put a lot of value upon such a gift because it is made by their mother and on their first Christmas.
  • Slippers or shoes. Buy shoes of a bit bigger size as the child wears warm socks. They will feel comfortable if shoes are a bit bigger than their actual shoe size. You can choose slippers as your Christmas gift, either. They should be Christmassy as well. You can get a pair of knitted ones. The child will wear them around the house.
  • Christmas pajamas. This gift will suit a child of any age. You can add slippers or Christmas socks to the pajamas gift as well. The child can celebrate Christmas wearing pajamas. It will make the holiday even more atmospheric. If you would like to have a Christmas photo session, such pajamas are a great outfit for it.
  • Sleep bag wearable blankets. It is the best variant of a gift for a small child and the best way to keep them comfortable and warm during the night sleep. If you already have one, just get another a bit bigger sleep sack. Winter is long. So, sooner or later, such a present will surely come at handy.

2. Toys

  • Small plush toys. Small stuffed animals are always a nice gift for children. Babies will look at them carefully. And when they grow older, they will start playing with their favorite plush teddy bear or monkey. They will even fall asleep with the toy.


  • Dolls for girls and cars for boys. When choosing a doll or car, make sure that it is not too small or too big; it has no small parts which can be easily detached. The toy must be safe for your child. A cute doll for her and a bright car for him is a nice gift for the first Christmas.
  • Colorful rattles. It is always an interesting toy for the baby to play with. Later on, when the child starts teething, they will adore this toy even more. Buying a rattle for the child, make sure that it is made of high-quality material.

It is really important to have family traditions. If you have special activities that you do on a particular holiday, especially at Christmas, be sure that your children will continue doing the same in their own families. Such things make the family stronger, give the possibility to spend time together (which is quite difficult with the pace of today’s life).

You will always remember, tell stories, and value times spent together with the people you love. So, go ahead, and make this Christmas memorable for every member of your family.

Stocking Stuffers for Toddlers on their First Christmas

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