29 Gender-Neutral Baby Names To Inspire New Parents

When you are expecting your baby, your whole world changes, everything you do revolves around the baby, and when your little angel arrives, it is the best moment ever!

29 Gender-Neutral Baby Names To Inspire New Parents

Even before their arrival, you start thinking of things they might need and something that would make them feel special, like their name. These days unisex baby names have been in trend; these names help your child be unique and gender-neutral.

If you are looking for gender-neutral girl names, here are some beautiful unisex baby names you will fall in love with.

29 Gender-Neutral Baby Names To Inspire New Parents
  1. Addison: It is an Old English name that means the child of Adam. It has been a popular name for boys until the 2000s, and now it is taking over as a trendy unisex girl’s name.
  1. Adrian: Adrian finds its roots in Latin and Greek. It means someone who is of the sea or Hadria. It has been a popular boy and girl name, with Adrianna being its version.
  1. Angel: Angel is a popular name for girls, and it has been given to boys all around the world too. It has Latin and Greek origins, and it means a messenger of God.
  1. Aspen: It is an English name for the Aspen tree, which has leaves that rustle in the wind. It has been one of the most popular unisex baby girl names in recent years.
  1. August: It is a beautiful unisex Latin name derived from the first Roman emperor’s name Augustus. It means distinguished and majestic.
  1. Avery: With its origin from English and French, Avery is a unisex girl name that means ruler of the elves. It has been trending for both boys and girls.
  1. Billie: This English name has been a popular choice for boys’ names in the past, but it has become famous for girls. The name means resolute protection.
  1. Blair: Blair is an English, Scottish, and Celtic name. It is an elegant gender-neutral name that means child of the plains, field, or battlefield.
  1. Blake: It is a famous unisex baby name that means dark and attractive. It has an English origin and has been on the rise for girls in recent years.
  1. Brooklyn: This location-derived name isn’t the first unisex name that you must’ve heard. It is an uber-cool name both boys and girls can rock.
  1. Charlie: Charlie is a famous English and German name that has been one of the most popular unisex names for the last couple of years. This trendy name means a free man or strong.
  1. Devon: Originating from England, Devon is a majestic name that means a poet. It has been popular for both girls and boys over the years.
  1. Dylan: It means a great tide or the sea and is a Welsh name. It is a cute unisex baby girl name you can choose.
  1. Emerson: Emerson is an English and German name that means child of Emery. It has been a popular name for boys, but now it’s been on the top for girl’s names.
29 Gender-Neutral Baby Names To Inspire New Parents
  1. Ezra: It is a Hebrew name with Biblical origin. Ezra means help or helper, and it is a badass unisex name.
  1. Finley: You must have heard of this Irish, Celtic, Gaelic name that means a fair-skinned hero or warrior. It has been one of the most popular unisex baby girl names in recent years.
  1. Hayden: Hayden is a mighty English unisex baby name. It means a hedged valley or a heather-grown hill and is a timelessly fashionable name.
  1. Jayden: This Hebrew and American name has been on the rise since the early 90s. It is a unisex name that means Thankful to God, or God has heard.
  1. Jules: Often taken as a nickname for Julia or Julian, Jules is a French unisex name of its own. Jules is a trendy name that means youthful and soft.
  1. Kai: Kai is a unisex baby name with diverse origins from Hawaiian, Indian, Welsh, and English. It means the sea and keeper of the keys, and it’s super cool.
  1. Kendall: It has been a tremendous unisex name for both girls and boys, and it means from the valley of river kent. It is a gorgeous name for girls and has been trending recently.
  1. Lennon: It is a beautiful Irish name with a beautiful meaning, dear one or child of love. Changed from the last name to the first name, it has been on the rise for boys and girls.
  1. Logan: Logan is a Scottish, Celtic, Irish name that comes as strong yet elegant. It has been a popular unisex baby name for decades, and it means the hollows or meadow.
  1. North: North has come out as a stylish unisex baby name. It has a modern feel which is getting popular among boys and girls.
  1. Riley: It is an Irish, Celtic, English name that means courageous and brave. It is a stylish unisex baby name, and it has been popular for years now.
  1. Sage: Sage is a beautiful unisex name that means the wise one or prophet. It is an elegant name that any baby would grow to love.
  1. Shay: It is an Irish and Celtic name that is uncommon and unique. This means Admired and like a hawk.
  1. Skylar: Skylar is a Dutch name that means intelligent and scholarly. It is a charming unisex name that you should definitely shortlist.
  1. Winter: Winter is a popular name for girls that is unisex and has been a choice for ages.

Hope you found the unisex baby girl name for your little one from this list. Choose the right name for your baby girl and give them all the love.

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29 Gender-Neutral Baby Names To Inspire New Parents

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