6 Ultimate Christmas Outfits For Kids Every Parent Wants This Season

With Christmas comes the most beautiful time of the year, and every parent wants to dress their baby in a Christmas outfit. With an overwhelming amount of options available, it can be difficult for parents to choose a Christmas outfit for their kids. But you don’t need to worry.

I have curated the best ideas of Christmas outfits for your kids, so your festivals become memorable. It’s the best way to get into your Christmas spirit, and you can keep it all in your budget. Get reading into the best Christmas and holiday outfit inspiration for your kids.

What to know before shopping?

Shopping is a fun time, especially when you are shopping for kids. Even before a kid arrives, new parents find joy in buying cute little clothes for them. The same goes for Christmas outfits for kids; they look so adorable and stylish that you want to gobble your little one up.

6 Ultimate Christmas Outfits for Kids Every Parent Wants this Season

But no matter how cute or adorable the baby’s Christmas clothes are, the first thing you need to look for is the comfort and safety of your kid. So what is it that every parent needs to know while buying kids’ Christmas dresses and holiday attire to make them cute and safe? Here are some questions you need to ask yourself before shopping.

  1. What’s the weather like?

Weather is the biggest deciding factor when it comes to choosing clothes for your baby. So if you have any Christmas outfits for kids in mind or on your wishlist, you need to consider if it would be appropriate for the cold weather. If you are looking for outfits for any other holiday, take the weather into account and go for the outfit you like. 

Like for summer, you can go for more breathable fabrics, like cotton and long-sleeved dresses. It will keep the heat on low and protect your kid’s skin from the sun; the same goes for humid weather.

For winters, go for layer instead of a super heavy item. It’ll help you adjust the temperature and keep your baby from feeling suffocated.

  1. What is your child’s size?

A baby grows up fast. So if you do not consider their size, their clothes will turn uncomfortable before you know it. And clothes that are too small or large will make your child feel uneasy.

So if you are buying a baby’s Christmas outfit, you need to make sure you buy the exact size. Take into consideration if you want to repeat the outfit, is yes, size up! For your child to feel free and allow movement, buy one size up so that the dress fits them well even if they grow.

  1. Should I buy embellished outfits?

Embellishments make any outfit look festive, especially during winters. But when it comes to your baby’s dresses, they might not be the best option. As a parent, you might know that your little one grabs everything they can and puts it in their mouth, and sometimes you don’t even realize it. 

When it comes to embellishments, there are two things you should take care of. One, the decorations should be too small or loose. They should be secured in place to not come off when the child tugs at them.

Second, they shouldn’t cover the inside of the fabric and be sharp. This may hurt the baby’s delicate skin or make them uncomfortable. So go for embellished Christmas outfits for kids, but check it for these points beforehand.

  1. What’s my child’s build?

One size fits all isn’t a good measure when it comes to buying babies Christmas clothes. Every child is built differently from birth, which means they have different body shapes and weights.

So one dress might look good on one baby, but it won’t flatter another. Although babies can even look cute in a sack, you would want to make them comfortable in a good fit.

One advice I’d like to give you is either try the clothes on your baby before buying them or buy clothes specifically made for your baby’s build.

  1. Does the dress fit my budget?

Whenever you go shopping, having a budget in mind is a good thing. Even if it’s Christmas, you need to know how much you’d like to spend and if the item is worth it.

If you have a small budget, you can also buy quality clothes and accessorize them to make the most out of your money. You can style these clothes in many ways, on many occasions, and it won’t be heavy on your pocket.

  1. How does your child like it?

Mommy knows best, but sometimes your baby likes something so much there is no changing their mind. You might feel there are better outfits out there, but in the end, your child has to feel good about the dress, right?

If your kid likes an outfit, be encouraging about it. They are taking the initiative, and they feel happy about their choice.

You can respect their choice and make sure they meet all the above criteria. If they do, voila! You have the perfect Christmas outfits for your kid. 

How to dress babies for Christmas?

The spirit of Christmas makes everything ten times more beautiful; the trees, the snow, and especially the baby’s Christmas outfits. Every parent wants to dress their kid special for the festive season, so when you are dressing your kid for Christmas, keep all the above things in mind.

Here are some baby’s Christmas outfits inspiration every parent needs their child to look like a star during the festive season.

  1. A classic Christmas outfit

Let’s start with a classic Christmas outfit. When you think of Christmas, what do you imagine? For me, it’s the white snow, the green trees, and Santa Claus dressed in red.

And these are the timeless Christmas colors that have been going on for decades and will be going on for a long time. So if you are a fan of classics or you can’t find anything for your baby’s Christmas outfit, these ideas are made just for you.

  • Dress up your little one in bodysuits. It is the best outfit of all time as it’s easy to wear, allows movability, and is cute.
  • Another option is getting an onesie in white, green, and red with a reindeer or a smaller design. It will make the outfit wearable on other occasions as well, and you can get your outfit’s worth.

Apart from onesies, here are some more classic baby Christmas outfit options.

  • T-shirts are another option that looks good for every occasion. If you want to continue with the Christmas theme, you can get t-shirts of every quality, every design, and size. Moreover, t-shirts are affordable too, so that you can get your hands on quality t-shirts at a good price and they’ll serve your baby for a long time.
  • You can also dress in a cute green Christmas t-shirt and make your baby Santa’s little helper with a jacket, socks, and a cap. 
  • Or if you want more options to dress up a t-shirt, you can always go for a Christmas themed white t-shirt. This way, you wouldn’t have to worry about matching complementary colors or add different textures, and you’ll have the best baby’s Christmas outfit.
  1. Baby Christmas outfits for mealtime

Meals and babies can be a messy combination. When there are many people around, you can’t get enough time to change every time the baby’s outfit gets messy, or you don’t get enough time to save your baby’s Christmas outfit.

If you want to protect your baby’s Christmas outfit, here are some outfit inspirations to keep you happy and sane during the festive season.

  • T-shirts are a great option to layer over and remove; this helps you in many ways. Unlike an overall, you can make your outfit by pairing other items with t-shirts. You can also change the t-shirt or pants if any of those stains; you won’t have to change the whole outfit just for a minor stain.
  • I’d suggest you buy a dark t-shirt or a fabric that can be washed easily. Green is everyone’s color during the festive season, so get a dark green baby Christmas t-shirt. It looks good, will hide small stains, and it won’t fade when you wash it.
  • If green is not your color or you want another option, you can go for a red baby Christmas t-shirt. Red always looks great on babies and is perfect for Christmas. Your baby can wear that t-shirt even after the festive season ends, and they’ll look great.
  • Layer these t-shirts with a cardigan so that the quirky baby t-shirts show through, making your baby’s Christmas outfit perfect. 

If you don’t want to go for darker colors and you like lighter shades, you can follow the options given below.

  • Go for lighter colors in Christmas vibes. During meals, you can make your child wear a t-shirt with cute food designs.
  • Another popular design many parents go for is a gingerbread design. A t-shirt with a gingerbread design is available in many colors, and you can get that here.
  • If you are more of an onesie type of parent, you can go for a food-themed onesie. Choose from fruits, dishes, and veggie themed bodysuits, and it’ll look cute as anything.
  • Don’t forget to keep a baby bib with you. Not only does it protect your baby’s clothes, but it’ll also act as a burp cloth for your baby.
  1. Outfits for outings

Christmas is a time for huge celebrations throughout the world. Many families decide to celebrate it with other people, and many like keeping them small.

If you are planning to go out on Christmas with your baby, you need to take care of many things. From baby’s Christmas clothes to their diaper bag, here is your inspiration.

  • Go for a white snowman onesie or a white floral romper. White makes your child’s outfit look more put together and sophisticated, and you’d want this when you go out.
  • You can also go ahead and experiment with different bodysuits. Go with striped bodysuits, solid rompers, and tie-dye ones. After all, it’s your baby; they will look cute no matter what they wear. So don’t be skeptical; get experimenting!
  • For a softer look, you can layer a cardigan on top of your baby girl’s Christmas dress. It will make her look good and keep her warm during December.
  • You should add accessories like a furry cap, some socks, and mittens. While choosing pants or pajamas to go out, you can buy pajamas with a warm lining. You can buy it in Christmas-y colors and pair it with a Christmas romper.
  • For your baby boy’s Christmas outfit while going out, you can dress them up in formal attire. You can do it in many ways, according to your baby’s comfort, too.
  • Moreover, you can also style a white baby t-shirt with pants and suspenders. It will make your baby look like a million bucks and will be the perfect outfit for going out to a restaurant or someone else’s place.

Now that we have cleared these outfits let’s understand what you need for your baby’s diaper bag. It’ll make you feel safe, and your child will be occasion ready every moment.

  • Carry diapers, wet wipes, and add a disposable bag. This will help you stay change-ready no matter where you are. Even if you are not at a place you can dispose of the diaper or use a cloth diaper, you can put it in a disposable bag until you can get rid of it.
  • Add an extra pair of clothes for cases when the diaper leaks. This will keep the baby comfortable throughout the event and still be in the Christmas spirit.
  • A small first aid kit as you never know what may happen. Your kid might need their rash cream or their prescribed medication, and you must carry it with you.
  • Deodorant and lotion. It will help keep your baby smelling good and avoid any diaper smell. A lotion will help keep your baby’s delicate skin smooth and supple.
  • Pacifier and bottle. Your baby may not be used to the hustle-bustle of the world and may need a sense of security. A baby’s feeding bottle and a pacifier can provide them this comfort and security; it’ll help you calm the baby down when necessary. 
  • Burp cloth and bibs. If the baby needs burping, you would need to protect your clothes and the baby’s Christmas outfit as well. A thin burp cloth and a cute baby bib will be the perfect savior here, so pack them.
  1. Outfits for going to church

To its very core, Christmas is a celebration of Christianity, for it is the birth of Jesus Christ. If you and your family are planning on going to church or attending carols anywhere, you might want your baby to dress for the event too. Here are all the ideas and inspiration you need to dress up your child for Christmas.

Outfits for going to church
  • The best baby’s Christmas outfit for a church is a red romper. It is a great option when there’s snow everywhere as the red makes your little one pop. Moreover, the market is filled with so many options during Christmas time, so you won’t have a difficult time finding the right fit for your child.
  • Pair these bodysuits with red pants, mistletoe socks, mittens, Santa’s hat, and the Sant’s coat. With your baby dressed in red and white like his, you keep your baby warm and give them all the adorable pieces they can wear. Your fellow churchgoers are going to fall in love with your little Santa.

Let’s explore another option for your baby’s church outfit for Christmas.

  • Your baby’s church outfit can be as simple as you want. Let’s build a simple outfit, and you can layer it all you like.
  • Pick a basic baby romper. I’d suggest you go with a neutral color so that everything else is easy to pair with it. For example, I’d take a white baby romper and choose everything later. If your romper has an accent color, you can use everything else in that color to make the outfit look more put together. 
  • Next, choose formals pants for boys and a flowy skirt for your baby girl as your baby’s Christmas outfit; they can be solid or in patterns. If you want to make the most out of the item, go for solids as they are easy to style and can be worn on varying occasions.
  • Pick a layer of clothing for warmth. You can go for a basic sweater and jacket on top, or if you want the romper to show, you can choose a cardigan or a blazer. To keep your baby warm, you can make them wear a warmer underneath all the clothes.
  • Add accessories on top and complete the look. My favorite Christmas accessories have to be embellished socks, caps, and headbands.
  1. Outfits for family time

There is a lot of great moment Christmas brings, celebrations, love, and family. Sometimes it comes in the form of an outing, sometimes in the form of a gathering, and sometimes just in chuckles. But no matter how you decide to spend Christmas with your family, your baby’s Christmas outfit can be effortlessly great. 

  • While spending time with your family, your first priority should be their comfort. To make your kids feel comfortable and warm, get a quality baby bodysuit that will keep them warm and comfortable.
  • You can layer it on a warmer and a pair of long socks. Just make sure you cut the tags or anything that might poke the child. Pair it with a warm pajama to secure any air passage except the breathable fabric.
  • Add a red fuzzy sweater on top with a warm cap, socks, and mittens to complete the outfit.

Here is another baby’s Christmas outfit I’d recommend.

  • Keep your baby comfortable in a Christmas t-shirt. It isn’t necessary for the baby to be all Christmas-y and sparkles all the time. So go for a simple yet warm outfit this time.
  • Go for warmer pajamas, which are soft and keep you warm. But I’d advise you not to keep the pajamas for a long duration of time as it will trap moisture, stay damp, and lead to rashes and allergies.
  • You can also dress your baby girl in a long skirt and long socks. It will keep their legs warm and still keep everything airy.
  1. Outfits for lounging with family

After you are done with your preparations and events, the best time is lounge time with your family. Thinking of a moment of rest with your little one is the most precious moment of the day.

Your baby must be tired after being the center of attention all day; you both deserve to rest. But still, your baby’s Christmas outfits can be on fleek!

  • You can also get a white bodysuit that can be multipurpose and your baby can wear on any occasion or to sleep. It will be a good option to wear and layer anytime you’d like. If you need a pop of color, you can get a white baby onesie with a red design. It’ll keep everything exciting.

But while you’ll want to make your child look like the angel he or she (sometimes) is, it’s obviously necessary to stay practical. Here are some commonsense pointers.

For starters, don’t get too attached to the idea of your child looking “just so.” The best you can hope for is that he or she arrives at Grandma’s looking close to perfect, and that may mean putting on the outfit right before you head out the door.

After that, remember that part of the charm of seeing children dressed up is watching them get a little disheveled. You’ll also be able to relax more if you stash a spare outfit in the car. Think of it as a potential opportunity to showcase yet another barely worn ensemble!

What to look for while shopping online?

What to look for while shopping online?

These days not everyone has the time to go out to look for and buy the perfect Christmas outfit for your kids. But how can you shop online and get the right outfit for your kids? Here are all the necessary tips every parent must know.

  1. While looking for something online, you should look for all your options and wishlist only the things you actually like.
  1. Read the description of everything you like. Find the fabric you like, and that would be breathable.
  1. Look for matching sets or outfits in the theme you are going for. Try to buy good quality fabrics that will last you.
  1. Go for timeless looking pieces. Even if you are going for a Christmas themed outfit, look for things that your baby can re-wear some other time.
  1. Be careful about the clothing’s sizing. Check the website’s sizing guide and try to buy a size up, so it lasts you longer.
  1. Check for clothes your children will like. Show them a picture and see their reaction or excite them about it, so they feel good about it when it comes. Children can be very picky sometimes, so you need to please them too!
  1. Get a pair of shoes and socks to complete the outfit. Be careful about the delivery date so that it arrives before you need it.

With these ideas and Christmas outfit inspirations, you are bound to have a good time with your baby. No matter if your baby is celebrating their first Christmas or it’s going to be a good time with your family, these outfits will keep your Christmas fun yet comfortable.

I hope you go through this and find useful tips for Christmas outfits for your kids. Save this for inspiring you and share to inspire other parents so they can find the perfect outfit for your kids.

6 Ultimate Christmas Outfits for Kids Every Parent Wants this Season

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