4 Tips For Hardening Of Children To Enhance Their Immunity Parents Need To Know

Hardening From Birth

Most of us heard that the hardening of children is a good and useful process. Children get colds less and become more resistant because the child’s immune system becomes stronger.

A question from new parents is, when exactly can they start to harden their child?

Hardening of Children

The answer is simple – from birth. It’s when the baby is ready to adapt to everything and to what we’d like to teach them.

The newborn doesn’t have any way of comprehending the norm; there is no established thermoregulation. That’s why it’s so important to start getting them accustomed to different environmental conditions. The child will consider these things as a norm later on.

If the child is in warm clothes, breathes with warm air, then their organism will consider high temperature as a norm. And the wind, or a bit cold weather, cold water will make the child feel uncomfortable and cause cold or other diseases. Let’s understand the principles of hardening children.

Main principles of hardening children 

Let the child be naked while they are walking, crawling, or lying. Don’t be afraid of leaving them without clothing. If the child gets cold, they’ll let you know with a loud screaming. Though it’s almost impossible to get cold inside as the child can adapt to the temperature of 18 degrees C.

 hardening of children to enhance their immunity

During the day, let the child sleep outside or walk with them a lot. While the child is sleeping on the balcony and receiving a lot of fresh air, the mom has some time to do her own things. Besides, the child can sleep longer and more relaxed when they are in the fresh air. At night, it’s better to open the window a little bit.

Bathe the child in cold water in a big bathtub. It’ll be like a pool, where they can feel free: move and swim without being chained to the surface. In addition to the hardening effect, this process also develops motor activity.

Bathe the child in cold water

An active life – visits, trips, walks in public places. It teaches the child to get used to different living conditions and to fall asleep wherever they want. They not only learn to sleep in their crib, but they also learn to play in a café or on a plane.

These experiences also teach the child how to communicate with different people besides their mom. This exposure also teaches the child’s body to get used to the effects of various viruses, bacteria, and microclimate and it boosts the kid’s immune system.

At first glance, it seems that:

  • it’s very dangerous to do that as the child is so weak;
  • there are doubts about how this can boost their immunity for life.

The secret is that these principles remain with the child as they grow older, and train their organism all the time to make it work more efficiently. Consequently, it increases their small bodies to resist viruses, microbes, and other harmful environmental influences.

hardening of children

You can start hardening of children later, but it’ll be a bit more difficult. In actuality, the child’s organism can be weaker, and, while hardening, they can easily get a cold. It’ll take a lot of patience, time, and effort. It’s much easier to start from birth and gives parents less worry later about their child’s immune system.

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