Things You Should Never Say to Your Child

Read and find out about things you should never say to your child.

They say that children are the exact copy of their parents. They follow your footsteps, see you as an example, but they also see your insecurities and drawbacks. This is something you cannot escape, but what you can do is to control what you are saying. There are things you should never say to your child and you have to be mindful of these.

Things You Should Never Say to Your Child

Because you are the only valuable source of information and rules for children, they repeat everything you say. For this reason, take your child’s upbringing seriously.

If you don’t eat, you won’t grow tall. Forget about the idea of scaring your children in any way! Scary stories will surely frighten a child, but it does not mean that a little one will get the connection between the story and the thing they did wrong. Be cunning, create some interesting stories, read fairytales to a kid. For example, this is how you can get a baby to eat a vegetable they do not like. Refer to cartoon characters they like or to something else that they fancy.

Don’t run away; otherwise, someone will come and take you away! The fear of not seeing your parents anymore is truly shocking. After hearing this or other phrases like this, most children developed a fear of new people. If you want your kid to be social and open, stop scaring them. Instead, talk to them, explain the situation, so that they understand how they should behave.

How can a person be this clumsy! Children are clumsy because their fine motor skills are not as advanced as it will be in a few years. They tend to break things, so be patient and look at what they take into their hands. This way of touching and observing is how they get to know the world! So stay calm and let them explore.

Look at other children, they are angels, and you… Killing argument, and when I say killing, I mean that it kills a child’s self-esteem dead. By comparing your baby to others, you show them that you love your child for their accomplishments. You need to prove to them that you love them without any conditions. Show them how unique they are, establish an understanding relationship, and by doing this, you will help them achieve success.

You are better than anyone else is! Of course, your child is your champion, but it does not mean that people around you share the same thought. Praise your child when it is deserved, like “You did a great job in class!” etc. 

We won’t go for a walk if you behave like this! By saying this, you make it clear that you prefer a calm and obedient version of your baby. Children understand this; they get mad, offended, and feel miserable. They want your unconditional love and to feel that you will accept them no matter what.

You do as I say! By showing no respect for a child’s personal opinion, you increase the risk of them becoming either a rebel or a pushover. Either way, it is not what you would want your baby to become. Therefore, if you insist on your point of view, then explain why. Remember to empathize with your baby when its point is not taken.

Just take it and leave me alone! This secret weapon is misused in a child’s hands. There are some things that you say “no” to by default. However, when you break under the pressure of a child’s cries and tantrums, children see the opportunity to manipulate you into getting what they want.

Stop! There is nothing to cry about. The “scale of disastrousness” for kids and adults is different. Some things that a child sees as major disasters, you see as a minor inconvenience. Therefore, if you pay no attention to their pain, you risk giving the impression that you do not care about their troubles. After this, children close in themselves and suffer under a load of words, which remain unspoken.

I have no money; I can’t buy it. This is by far the most common excuse not to buy something for your child. In this situation, it is best if you explained the reason for your refusal or irrationality of a purchase.

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