Positive Things to Say to Your Child Every Day

Whatever you say to your child has a huge impact. Positive things.

Swamped under everyday duties, we often forget to tell our children how much they mean to us and how boundless our love is. It’s important to give them words of encouragement daily, that’s why I’m sharing with you my important list of positive things to say to your child every day.

Positive Things to Say to Your Child Every Day

Phrases to tell your kids:

1. I love you

Three words, eight letters… this phrase never gets old, trivial, or mundane. An important positive thing to say to your child. A simple “I love you” is always special if it is filled with deep feelings if you mean it from the bottom of your heart. Not only does it make you feel good, but it also makes your child feel the happiest baby in the universe.

This positive phrase will not lose its power even if you say it a million times a day. Your child needs to hear this, as much as it needs to feel your love. Sometimes, our actions are not as loud, so we should use our words to amplify the effect.

2. Everything’s okay/I believe in you/You can make it!

Use this positive thing to say to your child when your child fails or feels down. You do not always have to tell them that they are the best, etc. All you need to do is to show some support when they really need it. Make a child feel love and support from the family; show them that putting effort always pays off.

3. Thank you

If you want your baby to become an appreciative and grateful person, then do not forget to demonstrate appreciation and gratefulness yourself. Any relationship is a two-way street. Therefore, thank children for each small bit of help and effort you get from them.

4. I am proud of you

Another important positive thing to say to your child. The scale of estimation of achievements is different for children and adults. Something that seems minor for you can be a big deal for a child. Kids need your approval to know that they are doing things right. However, remember that you need to give them your approval when they really deserve it. Otherwise, your words lose value.

5. I’ve missed you

Sooner or later, kids start to understand that you are not that interested in the games you play with them. They see it from your tired face, your suggestion to play in their room alone, or by saying, you will play with them later. Children might feel like they burden you or stop feeling valuable. Of course, one phrase “I’ve missed you” will not save the situation. You have to spend time with your baby. Yet, these words make them feel loved, valuable, and interesting, so this is a positive thing to say to your child. By saying this, you let them know that you need them!

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