Genius Parenting Life Hacks for Toddlers

Read our genius parenting life hacks for toddlers.

Each parent wants to give a happy life to a kid. Providing a good future is not solely a financial matter. Moral values and basic manners also fall into this category. The first three years of a child’s life are of paramount importance because, during this time, parents set the stage for their baby’s future in terms of moral, mental, and physical development, etc. Therefore, it is necessary to spend as much time with the child as possible and start introducing them to the world using your own experience. I’m sharing with you some of my tried and tested parenting life hacks for toddlers.

Parenting Life Hacks for Toddlers (Under the Age of 3)

First parenting life hack, make it clear that there are decisions that the child cannot influence. This can be done by setting certain limits, which shows that enough is enough.

However, do not get carried away, because it is a little personality you have there. So, whenever a child is too into toys and games, do not make them drop everything and run to you. You can use a “cheat code” and find a way of catching their attention using little tricks. You can do this in such a way that they do not even realize that they are being played a little into doing what mommy says. This way, you can avoid ordering them to do your bidding, rather than just asking them without sounding bossy.

For instance, a child is so interested in playing with a teddy bear that they almost miss dinner. Instead of ordering a little one to drop it, you can show your interest in the toy and, as a result, take them both to have a meal. Show your interest in a toy, talk a little to the baby, and you will see how easily the child opens up to you and actually listens to you. This method is timesaving and often prevents a major meltdown or a battle of wills.

The Importance of Dialogue

An important parenting life hack to remember is to talk to your child, show genuine interest, and wish to play with them. You can create the game and establish any rules you want. For example, if a car is more appealing to a baby-boy, then just organize a ride from a playroom to a bathroom. This way, the baby is in the bathroom, playing and having a bath. Be creative, ask a bunch of questions, and simply have fun!

Here are some other tips for you, which might prove themselves useful during this crucial period:

  • You know how kids touch and put everything into their mouths? It is their “baby-way” of getting to know the world. Instead of forbidding them, our parenting life hack is to play along as their buddy. Maybe saying, “Oh, what is this?” to help them get to know the world better.
  • It is better not to yell at them for taking something they should not take. Instead, hide it.
  • If somehow the child has managed to get to the things they were not allowed to touch, do not punish them. Let them look at this, touch it, and find out what that is. Also, do not make a big deal if the baby falls down. The best would be to let a little one process what has just happened and figure out what to do next.
  • By the age of 3, kids can do lots of things. Some of them can even use kitchen utensils. We all know that forbidden fruit is the sweetest. Therefore, our parenting life hack for that is rather than keeping your child away from all of the dangerous things it wants to touch so badly, it is best if the baby satisfies its curiosity under your watchful eye.
  • Do not get mad at the baby if he or she gets dirty and messy while eating. Sometimes by the end of a meal, food has traveled from the child’s plate to its clothes, table, and all over the place.
  • Children often say that they want to do things by themselves. Whenever a baby wants to put on its clothes without your help, you need to show your support. The first time shows a child how to get dressed, so next time everything works out. Be patient, do not rush a child, and whenever they cannot do something, support them, and tell them that they are doing great.
  • The age of two and a half to three years is the period of “Why?”. There’s no easy parenting life hack for that. As the child is getting to know the world, and finally possesses the possibility to understand things, help them. You are the only source of information they have, so whenever they ask you a question, answer it. You will have to take on the role of a patient encyclopedia, which has to answer all of the baby’s questions.
  • Manners are essential, and they trace back to childhood. Children get an understanding of what they can or cannot and should or should not do at a young age. Usually, in the future, they will be governed by these “instincts.” Therefore, you should talk to your kids properly, without mocking and using shortened forms of words. Teach them to form their thoughts and voice them properly from a young age.
  • Each person faces a crisis a few times during a lifetime. The first time, people experience it at the age of two and a half to three. When experiencing a crisis, kids usually become overly sensitive, irritated; they get upset often over random things. Also, they can refuse to eat and to sleep.  Unfortunately, there is not much you can do about it. This is one of the stages of their development, and all you can do is go along this bumpy road with them until things normalize.

You cannot escape this period, but you can make it easier. Surround them with love and unobtrusive support. You will get many temper tantrums, but do not give in to them. It is best to ignore them, so they go away quicker. To avoid scandals and big fights, divert the child’s attention to something interesting.

The first years of a child’s life are extremely interesting and difficult at the same time. This crucial period of 0 – 3 years old can go smoothly if parents are well informed about their child’s upbringing and give all their love, attention, and support to their baby. Having parenting life hacks under your sleeves will surely be helpful.

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