3 Simple Things Parents Can Do to Help With Constipation in Children

The child has constipation. What to do?

Very often, children can suffer from constipation due to psychological reasons. Constipation in children can be stressful when they start going to kindergarten, or their mother is not nearby, or they are just too busy playing and distracted to stop and go.

Constipation in Child

If you face this situation, help your little one by using a simple approach to child constipation treatments:

Change the diet: include more fresh and stewed vegetables, beetroot, pumpkin juice, stewed dried fruit in the baby’s diet. Give the child stewed dried fruit before the meal or within 30 minutes after eating a meal. Also, give your little one water more frequently as constipation is often due to a lack of liquid in the body.

Games and fairy tales: one of the reasons for constipation can be hidden in psychology. So, the solution is relaxation. Let your child play with plasticine, dolls, and soft toys that poop on the pot. Also, read “toilette fairy tales.”

constipation relief methods

Be patient: sometimes this problem can last for a while, up to 6 months. So, you must be patient and follow the child’s constipation treatment above with regularity. Just a little side joke there.

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