10 Essential Items New Parents Need in Your Baby’s First Aid Kit

What Should Be in the Newborn’s First Aid Kit?

It’s better to get a baby’s first aid kit in advance, ideally 5-6 weeks before the baby comes. The newborn’s first aid kit should contain items for personal hygiene of the baby, antiseptics, first-aid medicines, and some other medical accessories.

Newborn's First Aid

Before buying supplies for the first aid kit, make a list of the most important items.

Here are 10 important elements for the newborn’s first aid kit that should be at hand for every young mother:

  • A package of sterile cotton to clean the baby’s nose, eyes, and also the umbilical cord (just twist a piece of cotton from the bundle or purchase cotton balls).
  • Powder or the baby’s cream for diaper rash. It’s better to have both and use them one after another.

Baby’s First Aid Kit

  • Aspirator for cleaning the baby’s nose. Nasal discharge can prevent the baby from normal breathing. A nasal aspirator will help you out in this situation.
  • Brilliant Green products to treat the umbilical cord and other wounds.
  • Hydrogen peroxide is also necessary to treat the umbilical cord. First, treat the navel with hydrogen peroxide. It’ll help to remove the blood from the area with no pain. Then, apply Brilliant Green to dry the wound.
  • Antipyretic medicine. The baby’s temperature can rise at any time. That’s why you should have syrup or suppositories in the first aid kit. It’s actually better to have both variants as each baby’s body is different.

medications in the baby’s medical kit

  • Solution based on sea salt for rinsing the nose. You can find ready-made solutions in special bottles in any pharmacy. So, you don’t need to spend your time preparing them.
  • Remedy for colic. The baby’s digestive system is very sensitive. And even the digestion of breast milk can cause gas formation, which leads to colic.
  • The infrared or electronic baby thermometer to take the temperature.
  • A pipette to administer medications for the nose, eyes, and ears. It should have a round tip not to harm the newborn.

Pay attention that all medications in the baby’s medical kit are safely out of the child’s reach and are stored according to the safety instructions.

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