What Are Adenoids and How to Take Care of Baby’s Runny Nose?

The Child Has a Constant Runny Nose or Adenoids: What’s That and How to Treat It?

Adenoids are a common disease in preschoolers leading to the baby’s runny nose. In other words, adenoids are enlargement of the nasopharyngeal tonsils.

Baby’s Runny Nose

It manifests itself in a constant snotty nose that is hard to get rid of: the child breathes through their mouth only (especially during sleep).

Don’t ignore adenoids (many parents think it’s simply “baby snot” and take no actions). 

Adenoids can lead to serious complications if left untreated:

  • Respiratory diseases – pharyngitis, laryngitis, tracheitis, and bronchitis.
  • Hearing loss as the eardrum becomes less mobile, and it affects hearing acuity.
  • Frequent colds because of persistent mucus from the nasal cavity. It causes the reproduction of bacteria and viruses.
  • Baby adenoiditis is a chronic inflammation of the tissue of the nasopharyngeal tonsil.
  • A speech impediment because the child speaks unclearly and cannot pronounce some letters.
  • Low school performance – if the nasal breathing is impaired, oxygen delivery to the brain is reduced by almost 18%.
  • Frequent otitis media.

Runny Nose or Adenoids

Sounds scary… Well, it’s not that bad. 

Adenoids have 3 stages. The first one can be cured at home.

1. The first stage

Nasal breathing is free during the day, but it’s difficult during sleep. In such cases, it’s recommended to use vasoconstrictor nasal drops to help the baby’s snotty nose and rinse the nasal cavity with saline solutions or extracts of St. John’s wort, pharmacy chamomile.

Baby Gets Nose Drops

The second and third stages

They manifest themselves with the significant proliferation of tonsil tissue. In this situation, the doctor can decide on an operation as an adenoid’s remedy (surgical removal of the adenoids).

As soon as you notice that the baby has a runny nose for a very long time, you should consult a doctor as it can cause a lot of complications in the future.

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