11 Things a Careful Parent Won’t Include in Their 3 Year Old Baby’s Food

Which foods are not allowed for children under 3?

Parents are responsible for their child’s health and safety and need to be particular for about 3 years and under baby’s food. Only they decide what to include in a healthy diet for kids.

3 Year Old Baby’s Food

If you are interested in what is not recommended to give your child, here is the list of those foods not to include for child’s health:

  • Seafood (it causes allergies).
  • Sausages, wieners, and waterfowl meat (geese and ducks). These contain too many high-melting fats.
  • Melons and grapes (they increase gas production and the load on the pancreas).
  • Ice-cream (high level of fat, sugar, harmful additives).
  • Honey and nuts (if the child is prone to food allergies).

3 years baby food

  • “Adult” milk (It can cause allergies, problems with digestion, decrease in immunity, metabolic disorders, atherosclerosis, and future arterial hypertension).
  • Cakes, cookies, chocolate, and other sweets. (They contain many additives, sugar, fats, but don’t contain anything healthy.)
  • Fizzy drinks (irritate the digestive tract).
  • Cocoa (it has a high level of fats and alkaloid theobromine).
  • Mushrooms (mushroom protein is poorly absorbed).
  • Pickles (can place an additional load on the kidneys, liver, blood vessels, and cause fluid retention).

Besides those, here are some recommendations: 

  • Don’t give your 1-year-old kid tomatoes as they overload the kidneys. When the child is 1.5, only then can they eat garlic, onion, and peppers.
  • Until the child is 2, exclude pickled cucumbers and tomatoes, nuts, especially peanuts (as they cause allergies), celery (it overly activates the pancreas).

baby’s food

  • it’s not allowed to eat red and black caviar (it causes allergies, contains additives, a lot of salt, which is bad for the kidneys), mushrooms until the age of 5. The child’s organism doesn’t contain  enough enzymes to digest them; also, mushrooms accumulate radioactive substances and heavy metals)
  • Children can drink coffee, but just a little bit, only at the age of 7-8.

You should be very careful about the nutrition of your 3-year baby’s food. Be careful that you don’t give them food, which can cause allergies, difficulties in digestion, and unnecessary loading on the stomach, kidneys, and liver. Keep yourself informed about healthy habits for kids.

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