Positive Parenting Powerful Ways To Raise Healthy Kids

All parents want their children to be happy and strong individuals, but a simple wish is not enough. We need to lay the foundation that will help kids in their future. How? Easy – positive parenting.

Positive Parenting Powerful Ways To Raise Healthy Kids

What is positive parenting?

It is a child’s upbringing method, which focuses on developing a kid’s inner strength and stamina. It depends directly on parents and their behavior.

In this case, it is more about the parent’s discipline rather than the child’s. All in all, parents just need to be good role models for their kids.

Positive Parenting Powerful Ways To Raise Healthy Kids

For your child, you are already the best person in the whole world. They will follow your example one way or another. So all you have to do is to be an excellent example for them.

Many things depend on your outlook and attitude to life. In case you want to have a better understanding of what a positive role model is, check out the next five tips.

5 Tips To Be A Positive Role Model

1. Think twice before blaming someone for something

People are used to blaming someone else for how things have turned out to be. Culpability, in the context of positive parenting, is something you should rather avoid.

Instead of blaming someone (and yourself) for the troubles – be compassionate and spend time thinking of a solution rather than wasting time on anger.

Try this method, and kids will follow your example.

  • Admit to your mistakes. The world is an imperfection itself, and yet we demand perfection from our children and ourselves. Instead, you should learn to admit to your mistakes (especially regarding kids) and be fair.

Rather than being mad and disappointed because of failure, show children that it is important to always move forwards. Mistakes are an essential part of life, and failure – is the best teacher.

  • Restrain your anger. Anger is and has always been a destructive force. However, it is part of us. Rather than avoiding it or holding back, you should learn to control it. Instead of acting out, yelling, and seeking revenge, try to calm down. In this case, impulsive actions can startle a child, and with time a little one will think that it is a standard way to act around other people. Consequently, it will negatively influence a child’s future relationships with other people.
  • No politics in your relationships with children! Politics has always been a sensitive topic of conversation for people of all ages. There is still an argument and anger because people have different points of view.
Positive Parenting Powerful Ways To Raise Healthy Kids

Whenever parents start to heatedly discuss race, sexuality, ethnicity, etc., in an openly rude manner, children might get the idea that it is okay to do so. Furthermore, abstain from discussing and criticizing people behind their backs because children might get the wrong impression of good and evil.

  • Always Forward Never Backward. Do you want your children to be happy and prosperous in the future? There is a way to help them. Instead of telling stories about how important is it to work hard and follow your dreams – show them.

Regardless of a child’s age, show them your strength, passion for work, resilience, and ability to overcome difficulties.

Apart from working on yourself, you should also help kids find confidence. It can be done by displaying it yourself and by assisting them to find the courage to try new things. You can do the following to help your baby out:

  • Help children solve problems, rather than doing it for them. Be there to support little ones, encourage them to be brave and resourceful. Let them do most of the work brainstorming and looking for a solution.
  • Help kids become more resilient. One way to do this is to be there for your children, adjust their strategies (if needed), help analyze the choices and options they have. In other words, you will be their moral compass and advisor.
  • Show that mistakes are a valuable teacher rather than an obstacle. Kids are naïve, and they think simply. They might think that if they misbehave and you get angry, then you will love them less. Same, if they behave well, then you will love them more.

In this case, show that your love is unconditional and you will love them no matter what.  This way, they will see that being honest is more important than being “perfect.”

  • Whenever children act out or are envious of someone else, you have a rare opportunity to find out about their pet peeves, fears, etc. This way, you will better understand them and know what to work on.
  • Remember to praise children for their effort rather than for their natural abilities. This way, they will work not for the sake of praise but for the sake of growing as a person and developing.

Besides, whenever they show their good qualities such as resilience, honesty, bravery, etc., show your approval. However, do this only at the beginning just to let them know that it is the right way to go.

Use Positive Words To Create A Good Impact On Your Child’s Brain

Children are the loveliest and purest little humans, who see their parents as the best people in the universe. Because of this enormous trust and unconditional love, little ones believe everything you say and analyze every single thing you do. For this reason, you should understand the importance of the word and the power it holds.

Words have the power to make your day shine with bright colors or be filled with the darkest of the shades.

Positive Parenting Powerful Ways To Raise Healthy Kids

Negative Impact

Kids are not as familiar with the world ass you are, so very often, they need more explanation and attention. You don’t necessarily have to yell at a child to make a little one feel miserable and guilty.

Always pay attention to what you say and how your words sound because children take everything close to their hearts. Besides, constant assaults and reproaches on your part can traumatize a kid or even lead to some severe insecurities and mental traumas.

Positive impact

Children who get positive and warm words from you are more likely to become brighter personalities. They feel warmth and love in your words, so it will help them develop better and be more open to people.

Besides, parents are the first people ever with who a little one creates a relationship. They are an example of how a kid will be communicating with other people. This critical lesson will stay in a child’s mind forever.

The Power Of Words

Libraries and the internet possess many books and articles about language, words, and their impact on people. For instance, the authors of “Words Can Change Your Brain,” A. Newberg and M. Waldman, claimed that positive words could promote the cognitive function of the human brain. Hence, it means that parents can actually help a child’s normal development by using positive comments.

This phenomenon works both ways, meaning that negative words decrease a child’s brain activity and interrupt the brain’s normal functioning.

Pay attention to meanings.

Kids pay attention to the words they hear and analyze them together with the emotions and gestures they see. Therefore, sometimes your body language can send a different message from the one your mouth does. Therefore, remember to remind children that your love is unconditional and that you love little ones no matter what.

Positive Parenting Powerful Ways To Raise Healthy Kids

How to use the power of positive words appropriately?

Easy! All you need is to read the seven little tips below.

  1.  Remember what it was like for you when you were little;
  2. Keep in mind that negative words have a destructive impact on a little one’s brain;
  3. Talk to your children and ask what the words mean to them;
  4. Always remember the positive impact words have on your baby;
  5. Speak from your heart;
  6. Listen to what your child has to say;
  7. Cherish each moment and be there for your kids.

Positive Parenting: Conclusion

Children are little rays of light who love you more than the love itself. Your task is to receive the love and give back double as many in return.

Remember that kids are your reflection, which means that you will have to pay attention to your actions and words as much as possible. The information above will help you get rid of negative habits and obtain positive ones. Besides, it will be a positive impact on your personality, as well.

You are already the best parent for your little one, so keep on being the best. I believe in you!

Positive Parenting Powerful Ways To Raise Healthy Kids

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