15 Tips Ideas For Choosing Personalized Baby Gifts

I honestly used to think that buying children gifts is the easiest task. Boy, was I wrong. The real beauty and value of the gift are not in the price tag but in the effort you put into making it.

15 Tips Ideas For Choosing Personalized Baby Gifts

Here I have gathered the tips and ideas to help you find or create a heartwarming personalized baby gift for the little angel. Without further ado, let’s get right into it!   


Whenever we choose a gift, there is always this nagging thought, “Will he/she like it?” As much as I adore giving presents, it is always challenging to choose something from the ocean of beautiful things. Luckily, I have some tips that will help you narrow down your list of personalized baby gifts and present them in a perfect way. Here we go!

15 Tips Ideas For Choosing Personalized Baby Gifts

Get Useful And Meaningful Things

The baby market offers tons of products and baby items for our little angels. However, it seems that nearly half of them are made to collect dust or occupy space in the closet.

Therefore, remember that beauty is in simplicity. Choose something that will be put into use. These can be baby t-shirts, onesies, blankets, and other things that we will be listed below. You can easily personalize them and make them memorable for both parents and a child.

If you choose a baby shower gift, you can check out the registry and choose something that you can turn into a beautiful and memorable gift.

Money Or Help?

People are used to the idea that gifts should be monetary. However, we are talking about children, newly-minted-sleep-deprived parents, who would appreciate some help more than flowers. Here is what you can do.

If we are talking about friends, family, neighbors, and other people, who you are close enough with, you can offer your assistance. Create a set of small cards (like vouchers or gift cards) and write things like “Babysit a little one,” “Sweet treats,” “An hour of rest,” “Walk a dog,” etc.

This way, you will offer your help and make the lives of new parents a bit easier. You don’t have to write a dozen cards. Please think of the ways you can help and write them down.

It Was Supposed To Be A Secret!

You know this awkward moment when you unintentionally reveal something you were supposed to keep a secret, and then everyone looks at you as if you committed national treason? Been there, done that. In order to avoid these situations, let your inner James Bond do the job.

Personalized baby gifts are great, especially if you plan to give something that can serve parents for a long time. However, if you are one of these lucky guys, who knows the child’s name or gender, you need to be cautious.

It Was Supposed To Be A Secret!

Also, it would be a good idea to ask who else knows. In this case, prepare a personalized gift for parents-to-be and give it to them in private. 


Monogram baby gifts are a great idea. You can never go wrong with this one! Get the initials on the baby clothes, towels, blankets, etc.

Apart from this, you can create or order an art with the initials on a canvas. It will be a perfect addition to the baby nursery. For this, you will have to know the baby nursery theme or choose a neutral design that will work for any baby nursery theme.


Whenever you are unsure of the middle name, go for the first name. Embroidered or drawn, the first name looks cute on clothing, bibs, pillows, blankets, etc.

In case you are looking for a special gift, you can get a bracelet or a neckless with the child’s engraved name. However, I think it is best to present this gift to a child whose parents you are close to.

Heartfelt Message

Last but not least – heartwarming message. Regardless of the present you are going to give, just remember to give it with love.

Sentiments and emotions are essential for a perfect gift because they can say much more: “I love you,” “I cherish you,” “You are the best in the whole world,” “I am here for you,” “You can count on me,” etc.

Gift Ideas

Now that we have gone through the tips, we can move on to the personalized baby gift ideas that you will love. They are simple, easy to fulfill, and extremely adorable. Prepare your heart to melt.

Baby Bibs

There can never be too many baby bibs! They travel from the baby’s neck to the box with dirty laundry almost at the light speed. Here you can be creative because the level of cuteness of these things reaches the moon.

Out of gazillion ideas for baby, bibs choose one you like and bring it to life. It sounds Frankenstein-ish, but it is worth it. You can use laminated fabric or quilting cotton for the bib.

Choose a nice and preferably, calm colors, for too dark or way too bright colors can look heavy on a little baby. Then, you can add some sweet animals, like bears or cats. The best option would be to look for appliqué pieces.

Making bibs can be quite a process. Therefore it would be easier to buy some and maybe add initials or a mane of a little one.

Baby T-Shirts

Simplicity and cuteness in one gift. It is a perfect B because you can put a name or initials on a t-shirt and add some drawings or vinyl figures such as hearts. These can also be some catchy phrases. 

You can choose the one you like from a great range in the shop because they are quite popular. We can never be too many cute pictures of the babies in creative t-shirts.

Baby Body Suits

Baby Body Suits

What can be more adorable than a baby bodysuit? Only a baby that is wearing it! Add some colors to mono?chromatic bodysuits by using a patterned fabric, vinyl figures, and signs.

Also, you can add initials. However, don’t do all of this at once, because it may look too much. Same as with the previous two ideas, you can either make a baby bodysuit or buy one.

Personalized Baby Onesies

It is a classic gift for a baby. Onesies are very much needed, so it is always a great gift. Besides, I consider them to be a perfect canvas for your art.

Instead of giving parents-to-be a set of simple white onesies, you could add some color to them. For instance, you can add initials of a little one or a name of a child if you know it, of course. Phrases “It’s a Boy/Girl” also work if you know the gender but don’t know the name.

In order to make things more sentimental, instead of initials, you can get an onesie with a logo of a sports team that both parents like. It can be an inside joke or a witty saying that will make parents laugh.

Top Knot Baby Hats

These adorable hats will suit your little pumpkin perfectly! They are the cutest things ever, with bright patterns and small know at the top. You can add a child’s initials, a name, or even a date of birth (in case you are going to give it after the baby is born).

Personalized Pillow

Pillows always make the room look cozier and warmer. Therefore, you can get a pillow with initials or a child’s name on it.

In case you decide to give the present to an older baby, you can get a photo of a little one on the pillow. Children will be curious about the little person from the picture, and with time, they will recognize themselves.

Bean Bags

I adore bean bags because of how they adapt to your body shape. Truth to be told, I fall asleep each time I sit on them. Bean bags will be a perfect addition to the nursery.

You can customize them and even get a picture of them. All you need is to know the nursery’s theme to pick colors and prints suitable for the room.

Play Mat

Playmats are perfect for baby’s tummy time. Choose a fabric with a calm and beautiful pattern and add batting between the layers. The quilted play mat is easy to carry around with, easy to wash, and can become a sweet memory for a child.

Play Mat

Custom Baby Blankets

It would be really cute if you get a personalized baby blanket with the pictures of a child or simply with the name and date of birth. If you are extremely sentimental, you can add even time, when a little one was born.

Apart from pictures, you can use different patterns, sayings, and phrases. There is a great range of ideas to choose from.


A great idea would be to design a placemat with family pictures and an interesting background. Prints and pictures will capture the child’s attention. Besides, parents will love the gift because it is easy to see how thorough and meaningful it is.

Burp Cloth

Too many burp cloths? Nonsense! The more, the better. You can combine a terry towel and a quilting fabric to make it more functional. They will absorb liquids better and look lovely.

Personalized Baby Gifts:

Custom-Made Swaddles

Kids love swaddling. It is warm, safe, and the process is interesting. You can make a blanket with the child’s initials, and parents can wrap their baby during the first months of the little one’s life.

Personalized Baby Towel

Choose adorable bright design and pastel background colors for a baby towel. Include little one’s name on it and make sure it matches the nursery theme. This gift will make a bath time cuter and brighter.

Personalized Baby Toy

The first thing that comes to mind when we think about children is toys. Amongst all of the toys, it is best to personalize stuffed toys, such as teddy bears. Get initials on the teddy bear’s belly or ear, and it will be a great present that a child will keep for years.


A tether is a great option for little one, for they will definitely be put into use. You can choose a silicone one. Although it is difficult to customize silicone, you can find a few options. 

Personalized Baby Toy

Except for silicone, you can get silver teether. There is a space where you can engrave the child’s name or initials.


A child will not be able to play with a puzzle at such an early age. However, this can be a perfect gift for the future. Customize the puzzle with a photo of the family or child’s picture.

Customized Name Plaque

It is a nice addition to the baby nursery interior. You can get a child’s name and a saying written on it.  Parents will love this addition to the baby nursery.

Drawstring Toy Bags

Make a cute toy bag for a child, where parents can put the baby’s toys. It is convenient when going on a trip and packing things. Add colors, prints, and add the baby’s initials. You can also make it a cute backpack!

Custom Made Storybooks

You can write a baby a little book. Create a story with the baby as the main hero. Include adventures and moral of the story that will teach a child some useful lessons.

Of course, it is easier if you like writing. In case you can’t do this, get a book with the child’s name on it, personalizing it in such a way. Parents will be reading your special gift to the baby every evening.

Photo Book

Although you 128 GB of storage on your phone, you still need a photo book. Why? Because of the atmosphere they have. Create a baby photo book.

You can add their pictures of the parents and leave space for a child. Reminiscent and write captions. This gift will melt the hearts of the parents, you’ll see.

Customized Night Light

The night light is a must-have for a nursery. You can customize it by adding the name of a child and a picture.

Crochet Toy

These adorable toys are easy to make and are best friends for the babies. You can make them yourselves by following the simple patterns, with bobble stitch techniques and crochet. So turn on Netflix and start knitting a perfect gift.

Crochet Toy

Customized Nursery Signs

These are perfect additions for baby nurseries. You can get a nursery sign with a funny phrase for a mother or both parents. It will bring some positivity and character to the room.

Name Garland And Painted Wood

These are items for nursery room décor that you will bring style into the room. You can paint the baby’s name on a slice of wood so that it would be a perfect piece for a photo session. You can add there a name and birth date.

Also, you can create a beautiful garland with the baby’s name. Parents can hang it in the nursery room. You can make it either in neutral pastel tones or according to the nursery theme.

Monogram Art Print

It is a great wall décor for a baby nursery. Choose nice contrasting colors, write the baby’s name or a monogram, and frame it. It will be a perfect addition to the décor.

Final Word

The best gifts are those made with love. Make them special, show your affection and love for the family and their baby. Personalized gifts are of special value because even though children might outgrow t-shirts and blankets, parents usually keep them as a sentimental reminder.

The tips and ideas above will help you find your perfect present for the baby and young parents.

15 Tips Ideas For Choosing Personalized Baby Gifts

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