How To Assemble An Adorable Gift Basket For Your Next Baby Shower

How to Assemble an Adorable Gift Basket for Your Next Baby Shower

A friend who is going to have a baby is such a magical thing. There is no doubt that you’ll want to think carefully about both mom and baby and ensure that your gift basket is something really special. Consider the following things in:

1. Personalized Baby Blanket

A personalized baby blanket is just about the most special thing you can choose as it is practical, thoughtful and kind all wrapped up into one. There are plenty of different fabrics, colors and styles to suit the needs of the baby. This is the one large item that the rest of your gift basket would be based around and would be the focal point.


2. Baby Clothes

Onesies, bibs, booties; something for the baby to wear and be comfortable in. It can be made extra special if you buy a small pack of tee shirt pens and colour in the items, draw a sweet pattern or write a lovely message like ‘welcome to the world’!

3. Stuffed Toy

A super soft gorgeous teddy or animal toy for the baby to cuddle for the days and months to come will be a brilliant addition to any gift.


4. Toiletries

Some toiletries such as gentle bubble bath, shampoo and body lotions can be used as time passes and are something for the future. Organic and natural products are particularly kind to skin.

5. Hairbrush

A super soft hairbrush is a thoughtful gift and can be used for a long time. Choose one with soft bristles rather than plastic spikes to avoid hurting baby’s head.

6. Baby Items

Useful like pacifiers, bottles, diapers, ointment and wipes can always be used and no parent can ever have too many!


Something for mom to help her in her pregnancy such as stretch mark cream, nipple cream or a soothing natural bath soak.

7. Something for Dad

A treat for dad, because dads are nearly always completely forgotten! While they don’t have to do the initial hard work they do need to put up with a lot! A nice bottle of wine or bottle of beer, or a box of chocolates can be very much appreciated and enjoyed.


A baby shower is such a special event no mom ever forgets. Getting a thoughtful and special gift for this special day shows how much you care for the baby even before it arrives!

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How to Assemble an Adorable Gift Basket for Your Next Baby Shower

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