15 Must-Have Baby Items

Thinking of what must-have baby items you should get? Preparing for being a mother requires a lot of time, planning, and effort. Wandering what is worth the investment? What must be new, and what can be second-hand?

What do you need for yourself and for the baby in the maternity home and when you come back home after the delivery? So many questions… And if you are desperately looking for the answers, we are here for you.

You have probably downloaded an application on your gadget that promises to plan everything instead of you and save your money, time, and energy. And it is so frustrating when it does not work.

15 Must-Have Baby Items

If it is your second child, you are an experienced mom, and you definitely know what you need and what you do not. And if you are expecting your first little one, then this checklist is just the thing. Anyway, you will find it useful if you are already experienced.

You are welcome to check 15 top must-have baby items you will never regret purchasing for you and the newborn.

  1. A Swaddle Suit

Pff! Are you kidding? In this case, what are the receiving blankets for?

No doubts, they are good. Still, babies are so active with their arms and legs that they can easily wiggle free of the swaddle in a moment, no matter how tight you wrapped the baby. And that means another waking up over and over again.

A swaddle suit will gift you a priceless sleep! And looks so cute on babies.

The best part is that swaddling suits come in a variety of thicknesses. Standard swaddle thickness is perfect for almost any weather. Warmer versions will be great for winter.

And swaddle suits where the sleeves zip off are really convenient for older babies as they should learn to sleep unswaddled.

This item is too good to be true, but it is amazing indeed. Once you try a swaddle suit, you will never want to replace it.


  1. A Haakaa Manual Breast Pump

It is true that breastfeeding gets messy and leaky sometimes. While your little one feeds on one side, the other side leaks all over your short. Still, there is a solution.

A Haakaa manual breast pump is a real milk saver. First of all, use it to give milk to the baby instead of breastfeeding. Second of all, you will avoid a lot of mess.

When you get it, you will feel all the advantages of this thing: literally just one small item, but such a great one to travel with and use. Do not be afraid of the reduction of suction power or anything. There will be no negative effect.

The feature that you will love the most is its hands-free. A great advantage over a manual pump! And it is convenient in usage as it has a measurement in ml on the pump.

Seriously, this Haakaa will save so many situations when the baby sleeps more than 4 or 6 hours or simply does not want to feed. When your breasts are engorged, and in pain, this item will help you remove the excess.


  1. The Owlet Smart Sock

Being a newly minted mom can be incredibly tough. Well, it is fine to be a worried mom who is afraid that something bad can happen to the baby, especially during the first few months.

So, you wake up every time you hear a slight noise. (But babies are loud sleepers mostly). And what do we have? – Sleepless nights over and over again.

Luckily we did the proper research and can state with confidence that the baby monitors are completely safe for their health.

The Owlet smart sock can seem a bit pricey, but it is the price for your gorgeous sleep. This device monitors the baby’s breathing (oxygen level) and heart rate. In case something goes wrong, it sounds like an alarm.

Unlike other similar monitors, this one attaches tightly to the baby’s foot with no chances to fall off. Then, you download the special app on your smartphone, where you can check how things are going at any time. 

Yes, the Owlet is not a medical device, but knowing that you will be IMMEDIATELY notified if the baby’s oxygen level or heart rate is not in a “safe” zone will make you feel like you have an extra set of eyes on your little one. It will allow you to have peace of mind and a deep sleep when the child is down for the night.


  1. A White Nose Machine

If you have not tried it yet for you or for the baby, then this is the first item you need to get from this list. Babies adore it! And so do parents, because white noise means much better sleep.

The “shoooosh-shoooosh” sound also makes babies fall asleep faster and deeper. Well, it is exhausting to make this noise every time, especially if you are tired after a busy day either. This white noise machine will become your helper anytime and anywhere.

It is portable and USB rechargeable so that you can use it on the road in any situation. And if you’d like white noise all night, not a problem. It operates on a single charge during the whole sleep.

It is a miracle indeed. The device lets you control your sound environment. And you can live your very best life with no interruptions from the outside.

And your baby will sleep so much longer. Oh, you will love it!


  1. A Bassinet

This literally has everything the baby needs to drift off to sleep in comfort: soothing swings, pleasant sounds, and music pacifying vibrations, warm light, and so much more.

Did you know that baby’s sleep plays a huge role in their further development? The better rest babies have, the more active they are. That helps to keep their social and cognitive skills development on track.

Seriously, this bassinet has so many ways to soothe your little one and gives both of you a good night rest. It is probably every mom’s dream.

And you will be sure that your infant is safe because the awesome bassinet has mesh sides visibility. So, breathe a sigh of relief and allow yourself to get some rest finally.


  1. A Pregnancy Sleeping Pillow

Have you missed a deep comfortable sleep? We bet you did. With this amazing pregnancy pillow, you will feel so rested and energized.

While sleeping, it supports your hips, back, neck, and tummy. You know, it feels like someone cuddles you — so-so sweet.

Your husband will be jealous. Oh, you are going to be so obsessed with this pillow.

This thing is massive, and you will be absolutely in love with it. Say goodbyes to waking up on your back.

Now you can sleep on either side with the max comfort. The pillow simply wraps your body and makes you feel like you are sleeping on the cloud.

The pillow is made with high-quality material and so easy to keep clean. Just remove the cover, throw it into the washing machine, and it is ready to use again.

You may be putting this item off because of the price, but this magical thing is worth buying. This one huge pillow will replace multiple pillows and make you feel super cool.

This is the best supportive item for pregnancy while sleeping. You will adore it while you are pregnant and will not quit it even after the baby comes.


  1. The Mommy Hook

Right, the mommy hook is just a carabiner, but it is brilliant. Babies need a lot of stuff.

And if you go shopping, you will have to carry twice more. That is where the mommy hook is so-so useful!

With the hooker, you can get hands-free control by hanging all the bags on it instead of struggling to hold all the stuff. Just hitch the hook to the walker and put your bags, keys, purse, and what else you need on the hook, and voila! Your hands are free.

You can disconnect the hook when you arrive home and carry all the bags still in one hand, in one go.

It is amazing. You will be totally glad you purchase it.


  1. A Baby Carrier

Babies are so bustling and require your attention all the time, but breakfast will not make itself, and you have so many other things to do around the house.

There is a way out, and it is a baby carrier. It is a fabulous tool to have at home. There is a huge variety of baby carriers on the market, but you will definitely find this Baby Bjorn carrier attractive.

It is perfect for newborns and for the later because the seat, and the straps are adjustable. The carrier is made of super cozy and ultra-soft fabrics.

This carrier is easy to use. You will have your little one close to you while still being able to do things around the house and easily move about.

The carrier itself is lightweight and comfortable but feels most secure at the same time. You can easily get the baby in and out.

If your newborn wants to be held constantly, this baby carrier is a real lifesaver. It is just brilliant!


  1. Seat Strap Keepers

There is nothing more irritating than trying to buckle your baby in the car seat.

With seat strap keepers, it is going to be different. Magnets hold claps open for the easy ins and outs. These are universal and work with any car seat and strollers.

And do not worry that the magnets may not be strong enough. These magnets are quite sufficient for any kind of infant seat. 

If you love comfort, these strap keepers will never let you down. They will prevent twisted straps and no more digging for buckles. You will love that you will no longer need to coordinate safely placing your baby in the car seat with one hand while frequently moving the straps with the other hand.

The safety pins are hard enough to fasten so that you can be sure they will not come off accidentally.

These strap keepers are great and will make your life just a tiny bit easier, but you will be so grateful for getting the magnets.


  1. Diaper Cream Brush

At first glance, this item may seem ridiculous because you purchase a kind of stick to wipe butt cream on the baby’s booty. Well, you change your mind right after the first time you use it.

Admit that it is much more hygienic rather than using fingers to apply the diaper cream. And your hands keep clean so that you do not awkwardly put the diaper on with just three fingers. And with this brush, you can finally apply the cream smoothly and evenly.

Let’s talk about the item itself. The brush is very gentle for even the most sensitive and gentle skin type.

It has a convenient suction cup base that prevents you from having-cream-everywhere. Just stand the brush upright on any surface, and you will not get the diaper cream all over the crib.

Whenever you go to a public place, you can always have the brush with you. Its size is perfect for traveling. Just throw it into the baby bag and go!

Freaking amazing! It is NOT a waste of money indeed.


  1. Baby Car Seat Mirror

The worst thing is that you cannot see what is going on in the back seat with your baby while you are driving. Baby car seat mirror is the solution. It is a must-have for anxious moms.

With this mirror, you can have the full vision of your precious little one and surroundings. Wide angles of the mirror perfectly perform this function. It is so easy to install and fits in all vehicle types.

The mirror itself is plastic. And in case of an accident, you can be sure that your infant is completely safe. Still, the mirror is extremely glassy and not toyish.


  1. The Wonder Week

All babies have a phase of crankiness. And “The Wonder Week” explains why it appears and how to act. If you are a newly minted mom, it is a must-have to have in your kit.

You will find out incredible ways how to stimulate your baby’s mental development. You will understand the real reason hidden behind the baby’s constant crying. Finally, the secret of what is going on inside the baby’s mind will be revealed.

“The Wonder Week” will open your eyes to the principles of your precious infant’s growth, changing behavior, and emotional reactions. Mental leaps are not the easiest phase for both you and the baby. And this book will relieve your stress considerably.

Each leap is described in a separate chapter. You will also find reviews of other parents and can compare your experience.

The book is funny and super helpful at the same time.


  1. Diaper Backpack

You will fall in love with this adorable diaper backpack at once. It has plenty of pockets inside (13 of them! Can you imagine?!) and so much space to keep all your goodies in. The best part is that this thing is focused not only on the baby’s needs but on the mom’s needs as well.

With this diaper backpack, it is so easy to stay organized. The bag is designed in such a way that you can easily reach whatever you need.

The backpack is waterproof and scratch-free. It is very easy-to-care-for. The shoulder straps are adjustable. And it comes with convenient changing mat + stroller pram hooks.

This diaper backpack will become your constant companion wherever you go. When you have it, you will discover that it is simply an irreplaceable item.


  1. Baby Nasal Aspirator

100% that your baby will get a cold during their first year or so. And then you will face the issue of blowing their tiny nose. Basically, a baby nasal aspirator is a tube that you stick into your baby’s nose, and then you need to suck out the snot with your mouth.

Sounds not that impressive. But you will NOT get the snot into your mouth because of a sponge that stops it.

Simply rinse the nasal aspirator after the procedure, and you are good to go. Well, now you see that it is really worth purchasing.


  1. Bandana Bib

This is a terrific piece for your cute little fashionista. These bandana bibs look super precious on babies. They are soft, and the prints on the front are gorgeous.

This product is really helpful. It is literally a gatherer of mess while kids are eating or just drooling.

SImply rinse the bandana bib in warm water to get the mess from it. And voila! It is ready to use again!


These items will 100% make your life easier and less stressful. Things that help your peace of mind are worth their weight in gold. It is better to spend money on the Owlet smart sock, or the baby car mirror, or any other item from this awesome collection rather than on sedatives.

Time passes so fast. So, make yourself and the baby feel comfortable in all possible ways and spend time with your precious one, playing, laughing, and enjoying the moment.

15 Must-Have Baby Items

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