A Brief Guide for Parents to Have a 3-month-old Baby Schedule for a Good Day

First 3 Months of a Child’s Life. What Should You Do?

During the first months of life, children need your undivided attention and tons of love.

3-month-old Baby

The child’s main occupations are sleeping and eating as there is nothing much a newborn can really do but you need a 3-month-old baby schedule. Therefore, sleep and feeding are two important routines you have to follow for a child’s development. All babies are different and have their own peculiarities: some eat every hour, some – every 2-3 hours.

Be sure not to ignore the baby’s wish to eat. Feed the hungry baby If a little one is hungry!

Forget about overeating and extra weight because it is a waste of nerve cells. A baby knows when and how much food it needs, so do not stress a little one out. Remember that there is no such thing as “overweight” for a newborn; it is growing and developing; therefore, it needs strength and energy.

Develop a nap schedule for your 3-month-old. Let them sleep and eat as they know when they need a nap or need more food.

Baby sleeping

Young mothers worry a lot about whether a child gains weight too fast or a child is underweight. Most pediatricians have a generic metric about the baby’s weight and height. If a new mother hears, “You are overfeeding your baby” or “Your baby is underweight,” they generally become worried. Do not fret about this, especially if you are breastfeeding.

Remember that if you are breastfeeding a baby on demand, you simply cannot “overfeed” it!

Some fluctuations in a child’s weight are a normal thing. It can be caused by genetics or peculiarities of the baby’s metabolic makeup. Eventually, the child’s weight will stabilize, and they will be gaining it evenly.

Of course, if a doctor confirmed that a baby is underweight, then you have to pay more attention to this matter.

To train cervical muscles, it is recommended to lay a baby on its stomach before each feeding. It will help to strengthen cervical muscles and will prompt a baby to hold its head up by the time it is 3 months old. Furthermore, this position has a positive effect on the baby’s digestive system, and colic will be a “rare guest.”

3 month old baby laying on stomach

To eliminate problems with muscle activity, do some exercise activities as babies love “boxing” and “bicycling” and respond to them with the most beautiful smile. Proper physical exercises will help avoid the occurrence of increased or decreased muscle tone.

After discharge from a hospital, the umbilical wound is not entirely healed. Therefore, hygiene is extremely important here. Typically, until the cord has dried up and fallen away, it is recommended not to get the umbilical cord or navel area wet. To avoid potential problems, you can add some manganese solution to the baby’s bathwater to act as a disinfecting agent.

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