How to Stop Your Baby Putting Hand in Mouth in 5 Simple Steps?

The baby puts their hands into their mouth… How to get rid of this habit?

Of course, a baby putting hands in the mouth looks incredibly cute. Everybody admires them and smiles at these little ones.

Stop Your Baby Putting Hand in Mouth

But the impression is completely different when it’s already a 3-year old child who is doing the same thing. Such behavior of a pretty grown-up kid raises many questions. So, where is the connection?

Normally, a baby pulls their finger into their mouth or is used to sucking their thumb. This reflex is forming in the womb. In such a way, the baby is learning to suck mom’s breast after birth. The sucking reflex helps them to calm down, relieve stress, etc.

After birth, when the baby puts their fingers into their mouth, it’s a kind of progress. It means that the baby’s movements become more coordinated, and the baby can easily move their limbs on their own.

How to Stop Your Baby Putting Hand in Mouth

However, if this habit remains when the baby turns one year old, it raises fear, as it can cause an improper bite of teeth. And in general, it doesn’t look aesthetic either. This habit can also make the child sick as there are germs on their hands. That’s why parents try to wean the baby away from this habit, but sometimes they don’t manage it.

The matter is that this sucking reflex doesn’t bother the baby until a certain time. However, it would be wrong to ignore this situation. Psychologists proved that constant finger/thumb sucking might indicate some psychological diseases.

First of all, you need to find out the reason why the baby pulls their fingers into their mouth and get rid of it.

Little girl hand in mouth

You have to understand which situations make the baby put hands in mouth. Probably, it happens when the baby is worried about something or upset. In this case, try to distract them with something else, so that they don’t even have a thought of sucking their fingers to calm down. Very soon, the baby will forget about this habit.

Sometimes, kids suck their fingers, following an example of their younger siblings or other children from the playground. In such cases, parents themselves can be the root of the problem. Most likely, they don’t pay enough attention to their baby.

Boy hand in mouth

You shouldn’t shout at the baby for this habit. Otherwise, they will simply start doing it on the sly. It’s even more dangerous because parents won’t be able to take any action in this case. You should talk to your baby more often, explain to them why it’s not good, distract them. Just try to understand the reason for this behavior. And eventually, when they are in stressful situations, the baby won’t have a desire to calm down in this way.

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