Simple Ways Parents Can Ensure Your Child’s Biting Isn’t Getting Out of Hand

It is not unusual that at the age of 2 – 4, child biting starts. Before punishing a child, try to figure out a reason for such behavior.

Parents Can Ensure Your Child’s Biting

But why children bite?

Quite often, it can be an expression of helplessness. It is a relatively new feeling for a child, and a little one has yet to learn to control it after the baby is teething. It is a common situation when a child is used to being with parents at home, but now it is being sent to kindergarten with strangers.

Biting is a form of self-defense. Therefore, a child needs some space where it can be alone for some time. Some kindergartens provide this space for children. A child must have this space at home too.

Sometimes it is merely a way of discovering a world. Children use tactile methods to study the things around them. Kids need to touch, stroke, taste everything just to get to know, “What this weird thing is?” and “What is it for?” Obviously, as an adult, you have to explain why biting is off-limits.

stop child biting

Moreover, if you ask how to stop a child from biting, you can offer an alternative, something that it can bite; a slice of bread, a teether, or a cookie.

Whenever a child does not know how to capture an adult’s attention, it starts biting. A kid is filled with energy, and it needs to spend it on something. Your task here is to show a child how to entertain himself.

In situations when a kid cannot stay calm, offer it some games to play with the ball, etc. Also, you can read an interesting book or poem. It is desirable to do all this after showing your sympathy to the “bitten” party. It is great if the “biter” themselves joins you in these activities.

Parent’s actions

Sometimes, parents think that if they do not pay attention to something, then a child will forget about this with time. Unfortunately, in this case, if a child does not hear, “No, you can’t do this!” a little one will continue, thinking that it is okay to behave like this.

Very often, parents decide to fight fire with fire. In response to a bite, a parent bites a child. It is quite risky. In some cases, it might work, because a kid will feel how painful it actually is. However, remember the risk! A child can get the idea that this is the right way of resolving conflicts, and with time, a little one can start hitting its offender.

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Another “solution” is punishment. Parents think that under fear of punishment, a child will be less aggressive. Very often, parents lose their temper and start yelling.

Usually, instead of teaching kids to be sympathetic towards the offended person, adults make them ask for forgiveness. As a result, kids get the impression that they can hurt someone and then simply ask for forgiveness. This is how the idea of unpunished behavior is formed in a child’s head.

A child may consider its rude behavior as an answer to an awful behavior of the “victim” toward the “offender.” In this case, it would be wrong to make a child ask for forgiveness. It can lead to protests on the kid’s part, and it will keep protesting the only way it can – be biting.

stop your child from biting

It is better to explain why such behavior is unacceptable rather than shame a child. Otherwise, a kid might think that it is bad and not loved. As a result, outbursts of terrible behavior will continue and you can’t stop children from biting.

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