How to Reuse Baby Blankets in a Different Way

So your child has been using a lovely blanket since they were a baby but now they are too big or too old for it. What can you do with it now?

How to Reuse Baby Blankets in a Different Way

Well beyond the treasuring it and keeping it approach where you carefully clean it, fold it and put it away for safekeeping which your child’s child can use. There are plenty of ways of using it again in a different way.

How to Reuse Baby Blankets in a Different Way


If you are crafty or have a crafty aunt, mom, grandma, friend, then there are plenty of things to try. The first is to chop up the blanket to create a lovely wall hanging. You can either hand-sewn it or use a sewing machine instead.

It can be big/small and can contain lots of recycled additions from the child’s life like hair bows and buttons. Some simple cushions filled with a cushion pad is even easier. These would look great on the child’s bed or on their chair.

how to reuse baby blankets

It is equally easy to make some dolly sleeping bags if there are teddies or dollies who would appreciate it. If you use the whole blanket to do it, this could be unpicked when no longer used and therefore still complete.

Those with a bit more skill could use the blanket as the main parts of a new bigger patchwork blanket. You can intersperse it with other pieces of old clothing, bedding, sheets, other blankets or just fabric remnants. These look particularly good stitched with ribbon around the edge and there are lots of patterns on the internet.

Of course, you might just feel that the best thing to do would be to share it just the way it is and to give it or lend it to a relative to use. After all, family heirlooms usually get handed down to be enjoyed year after year!

How to Reuse Baby Blankets in a Different Way

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