5 Crucial Tips To Help A Child & TV Have A Healthy Relationship

Children and Television: How, When, and What to Watch? 

Very often, children and television become best friends. To avoid it in the future, take action in the present.

Children and Television

Without parents’ proper control, television steals children’s time, which could be devoted to games and there are many more adverse effects of television on kids. That’s the biggest disadvantage.

Children express their imagination through play. And when watching TV, the child passively perceives the ideas of strangers. 

When watching TV shows, only colorful changes in pictures and movements attract a child’s attention at the age of 1.5. Older children imagine themselves in the place of main characters, choose their favorite ones and enemies.

Until the age of 7, it’s hard to distinguish between fantasy and reality. When children start studying at school, they learn to discuss and draw conclusions. At the age of 10, they can choose what to watch on TV by themselves.

Girl wayching TV

Enable parent’s control the time in front of the TV and help their kids to use the received information correctly.

It’s right if adults turn on television rarely. Don’t accept TV as a nanny or educator. It’s a typical case that parents allow their children to watch TV to have time for their household chores. Don’t turn on the television in the background. When the cartoon is over, turn it off.

Help your child with the choice.

Unnoticeably, interest them in high-quality TV-shows according to their age. From early childhood, have a deal of how many hours the child is allowed to spend watching films and cartoons allowing parent’s control. Parents’ word is the main one in this question.

It’s harmful to the kid to watch TV for hours. For children under 3, the time in front of the television should be strictly controlled, as it can influence a child’s eyesight and mental development.

Mother daughter watching TV

Pay special attention to commercials.

Advertising attracts little children with its rhythm, music, colorful shots, which can be too obsessive and annoying for a sensitive child’s nervous system. Distract the child and talk to them at these moments. When the child grows older, explain that things don’t become better only because the child saw them on TV.

Children shouldn’t watch the news, especially tragic ones until they are 9.

If the child caught and watched a dramatic shot, create the feeling of safety and protection, sit close to the child, hug them, and explain what’s happening.

If time is lost, control is late, and you cannot tear them away from the TV, it’s time to take action. Create a schedule for watching TV shows and for all activities when the TV is off.

Family watching TV

It’s necessary to find time to have a walk. Take the children with you to the store, to all public places where they can be present. Find out what they would like, listen to their suggestions and options. Give them a task to plan a day off or a summer trip, and implement it.

If you want to reduce the adverse effects of television on children, you need to devote a lot of time to your child and in the future, they won’t have a desire to sit in front of the TV.

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